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Publication numberUS1929468 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1933
Filing dateMar 4, 1932
Priority dateMar 4, 1932
Publication numberUS 1929468 A, US 1929468A, US-A-1929468, US1929468 A, US1929468A
InventorsBales James E, Gerberich Clarence E
Original AssigneeLyon Metal Products Inc
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Card holder
US 1929468 A
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Oct. 10, 1933.

J. E. BALES ET AL CARD HOLDER Filed -March 4, 1932 Patented Oct. Y10, 1933 y i `V y i i y v UNITED siuerlis` PeirliN'r-v oFiri'cE- ff CARD HOLDER j" James E.` Bales and Clarence E.A Gerberich,'

Aurora, Ill., assignors to' Lyon Metal Products, f Incorporated, Aurora, Ill., 3a-V corporation of Illinois Application Maren 4, 1922.` seriailvoysssnsl Y 4 claims. r(o1.l lo-ie) This invention relates-to card or label holders, full length-thereof as indicated in Fig. 1, or the vand its primary object is to provide a simple holder 17 may be maderelativelyshort ,:as shown card holder which can be readily and economiin Fig. 2. l

cally manufactured, which permits the cards or The cardholder 17, Fig. 3 has a straight por? I Ylabels to be readily and `instant1yplaced and tion 20 which nts against' the outer face 21 of 60 snapped into position or removed from the holder, the ange (-10.V The body of the card holder 'isand which frequently engages the card or labelV bent as indicated at 2 2 vv,to l,providea' forwardly so that while the card o r labelmay be readily inclined portion 23. .This inclined Vportion is and instantly inserted and removed from the bent .forwardly'at24 Ato provide an upstanding l holder, as well as being capable of being `'slid portion 25 which is substantially at right angles 6 5".

longitudinally' of the holder, there is sufficient .tothe inclined portion 23ahdwhich forms an friction to prevent the card or holder from slidangle" of about 15"v from the horizontal. The ing accidentally longitudinally of the .lloldel'. metal f the holder is bent'or crimped'back upon Numerous Other objeeis` and advantages Will itself as indicated at 26 providing a rearwardly be apparent .throughout the progress of the folextending .leg 2'7 which may extend below the 70`r lowing specification. bottom of the ledge 12 and rearwardlytoi the The accompanying drawing illustrates e Sev front face 21 ofthe sneli flange 10, as indicated lected embodiment of the invention and the at 28. views therein are as follows: Y The upper end of the holder is bent inthe o, Fig. 1 iS a detail DelSpeCil/Te VeW 0f 21 Tank form of a hook, as indicated at 29, providinga 75 COIlStIuCtOn and eInbOdyng the inVeniiOn, the downwardly extending front flange 30 forming a labeihldel therein ShOWn being in the OlIn Of recess 31. The rearward end of the holder at a Single COniinllOuS Strip. I r the base of the hook is crimped inwardly as iny Fig. 2 is e View Similar te Fig- 1 Showing the dieeted at 32 to provide a forwardly veroending i label holder as a short section. longitudinal bead 33, Y 80:

Fig. 3 is e detail Cross Sectional view 0f the A card or label 341s reoeived'in the holder and improved holder. heldin positionbut is free to be slid longitudi- FigS- 4 150 6 are detail SeCOnel VeWS degl'emnally. The upper. edge of the holder is inserted Ineeelly Showing the -Inennel in Which the in the recess 31 after which time the lower edge cards are inserted in position inthe holders. Y, of the card issnepped over the edge 25 and 85 Referring tothe drawing, 5 indicates generally forced against the inelined Yportieri 23 of the` arack construction whichmay comprise horizonholden The bead 32 forces the upper vedge of tally disposed Shelves 5 having Vertical division the card outwardly andfrictionally holds the walls '1. The spaces between Ithe horizontal cord in that position, while the inclined portion 35 shelves and the division walls may be utilized 23'. of. the ho1der frotioneuy engages the lower 90 for the storing of articlesl of any nature desired, edge of the Card tending to bow the oord out or drawers 8 may be Slidingly SUPDOItedin DO- `wardly a slight distance. f This frictional ensition. f gagement is sufficient to hold the card in posi` The shelves 6 'are preferably mede 0f SheetI tion preventing the card from being accidentally e. 40 metal and are bent at 9, Fig. 3, forming 2f front moved or shifted longitudinally but at Lthe same 95 forward flange 10 Which iS bent rearwardly as time permitting the card to be slid longitudinally indicated at 11. A bottom ledge 12 is turned if it is desired so to do ,l rearwardly from the front ange 10 and Vcarries Y 1n arranging the card in position, the uppet` an npsiending DOltOn 13 which .extends Tearend of the card ispositioned in the lupper -re-` 1 wardly of a shelf bearer 14. The shelf V6 rests eess 31, es Shown' in Fig, 4, Tjee lowerV end of 100 On JGhe upper edge 0f the Shelf bearer 14 es ndthe card is then swungrearwardly to the right, cated at 15 and has its lower end housed within Fig 4, untit it assumes the position es. Shown the channel-Shaped Opening 16 formed 'by the in Fig. 5 after which time the card is snapped front flange 10, the bottom ledge 12 and the rear into .position by pressure being applied to the upstanding ledge 13. front face of the card causing the card to ride 105 A card hOlder 1'7 may be attached t0 'Che freni? over the edge 25 and be received in the lower flange 10 in any suitable manner, suchas by o supporting ledge 24. Thus the card will assume SCreWS i8, Fig- 1, O1 JGOngneS 19, Fig. 2. The the position shown in Fig. vwith the crimp 33 -card holder may be made in a relatively long forcing the card'towardthe forward inside edge piece extending entirely across the shelf the of the hook andy its lower edge' bowed outwardly 110 and engaging the inclined portion 23 of the holder.

The holder is preferably made `from sheet metal and stamped and out to the desired shape and configuration. The card may be made of paper, cardboard, or any other suitable material and may have numerals or other` matter 35 printed or written thereon to designate Athe commodity on the shelves or the prices of the commodities, The card may be a single card, as indicated at 36, Fig. 1, or the separate cards 37 may be arranged in position as shown in Fig. 2. The label holder permits the cards to be instantly and readily inserted, slid to properposition and capable of being instantlyand readily' removed. In removing the card, it may be grasped on either side by the finger nails or a pencil point or other implement may be inserted behind the. card in the opening designated at 38, Figs. 3 and 6.V

Changes may be made in the form; construction, and arrangement of the parts Without de-l parting from the Spirit Qf the inventifznbr sa@ rificing any of its advantages, and the right is hereby reserved to make all such changes as' fairly fall within the scope of the .following claims. n

The invention is hereby claimed as follows: 1. A card or label' holder comprising a relatively straight back, a forwardly extending inclined lower portion having its free end extendingforwardly and then folded back upon itself forming a straight horizontal rearwardly extending ieg, an upperhook-shapedend at the upper edge of theholder, and a bead struck inwardly longitudinally of the holder. i e v 2.` A holder comprising aback body portion and a flat bottom, .the bottom being integral with the back, said bottom having a part folded integral with the back, said bottom having a part folded against itself to provide an upstanding crimp for supporting an element such as a card or label at its lower edge, the upper end of said holder being provided with a recess into which the upper edge of the element extends, and a bead 'struck inwardly from the back and extending into the upper recess to impinge the element and tend to hold it in position.

3. A holder comprising a back portion and a bottom portion integral therewith, said back portion comprising a vertical upper portion and a'forwardly inclined lower portion, said bottom portion being horizontal and having a part folded against itself to'provide an upstanding crimp for supporting an element such as a card at its lower edge, the. upper end of said holder being provided with 'a' recess into which the upper edge of said element extends.

4. i A label holder comprising a single elongated strip of sheet material shaped to provide aback portion having a' fiat portion for engaginglan edge of a shelf and a second portion inclined forwardly with respect to said flat portion, saidjlDO strip at one edge Aof said back portion being bent thereover to form a recess for receiving one edge of a label, said strip at the other edge of said4 back portionbeing doubled on itself to form with said back portion means for retaining the cip-'19,5 posite edge of such label; said doubl'edover portion merging in a portion extending toward'the plane of 'the'fiat'portionfin a plne substantially perpendicular thereto; i


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