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Publication numberUS1929599 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1933
Filing dateJul 7, 1931
Priority dateJul 7, 1931
Publication numberUS 1929599 A, US 1929599A, US-A-1929599, US1929599 A, US1929599A
InventorsMillholland James H
Original AssigneeMillholland James H
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Sheet-wrapped package and opener
US 1929599 A
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Uct. l0, 1933. 1 H mlLL'HoLLAND 1,929,599

SHEET WRAPPED PACKAGE AND OPENER Filed July 7, 1931 Inventor MMM A ttor neys 4Q tion or" the wrapperamas oa. ilo, ses c This invention relates particularly to the .pack-v aging jofl rolled articles such as frugs, .in which a sealed wrapping'sheet islen1ployed-*requiringv lengthwise vcutting to enable'aceess to. the enclosed article; .and it consists Vprimarily in advantageously embodyingin such sealed packag-v ingan opening deVicefadaptedto conveniently and safely effect vsuol/1 required cutting of the wrapper, and secondari-ly inthe novel construction of the cutting ,devices provided therefor, as Y fully lset forth in connection with the accompany-y ing drawing and clearlydeiined inthe .subloinedfclaims. 1 l A Fig. 1 illustrates myinvention in connection 5 with arolled rug packaging, lthe cutting .device in preferred .form being shown as engaged inthe slitted wrapping, and being exposed for' operation by removal of the indicated covering.; label shown partiallyrindotted lines.

Fig. 2 comprises separate-plan andledge' views'V or the flat-formed cutter vdevice shown in'Figjl; the stop offsets being indicated'Y as formedr by bentfup stampingswfrom the sheet-metal material employed, andthe upward-bendinglofv a handleA portion for operative jusebeing finldicatedby' Fig. 3 indicates aV simple {modification oi VtheA cutter device Yconstruction in ywhichtheessential vfeatures are provided by .reduiredbendings of a". wire instead of bysheet-metal stampings as paror less substantial wrappersheet b `foldedvar :ounfd it and having its outer edgejportion b secured to sealing strip c indicated being commonly ern ployedl to eectively seal and cover said edge por' It is well known packaging it is required `that the wrappingl be cut lengthwise soA as tov relea'se'the sheet b for unfolding of itirom the packaged article; and

that lackoi careandvreasonable skill in doing this, incurs danger of injuring the latter, as well Vas lack oi neatness and loss oi time.

.'Io provide for avoiding, such danger of injuryY to the packaged article, and such objectionable 5o untidinessr and Waste, my invention providesfpriwrapper may be safely eiected'neatly and quickf 15.515'.

in rig.'

that in orderto` opensuchV 'To-this end I employ a simple integrally formed opening device, having a normally ilat body por'- tion 10 adaptedto closely contactwith .and readily vslide upon Athe surface of the wrapping, but` which is xedly engaged-with the latter in Ade-` `terrnined v position upon vtheV package, by means oi awcutting-arm 1l forming a lateral extension c e fromA the edgey of said body portion 10 gysaid arm being engagedin a 'slit 12in the packagewrap,- pingso Yas `to normally hold thedevice in determined position on fthe sealed package bothVV lat-. erallyv and longitudinally of the latter.; As' ,j

shown,fthis-engaging slot l2 is .most satisfactorily made 'in the sealing strip C which provides*r a covering forthe edge portion b oiV thejrnain wrapping sheet b, so that the cutting arm 11 may'v be vinserted under` said vedge portic'nwith the body 1G ofthe device extending along one side of the .latter and lyingV close to the surface of the package; whereby longitudinal sliding vmove ment ofthe device` on the latter, will cause kthe cutting arm 11 to` release the wrapping by severing said strip C. V'To facilitate the effecting of. such cutting movement, Vtheend portionor portions 16a of body 10 ofthe device, is adapted'to be readily bent-up so as toiormga convenient handle; andfor most satisfactorily securing and covering the devicev I paste vthereover `aiflaoel.r overlay whichmay bear printed instructions 'suchf as: to open,.bend up handle and pull. 'I he cutting arm 11 is shown as reversely hookshaped, so as to provide for cutting movement` Y in either longitudinal direction as well as for more secure engagement in the limited-slit l2; the body portion 1G being likewise provided' with reverseiy-v extending "handle rends 16a so t. that the device the underlying convo'iution oi thev wrapper; the` may be embodied in the packaging `at any desiredv point in its length, and be cuttingly ,slid l `to maintain the cutting arm in determined underlying relationrto said edge portion.V y I Such guiding. oifsets are readily-provided by desiredly bending or forming of the .cutter-device material., As particularly illustrated, the device is integrally made lfrom Asheet-metaLin the form of a simple `flat stamping eicepting as to the provision of the stop-offsets-IS referred to, which 'latter may be most conveniently'provided by upwardly-pressed points as indicated in Fig. 2. It will bereadilyseen that essentially the same device may be very readily formeel from a single length of Wire as indicated in the modied showing of Fig. 3, in which the laterally projecting cutter-arm 1la is indicated as similarly shaped' and With the cutting edges sharpened by effecting a slight change in the cross-section of the wire. Other modifications in the specic con- 'struction of thecutting device, and its application to particular packagings, may be made Without departing from the invention as denedin the claims. Y

What I claim is:

1.- In combination with a Wrapped package; an opening device secured tosaid package by ,the Wrapper and having a handle slidable upon the exterior surface of the` wrapper and an edgevvise extending cutter engaged in a slit in the Wrapper.

2. An opening device for package wrappings comprising a handle having a cutter extending laterally from a longitudinal edge thereof and provided with a cutting edge inclined forwardly with respect to said handle edge.

3. An opening device for package Wrappings comprising a handle having a cutter extending from an edge thereof. for engagement in a slit in a Wrapping and provided With cutting-edges divergently inclined beyond said handle edge.

an article enclosed Within a wrapper having a slit therein; an opening device therefor comprising a handle slidable exteriorally of said wrapper in alignment with said slit, and a cutter extending edgevvise from said handle and engaged in said slit and provided with a cutting edge disposed beneath said Wrapper and inclined in the direction of movement of said handle.

5. In combination with a package ycomprising an article enclosed Within a wrapper having a slit intermediate certain edges thereof; an openhandle and engaged in said slit and provided With cutting edges divergently inclined beyond said handle edge Withthe ends thereof which are remote from said edge disposed beneath said Wrapper, whereby sliding of said handle in either o direction effects cutting of said Wrapper along said line.

6. An opening device for sheet-Wrapped packagings, having a body portion formed with an edgewise cutter-extension laterally engageable in a slit of the Wrapping and having an' offset for Ace limiting such lateral engaging movement of said cutter extension. A 1

7. An integrally formed sheet-metal opening' device for sheet-Wrapped packages having. a normally nat handle portion with an edgewise cutting extension and a stop onset adjacent the junction of said extension and handle portion.

8.- An opening device for sheet-Wrapped packages formed from a single lengthgof Wirel bent to provide a flat handle portion andra` laterally extending cutter operatively engageable in a slit of the packaging.

9. A sealed package consisting of la rolled article enclosed by a wrapper having an overlapping longitudinal edge-portion extending in a substantially flat plane; and an opening device comprising a handle With a cutter extending therefrom and engaged in a slit in said WrapperV and movable longitudinally of said package to cut thewrapper portion overlapping the body thereof and secured thereto by a sealing strip; an opening device comprising a'handleV slidable upon the Wrapper; and an'edgeWise-extending cutter on said handle engaged in a slit'in said sealing strip and lying between the body of said Wrapper andthe said f everlapping end-portion thereof. Y Y Ll.v In combination with a package comprising il. In combination Witha sheet-wrapped package; an opening device having a normally flat, bend'able handle portion and an edgewise cutterextension engageable ina slit in the Wrapper and operative by longitudinal sliding movement'of the device along the Wrapper; and a sealing label covering said slit and device and holding said bendable handle portion fiat against the Wrapper.

12. In combination with a package comprising an article enclosed Within a wrapper having an end-'edge secured tothe body thereof; an opening device comprising a handle slidable upon said Wrapper; a cutter extending from said handle and laterally engaged ina'slit in said wrapper; and an icc offset on said cutterrengaging said end-edge ofv Y

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