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Publication numberUS1930342 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1933
Filing dateMar 14, 1930
Priority dateMar 14, 1930
Publication numberUS 1930342 A, US 1930342A, US-A-1930342, US1930342 A, US1930342A
InventorsGraham Mack C
Original AssigneeGraham Mack C
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Golf practice club
US 1930342 A
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Oct. 10, 1933. M. c. GRAHAM GOLF PRACTICE CLUB Filed March 14, 1950 E EE flaw/I'- GMQIIZ INVENTOR. 8


Patented Get. 10, 1933 UNiT'ED sTArss PATENT OFFICE GOLF PRACTICE CLUB Mack C. Graham, Dallas, Tex.

Application March 14, 1930. Serial No. 435,887

2 Claims. (01. 273-35) This invention relaies to sporting goods and has particular reference to a golf practicing device and the principal object of the invention resides he provision of a club designed to improve ones playing in the popular game of golf by the simple method of practice in the correct and scientific way prescribed by experts and professionals.

Anoiher object of the invention resides in the 19 provision of a golf club structure, which due to the novel arrangement of parts, prevents jerking and lunging, develops perfect balance and control, perfects timing and rhythmic swing, and requires that back swing brought back slowly and smoothly and finished before the down swing,

' which makes it impossible to push the club head through, thereby resulting in an imperfect shot.

Still further, the invention comprehends the provision of a golf practice club in which the 2 player may detect the slightest imperfection in his swing, due to a flexible weight supporting element connected with the shaft, which is inclined to jerk and create vibration in the shaft should the players swing be inaccurate and lacking in precision.

With the fcregoin objects as paramount, the invention has parlicular reference to its salient features of construction and arrangement of parts, to become manifest as the description pro- 0 ceeds, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 shows the preferred embodiment of the invention.

Figure 2 is a view showing ihe manner in which the 0111 shaft is held in use.

Figure 3 is a sectional view of the weight suspended from the end of the club shaft, and

Figure 4 is a modified example of the weight shown in Figure 3 wherein the same is constructed in laminated form.

In playing the popular game of golf there is much practice required, as in any other scientific game. In fact, golf, as is well known to all enthusiasts, requires considerable skill which must be acquired through constant practice, whether it be upon the course or by some suitable means which will have an effect in developing and training the muscles of the player which are exercised to the maximum extent in driving golf balls.

There are many devices used in the practice of golf which are detrimental instead of helpful to the player. The outstanding defect and the most prominent fault found to exist is what is generally termed slicing and hooking. This defect cannot be overcome simply by anchoring the ball and striking the same repeatedly with the conventional driving club, nor can it be overcome by driving the ball repeatedly against a stop, such as a curtain or the like as is the popular thought. since to do this causes the piayer to become con- 6 fused in attempting to watch the ball and there is always present in the mind of the player the subconscious reaction occasioned by the sudden arresaticn of the ball, causing him to disregard the stance and swing.

The present invention seeks to overcome these conditions, allowing the player to pay particular and sole attention to the swing, his balance and control, thereby loosening the tension and bringing about a rhythmic swing without jerking, and otherwise improve his game by exercising the muscles most used in playing golf.

Accordingly, the invention is comprised of the conventional club shaft 1, which is gripped in the conventional manner shown in Figure 2. Affixed upon the end of the club shaft is a metal tip carrying a swivel 3, to which is connected a chain, wire or other flexible elements 4 and to which latter is connected a weight 5, shown in Figures 1, 3 and 4.

The weight 5, as apparent in the figures is substantially pear shaped and the particular shape of the weight has considerable to do with the effect in the swinging of the club, since this particular shape is scientifically balanced, where an ordinary sphere would be inclined to rotate and jerk the flexible element 4 with the slightest movement of the club, and which must be avoided. The weight 5 has a central cavity 6 into which passes a pin 7. Upon this pin is mounted a series of disk like weight members 8 and held thereon by means of a nut 9. Accordingly, the weight of the element 5 may be either increased or reduced to the liking of the player but it is generally adjusted to correspond with the weight 9; of the head of the conventional driver. A plate 10 is applied to conceal the cavity 6 and is held in place by means of screws 11.

In Figure 4 is illustrated substantially the same form of weight shown in Figure 3 but in this particular structure, the weight is constructed of several plies of material to resist wear.

In the use and operation of the invention, the club shaft is gripped in the manner shown, while the weight 5 is set down upon the ground. The player assumes the proper stance as is taken in addressing the ball in the ordinary circumstances. The shaft is then drawn backward according to the accepted directions and should the swing be started prematurely, there will be a quick jerk ill on the flexible element 4 caused by the sudden change in the direction of the weight. This practice should be continued until the proper timing is obtained and until the backward swing can be accomplished without any detectable jerking or vibration. If this is accomplished the player may complete his full swing across a designated point representing position of the ball and when he is able to accomplish this without the attendant jerk of the amateur, it will indicate that he has improved his swing to such an extent that practice with an actual golf ball may be done with a greater degree of proficiency. Broadly, when one is advanced to the point where the complete swing may be accomplished without the slightest degree of vibration in the shaft, and with the proper position, his ability in actual play will be greatly improved.

Manifestly, the construction shown is capable of considerable modification and such modification as is considered within the scope and meaning of the appended claims is also considered within the spirit and intent of theinvention.

What is claimed is:

1. A golf practising device comprising the combination of a shaft, a swivel carried by the end of said shaft, a weight having a recess therein with a closed end, a series of weights conformably received in said recess and supported upon a pin extending axially through said weight, a swivel carried by the protruding end of said pin and a chain for flexibly connecting said latter swivel to the swivel carried by said shaft.

2. In a golf practising device, the combination comprising a shaft and a chain having one end rotatably connected thereto, and a plummet shaped weighted member having swivel connection with the free end of said chain.


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International ClassificationA63B69/36
Cooperative ClassificationA63B69/3632
European ClassificationA63B69/36D2