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Publication numberUS1930504 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1933
Filing dateOct 9, 1931
Priority dateOct 9, 1931
Publication numberUS 1930504 A, US 1930504A, US-A-1930504, US1930504 A, US1930504A
InventorsBenjafield Walter O
Original AssigneeInv S Expl Corp
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Illuminated whistle
US 1930504 A
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OC 17, 1933. w. o. BENJAFIELD 1,930,504

ILLUMINATED WHI STLE Filed Oct. 9, 1931 BY @ankam @Mu A TTORNEV 45 i is covered-with insulating material which ex- Patented Qct. 17, A


Walter 0. Benjfafield,`New.York, N'. Ygeassignor of one-fourth to The Inventions Exploitation Corporation, Dover,v Del., a corporation of Delaware Application oetdber 9, V1931. serial 567,886

, ls claims.v (01.461 6)` This invention relates to toys, and more particularly tov whistles adapted to be blownwith the mouth. K

The objects of` the invention, among others, are: (first, Vto provide a whistle with illumination; second, to provide such a device in which il'- lumination occurs when the whistle is blown; third, to provide in such a device a simple electrical switch; and fourth, toprovide `asimple and durable construction lowjin manufacturing y cost. f

Reference is made to the drawing for a description of one embodiment of the invention in which i* l Fig. 1 is a side view, andv Fig. 2 is alengthwise vertical section.` In the drawing like numerals of reference refer to like parts, in which the hollow cylindrical tube 1 is made. of metal orv otherelectrically conducting material with `the mouthpiece 2in the form of the conventional whistle having a Whistling aperture 3.v An' electrical conductor l1 is formed "into a button 5 yat the.

outer end. This conductor. 4'is spring'metal so that when the whistle mouthpieceZ is put be-`A tween the lips to blow the lower lip engages the button 5.and presses it against the lower part Y` 8 of the mouthpiece establishing thereby elec-C .trical contact with the whistle. At the front end of the tube 1 is alamp socketr 6 vadapted to be secured into the end of the tube by means of properly placed indentations' '7 the inner` projections of which serve to engage thethreads 12 of: the socket.r A small electric lamp 9 isselcured in the socket. Behind the Vsocket 6 is v placed a cylindrical battery 10,the front terminal 13 of which engages ther-lamp" 9 and the `rear terminal 14 of which engages the end of the electrical conductor flwhich is supported at its inner end inthe washer or stopper 11 made The. electrical conof insulating material. y lductor 4L is passedalong the'bottom of the air j chamber of the whistle'and out through an opening inthe lower part 8 ofthe whistle mouthpiece. The enclosed portion of theconductor 4 tends outside to the approximate point indicated vat 15a'. Itis obvious that when the'buttonv 5 .contacts withthe metal A an electrical `circuit is established through the lamp causingillumination. The button or end of the conductor 5 may also be placed within the whistle chamber" and the contact'made as` a result of the pressure ofthe air 'when the whistle is blown. In

a siren type electrical contact may be established by the centrifugarforcecf' the rotating, mem- I have now shown and describedone embodiment of my invention and, realizing that in ViewV of mydisclcsure; mechanical Vdetails may be changed within the scope ofy my invention, yI

do not 4choose to be limitedvexcept asin the appended. claims. l e Y Y lclaim: u v

1. An articl'e'ci manufacture consisting of a 65 tubularr member, Aone end of said member' being provided with a socket for receiving a light' bulb, and a whistle on the opposite end thereof, a partition member disposed within the tubular member ,and dividing the same into a plurality of v compartments, one of said .compartments being Vadjacenttheend of said member carrying the socket and adapted to receive ajbattery, an elec-- trical'circuit including the battery and the light bulb, and' a contactjswitch in said circuit dis- 75 posed near. the end of the 'tubular member" 'adjacent said whistle and Vadapted to be actuated by the lips to close saidr circuit" upon blowingofthe whistle.v y

2.1An article of manufacture `consisting of a hollow' member; a partition disposed within'said member yforming a plurality of compartments therein, one-of saidY compartments being adapted yte receive' a battery,fa light socket disposed .on said `member adjacent the battery receiving compartment and communicatingrtherewith, an

Velectrical circuit including the battery andlight socket, a whistle having a mouth-piece disposed at thel opposite end of said hollow member,and

a contact switch in said, circuit associated with .90

`and inclose proximity to said mouth-piece and adapted to be actuated by the lipsto close saidv circuit upon blowing of the whistle.

3. An apparatus of the character described.

comprising, incombination, a tubularV member, a partition disposed withinsthe tubular member intermediate jthe. ends `thereof and dividing r i Vsaid member into a pluraltylof compartments,r

one of said compartments supporting a battery and a light vand the othericompartment forming a whistle having a moutl'i-piece,l an electrical circuit including said battery Aand light, and a n contact' switch in said circuitr near the mouthpiece and` adapted to be actuated by` the lipsto close sald circuit whereby the light will normal- A ly beactuated simultaneously with the blowingv off the Whistle.`


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U.S. Classification446/204, 446/485, 362/86, 200/60
International ClassificationG10K5/00
Cooperative ClassificationG10K5/00
European ClassificationG10K5/00