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Publication numberUS1930610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1933
Filing dateFeb 20, 1933
Priority dateFeb 20, 1933
Publication numberUS 1930610 A, US 1930610A, US-A-1930610, US1930610 A, US1930610A
InventorsDespard Victor R
Original AssigneePass & Seymour Inc
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Card holder
US 1930610 A
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Oct. 17, 1933. v R DESPARD 1,930,610

CARD HOLDER Filed Feb. 20, 1935 m 'zz 2d 22 Z ,W/ 7

av ,Z/ 4d 3 l Patented Oct. 17,, 1 933; V

' tions of wiring devices can be made up atw'ill,

' of the face plate;

plates'for use with electricwiring apparatus) 7 It isaa general object of the present invention :to provide a novel andimiproved name-plate or card holderand 'mounting means for, attaching i the same to electric wiringapparatus.

More particularly it is an object or; theinvem tion to provideacardgholder orname plate having means thereon 'for' association with a face. plate and-a wiring: device i'whereby it "is lock'e'd, 1 in place;


vOne" of for use withthat type of wiring apparatus wherei in an apertured face plate accommodates a por-- .tion of *a'wiring device 'which projectsjthrough' the apcrtureandgwherein thenax'ne platefis H equipped withnieanspassing'through the ,iaper- 20 ture and locked therein bythg wiring device.

3 Another "feature pf s the in resides mm provisionoi a nameplateiadapteil torest on the front of a wall o rr face p1ateandqha'ving' a flangepassing throughan-aperturein 'the face plate and locked thereinby a' neck on -afwiring device which, substantially fitssaidaperture and v whereinaportion of theiiian'ge engages therear Other and further antigen 11s; b'jects' of the invention will be' more apparentto those skilled inthe artupon a consideration of the aecom panying 1 drawing and f following speciflcation,

whereinis 3 disclosed a single exemplary embodi-' ment of the'in vention, with "the-understanding that such changes and variations maybe made "therein as fall'within the scope ofthe appended claimswithout departing from the; spir'it ofithe inventiong Figure 1 is a face line,,2 2 of Fig. 1, shown on an enlarged scale;

Figure 3 Pisa "perspective View, on the scale of Fig; 2, of the cardholder or nameplate; and

Figurej i is a fragmentary section ,onl-ine'4- 4, of Y V i Inelectricwiring apparatus of thewall plate type, and particularly where various combina as'for instance, in' accordance with my Patent 1,875,224 for electric' wiring apparatus granted August 3Q, 1932, there is sometimes a, needfor some means of indicating onthe frontofthe n; the front o'f the F'face plate by the 4 the features; of the invention insides in'the provision of a name plate or cardholder 'ance is allowed. 1 The nameplateorcard 7 cleanse-(o1. 40-16) i This invention relates to card holders or name device the circuits-controlled by a'switch, fthe 7 type of power available at at power outlet, or thename of a party, station or the like served ,by; the push button of afsignal system. Obvlouslythis indication cannot well be applied di-" rectly to-the' name p'latefbecause the various].

'uses and designationswould require-too large a variety of plates to be economically stocked.

It is the purpose of the -present inventionto provide a card holder "or'name plate which can befapplied without-the use oiany additional at t'achingQmeans to'a'ny wall plate of the type in' which a portion of the through an opening in the plate.

, Referring 'now' to the drawing, thereis shown at 10 a face orwall plate, in the present instance wiring device protrudes i being formed of suitable insulating material and having a considerable thickness as shown in- Fig. 2, although this is not necessary, for the-inven Ition canf be appliedfto' any type of .wall plate.

In Fig. 2 ithisplate is shown as mounted against a wall 12 in which is carriedaswitch oroutlet box 14 in the customaryPr'nannei. Across the bridge 15 by means' of screws lfi, and this 'strap carriesjone or more wiring 'deviceswhich are interchangeable therein as regards position and type, there being, provided for the purpose "various styles: of switches, power and convenience face, of this box 'isse'cured a mounting strap or Eachof thewiring devices is carried bythe mounting str-ap 15 and'has a body portion and 5 a" forwardly extending neck portion; 21 which {extends through an aperture 22in the faceplate 10 so that-its frontfface ismore orless flush with aneat appearance. 'The neck construction permitsa uniform sizeof opening tobe used 'in' the ,t platefforvarious wiring devices. As shown in Fig. I g

1, the aperture is formed with two straight sides ficulties'and several hundredthsof "an cleari the front face of the wallplate,thus providing .t M View w r sf mi a equipped with the deviceof n the present lnvention shown in full size; v r p p Figure-2 is'a fragmehtary verticalsection on holder ma be ro isros of any suitable material in one ormore'parts. f

fAs shown, it is formed from a single piece of metal; j stamped to form asuitably shaped frame portiont which is rabbeted' asjat 31 to receive a card 32 on which the name may bewritten'or printed.-

The card may be covered by a transparent waterproof sheet 33 cf celluloid or the like. A pair of integral lugs or tabs 34 are provided at the ends, as shown in Fig. 4, to be bent over the back of the card to hold it in position in the frame. These in fact can be permanently bent and the card slipped in by buckling the center and inserting the ends under the tabs, for the card is otherwise held in position when the holder is mounted against the face plate as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, where it is positioned just below the opening carrying the push button and with its upper edge in' alignment with the lower straight edge 24 of the opening.

To permit of this positioning, theupper edge 35 of the frame has its central portion extended rearwarclly to form a flange 36 preferably of a depth equivalent to the thickness of the plate 10, as shown in Fig. 2, and which is received between the flat wall 24 of the aperture and the lower flat surface of the neck 21 on the wiring device, there being sufficient clearance for this purpose. To insure the card holder remaining in position, the ends of the flange 36 are turned up as at 38 to follow for a short distance along the curved end' walls 25 of the aperture in the face plate, as

shown inFig. 1, their spacing insuring against any longitudinal movement of the name-plate. Each of these turned up ends is provided with a depending skirt portion 39 turned downparallel to the general plane of the frame so as to be received behind the face plate and substantially in engagement with the rear face thereof, as' seen in Fig. 2, to prevent withdrawal of the name plate. Conveniently in the stamping operation which forms the portions 38, a web or gusset 40 is pro 1 screws. 16. The aperture in the face plate which is to receive the name plate then has the portions 38, 39 passed therethrough, which they will readily do, since the distance between them is less than the greatest length of the opening in the face plate. The name plate is then lowered until the skirts 39 engage behind the rear face of the plate and the flange 36 rests against the lower wall of the opening. The plate is then applied to the wall. so that the necks of the wiring devices pass through the openings in the plate,-

thus locking the name plate in position. The face plate is then secured in position by means of screws 42 passing through theface plate and re ceived into threaded apertures in the strap or bridge 15.

necessary, one above and one below the wiring device.

Obviously two name plates can be provided for each opening-in the face plate if Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is: g

1. Electric wiring apparatus including a face plate having an aperture therethrough, a wiring device having a portion adapted to fit through said aperture, a cardholder adapted to rest on said plate adjacent said aperture and means on said holder extending through the aperture and engaged by said device.

2. Electric wiring apparatus including in combination, a wall plate having an opening therein, a wiring device having a projection adapted to substantially fill said opening, a card holder adapted to fit against said plate adjacent said opening and a hook on said holder adapted to engage an edge of the opening and the back of said plate and be held. in position by said projection.

3 The combination with an apertured face plate and a wiring device having a part to substantially' fill said aperture, of a name card holdor fitting against the front of said plate, a portion of said holder engaging a wall of said aperture and of said part and means extending from said portion into engagement with the back of said plate. I g I '4. A card holder for electric wiringapparatus comprising in combination, a stamped metal frame adapted to receive a card meansthereon to secure: a card in position, a flange on said frame extending rearwardly therefrom, one end of said flange being sharply bent away from the frame, said end having a skirt portion at each side thereof.

5. A card holder for electric wiring apparatus comprising in combination, a rabbeted metal frame adapted to hold a card, a flange extending rearwardly'from one side of the frame, an end portion of said flange diverging from the frame side and an overhang at the rear edge of said portion substantially parallel to the plane of the frame.

6. Electric wiring apparatus including in combination, a face plate having an opening therethroughwith a straight side wall and end walls meeting, the side at an angle, of a wiring device having a neck extending into and substantially filling saidopening, a rabbeted metal frame fitting against the front face of said plate and adapted to hold a card, a fiangelextending rearwardly from said frame. and lying against the straight wall of the opening, ends on said flange bent to lie against the end walls and skirts on said ends engaging the rear face of said plate.

'1. The combination with electric wiring apparatus including arface plate having an opening therethrough and a wiring device having a neck substantially filling said opening, of a name plate having a portion extending into said opening 1 between the neck and opening wall and means on

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International ClassificationG09F3/08, G09F3/18
Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/18
European ClassificationG09F3/18