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Publication numberUS1930993 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1933
Filing dateJul 14, 1932
Priority dateJul 14, 1932
Publication numberUS 1930993 A, US 1930993A, US-A-1930993, US1930993 A, US1930993A
InventorsLeo S Blodgett
Original AssigneeLeo S Blodgett
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Lamp support
US 1930993 A
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Oct. 17, 1933. 9 L. s. BLODGETT 1,930,993

LAMP SUPPORT Filed July 14, 1932 Patented Oct. 17, 1933 UNITED. STATES 1336mm x v LAMP surroa'r Leo S. BlodgettyEast 'orange, N. J. v Application July 14, 1932. Serial No. 622,546: if 1" Claim. (cr am-4 I My invention relates to a lamp'supportmoreparticularly to an adjustable support for use in connection with dental chairs and surgical tables and chairs. I. v

' It is accordingly an object of the invention to J provide an improved'adjustable support for elec-' tric lamps of simple and efficient construction which is readily adjustableto s'eat the lamp in any desired position. i e

Anotherobject of the'invention is to provide a simple and compact lamp support-which may be easily attachedto any portion of alchair'or table or to various types of chairs. r 1 According to the invention 1 provide a lamp supitselfrin such 'manner'that it does not interfere with the operator. It is in most part flexible and" can be adjusted in a position about the patient's head by a simple movementof the operator's hand lamp necessarily moveswith it and always re mains in the same relative position to the working area. I have furthermore provided a soft fioodlight which can be used without interfering shadows from the movement of theoperators hand and which can'be used from over a foot away or relatively close to the working area as may be required without heat or glare bothering either the patient or the operator.

The novel features that I consider characteristic of my invention are set forth with particularity in the appended claim. The invention itself both as to its construction and method of. operation, together with additional objects and advantages thereof will be understood from the following description when read in connection with the accompanying drawing in which:'-

Figure 1 illustrates diagrammatically a dental chair having my improved lamp support applied thereto.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged view in elevation of the universal jointand its connection to the attaching bracket taken on a line at right angles to 18. 1.

Fig. 3'is a section through the universal joint taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a side view. of the attaching bracket and socket supporting clamp with part broken away.

Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken on line 5-5 of Fig. 2.

Referring to the drawing in detail wherein is shown a preferred form of my invention, 1 designates an attaching or clamping bracket which I may be of any suitable shape or size but as here port which may be attached directly to the chair shown comprises a longitudinallyextending body member havingat 'the'upper' portion thereof an inclined arm 2 which slopes upwardly and rear-' wardly, and having at each end thereof depending arms 3 and '4'which extend vertically downward and areadapted to cooperate with the adjustable screw member 5 carried a't the lower end of the rear arm 4-and"arranged'for adjusting and for holding the bracketin afixedposition. The inclined arm 2 has-at the upper'end thereof a toothed face portion 6 that surrounds a transversely extending bolt-receiving opening and which has "a general extent in a vertical and;

' transverse dir'ectionf 'This'clanip affords a simple means of accomplishing practically universal application to all types and models of chairs.

The'reference'character 7 designatesa socket supporting "arm having v on one -'end. thereof 1 a toothed face portion 8 asbest shownin- Fig. 3, adapted to fit corresponding teeth on the toothed face-portion 6. The toothed face portions-(Sand 8 are: adjustablyiconnected by means of I a bolt 9- and a thumb nut" 10 which allows the socket 11 'which-iscarried on the other'end of the arm' 7 to be adjusted inangular relation tothe chair and fixed in any position within its' arc b'y ma nipulation of the thumb nut 10.

A ball like member 12 having a chamber 12 therein resulting in an annular portion 12 is carried on the end of a hollow arm 13 and is adapted to fit in the socket member 11.

A ring 14 having a tapered portion 14 rests on a spring 15 confined within the socket member 11. The tapered portion 14 is adapted to receive the annular portion 12 to provide a spring supported seat for the ball like member 12.

The ball like member 12 is adapted to be clamped in different positions of adjustment within the socket member 11 by a nut 16 which embraces the ball and has screw threaded detachable connection with the socket member 11 and therefore may be utilized to adjust the tension of the spring 15 on the ball like member 12.

The ball like member 12 and the socket member 11 results in a frictional engagement because of the spring supported seat 14 which permits of 17 is secured to the deflected portion 13' in any suitable manner, for instance, by means of a coupling 18. The other end of the flexible arm 17 is provided with a tubular member 19. A conventional lamp socket 20 is housed within the tubular member 19 and is adapted to receive the connecting plug of an electric lamp 21. The tubular arm 13 and the flexible metallic arm or tubular. portion 17 constitutes what may be referred to as a goose-neck construction atthe free end of which an electric bulb may be supported.

The flexible arm 17 may be bent in any desired manner to position the lamp 21 with respect to the working area and when so bent will of its own volition, retain its shape and support'the lamp in its adjusted position.

A reflector 22 is removably secured to the tu bular member 19 by any suitable means.

The socket 11 is provided with an opening :23 in offset relation with respect to the socket supporting arm 7 andthe connection between the inclined arm 2 of the attaching bracket andthe socket member 11 through which electrical conducting wire 24 is adapted to be passed through the socket member 11, and through the interior of .the spring 15, upwardly through the chamber 12' of the ball like member 12and thence through the arms 13 and 17 to the lamp socket 20.

Although I have shown and described certain specific embodiments of my invention I am fully aware thatmany modifications thereof are possible. My invention, therefore is not to be restricted except in so far as isv necessitated by the prior art andby the scope of the appended claim.

What is claimed is: I I H In a lamp support, a clamping bracket comprising a horizontally and longitudinally extending bodymember having at the front end thereof a dependingarm' providing a clamping prong-that extends in a vertical direction, at the rear thereof a depending arm having at the lower end portion thereof a screw-threaded opening with a horizontally and longitudinally extending clamping screw therein which is movable in respect to the clamping. prong toward and from clamping position, andat the upper rearportion thereof an upwardly and rearwardly extending arm the upper end of which is provided with a toothed faced portion that surrounds a horizontally and transversely extending bolt-receiving opening and which toothed faced portion has a general extent in a longitudinal and vertical direction; a ball and socket construction comprising a member providing a socket portion open at the top anda depending arm that provides a toothed faced portion that surrounds a horizontally and transversely extending bolt-receiving opening and which toothed faced portion of the socket membertis constructed for cooperative engagement with the toothed faced portion of the clamping bracket,,said ball and socket construction also comprising an aperan electric lamp atthe free end thereof, which goose neck device comprises an upstanding relatively rigid tubular member; the lower end of which is connected to and is in communication with the apertured portion of the ball member and the upper end of which relativelyrigid tubular member is upwardly and forwardly inclined, and

a flexible readily positionable tubular member one end of which is connected to and-carried from the upper forward end of the rigid tubular member,

the other or free end of which flexibleand readily positionable tubular member. carries means for holding an electric lamp; and an electrical cable which-enters through the aperture in the-socket member, which extends through the socket member, thence into the relatively rigid tubularmemher and into the fiexible readily positionable tubular member to the means for carrying the electric lamp. I


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U.S. Classification248/231.71, 362/131, 362/804, 248/278.1, 362/275
International ClassificationF21V21/26
Cooperative ClassificationF21V21/26, Y10S362/804
European ClassificationF21V21/26