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Publication numberUS1931508 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1933
Filing dateNov 30, 1931
Priority dateMar 2, 1931
Publication numberUS 1931508 A, US 1931508A, US-A-1931508, US1931508 A, US1931508A
InventorsJohnson George W, Reese Lemuel V
Original AssigneeAmerican Laundry Mach Co
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Paper pulp extractor
US 1931508 A
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Oct. 24, 1933 L.. REI-:SE ET Al.

PAPER PULP EXTRACTOR Original Filed March 2, 1951 INV'ENTOR Patented oct. 24, i933 PAPER.` PULP EXTRACTGR Lemucl V. Reese andGeorge W. Johnson, Cincinnati, Ohio, assignors to The American.

Laundry Machinery Company, Cincinnati,

Ohio, a corporation o'f Ohio Original application March 2, 1931, Serial No. 519,443. Divided and this application November 30, 1931. Serial No.' 577,970

3 Claims. v(eCl. 92-3fi) Our invention relates to centrifugal extractors and, particularly, to an apparatus embodying centrifugal action for freeing paper pulp from impurities according to the specific gravity of the impurities, and delivering the paper pulp in a purified state to the paper making machines. This application is a division of our application Ser. No. 519,443, filed March 2, .1931.. issued as Patent No. 1,887,955, of November"15.j.1932, for a Paper pulp extractor. l

VCentrifugal machines of this character usually embody'a rotatable basket having al'solid wall with means provided thereon for retardlng the normal tendency of the pulp to flow upwardly in order` to subject'the pulp to centrifugal action over such period of time that the impurities and pulp will be separated and askimming ring that is employed for skimming oil the lighter weight impurities forming the inner stratum of the mass within the basket, the purified pulp madeup of fibres only forming the center stratum and being delivered continuously into a volute as untreated pulp is fed into the basket. It is well understood that centrifugal action divides the mass up into lthe heavier stratum or 'those parts having the 'greatest specific gravity, an intermediate stratum Itis the object of our vinvention to provide a means for trapping the lighter weight impurities that form the inner stratum of the layer of pulp being puried as well as a means for filtering out the impurities -under centrifugal force and permitting the water intermingling with them to flow over into or be `thrown outwardly by centrifugal force into the puriiied pulp in thevolute, thus finally delivering completely puriiied pulp 'having the proper water content.

Various other objects and advantageous features will be seen in the following description and one embodiment thereof may be seen in the accompanying drawing `wherein similar characters of reference designate corresponding parts, and wherein:

Fig. 1 is a view, partly in section and partly in elevation, showing an apparatus constructed in accordance with our invention; Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the apparatus shown Fig. 1l with the power unit and supporting means therefor removed; and Fig. 3 is a sectional view showing the position taken by the various stratum having different speciiic gravities during the operation of the apparatus and the delivery of the purified stratum to the volute. y

adapted to receive a rotatable basket 3 mounted on a spindle 4 that rotates in a bearing 5 carried by the curb 1 and has its opposing end attached pulp mat into which the heavy impurities ex. f

tracted from the pulp during the centrifugal operation of the basket will be imbedded and thereby retained in the basket. Thetopof the basket is provided with an annular ring 11 having an overhanging portion 12 adapted to retain the pulp mat and heavier impurities and prevent their ow out of the basket and an overhanging por-4 tion 13 that acts asa guide for directing the extracted paper pulp `into a volute 1.4 and as a means for preventing the paper pulp from falling downwardly between the curb and the basket.

In accordance with our invention, a vertically extending annular skimmer ring 415 is provided at the upper end of the basket and is spaced a suiilcient distance from the innermost edges of the overhanging portion 12 to skim off or separate the lighter impurities from the paper pulp. An annular screen or iilter means 16 extends vertically upwardly from the skimmer ring 15 and is of such nature as to have filtering qualities suicient to hold all impurities and permit the passage of clarified liquid therethrough and over into the volute 14, the liquid being separated and thrown outwardly by centrifugal action. The curb: 1 is shown as being provided with a suittailelle cover 17 although this is not absolutely essen- In the operation of the apparatus, wood pulp from the usual beaters is fed 'into the basket 3 through a pipe 18 which has its outlet opening near the bottom of the basket. Then, the basket v20, this stratum of wardly as the pulp is fed into the basket. Speed of rotation of the basket is such that the impurimal water content from the ties of the lighter weight than that of the paper pulp fibers are unaffected by the centrifugal action to the extent that they will rise by the action of notation and with the stratum of pulp fibers 20, as untreated pulp is fed into the'basket forming an inner stratum that is skimmed oil.' by the skimming ring 15 and pushed upwardly on the surface of the'screen or filter 16. The centrifugal action will be 'effective on the lighter impurities to separate the water therefrom and throw the water outwardly into the volute 14 into which the stratum 20 of the purified paper pulp fiber passes. Thus, a means ls provided for purifying the paper pulp by removing both the heavier and the lighter impurities therefrom by centrifugal action, while. at the same time, not forever alienating the norpulp whereby the purified pulp will be delivered from the delivery end 22 of the volute 14 with the proper water content. This is a higlly advantageous and very desirable feature.

1,931,508 is rotated at a speed which lwill produce a een What we' claim is: 1. 'I'he process of refining paper pulp which comprises subjecting pulp to centrifugal action to separate the pulp and impurities into strata whereby pulp free of impurities may be had. separating and trapping 'the'impuritiea extracting liquid from such impurities, and delivering such liquid to the purified 2.The process of reiining paper pulp which comprises subjecting pulp to centrifugal action to separate the pulp and impurities into strata whereby' pulp free of impurities may be had, separating and trapping the impurities, extracting liquid from such impurities by the same centrifugal action that separates the pulp and impurities into different strata, and delivering such liquid to the puried pulp.

3. II 'he process f refining paper pulp which comprises subjecting pulp to centrifugal action to separate the pulp and impurities into stratum namely, a strata of light impurities', a strata of LEMUEL V. REESE. GEORGE W. JOHNSON.


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