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Publication numberUS1931822 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1933
Filing dateApr 8, 1933
Priority dateApr 8, 1933
Publication numberUS 1931822 A, US 1931822A, US-A-1931822, US1931822 A, US1931822A
InventorsHoffman Charles A
Original AssigneeVanity Fair Silk Mills
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US 1931822 A
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Oct. 24, 1933. c, HOFFMAN 1,931,822

GIRDLE Filed April 8, 1933 "@MM.F W W CHA KLES A. HOFFMAN Patented Oct. 24, 1933 Y UNITED STATES" GIRDLE Charles A. Hoffman, Wyomissing, Pa., assignor to Vanity Fair Silk Mills, Reading, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Application April 8, 1933. Serial No. 665,173

3 Claims.

This invention relates to girdles and proposesthe construction of a garment of that type having an elastic form-fitting hip encompassing portion terminating in an elastic waist band at '5.the top and having a full or gathered skirt of relative sheer material at the bottom. When worn, the skirt portion freely surrounds the legs in a zone just below the crotch.

One of the objects of the invention is to pro- '10. vide a garment in which diametrical portions of the skirt are detachably brought together to form a crotch closure, the flimsy material of the skirt being arranged so as to drape itself in a manner to close in on the areas displaced in the provision 15. of the crotch closure, completely concealing the crotch closure.

Another object of the invention is the form ing of skirt portion in sections united in the seam in the front and back, and utilizing areas sym- .metrical with the seams to constitute the crotch closure, whereby the seam reinforces the crotch closure, preventing stretching of the material.

Other objects of the invention will appear as the following description of a preferred and prac- "tical embodiment of my invention proceeds.

In the drawing which accompanies and forms a part of the following specification and throughout the several figures of which the same characters of reference have been employed to designate identical parts:

Figure 1 is a front elevation of a girdle embodying the features of the present invention, displayed on a figure;

Figure 2 is a perspective'view displaying the 35. icrotch closure;

Figure 3 is aside view showing the skirt; and

Figure 4 is a front elevation showing the crotch closure released.

Referring now in detail to the several figures, .the numeral 1 represents in general the girdle which comprises in its preferred form a relatively heavyknit elastic portion 2 adapted to encircle the lower portion of the body in the region of the abdomen, encompassing the hips. The

45..upper edge of the elastic portion 2 terminates in an elastic waistband 3. On account of the fact that the elastic portion 2 is designed to be considerably stretched when worn, it acts to flatten the abdomen and to conform smoothly to the lines of the figure. The lower edge 4 of the suitable manner is the skirt 5 which is preferably of sheer material and made 'full or. gathered.

' The skirt is bifurcated at the sides as indicated by the reference character 6 to give freedom of movement to the legs.

The skirt is preferably formed of four sections, two at the front and two at the back and united I in the middle of the front and back by seams 7 and 8. The material of the skirt is drawn in at the front and back in areas symmetrical with respect to the seams 7 and 8 forming crotch closure members 9 and 10, one of which is provided with a button 11 and the other with a button loop 12. The edge of the skirt including those portions which constitute the crotch closure are suitably bound.

On account of the sheer nature of the skirt material and its fullness, those parts of the skirt adjacent theareas drawn in to form the crotch closure, drape themselves into close adjacency as indicated at 13 and 14. in Fig. 3 so as completely to conceal the presence of the crotch members 9 and 10.

The seams '7 and 8 form median reinforcements for the members 9 and 10 and prevent them becoming stretched. When the crotch members are unbuttoned, they naturally become part of the entity of the skirt from which they wereso derived, thus facilitating ironing.

The crotch portionmay be worn either open or closed and when open it becomes an indistinguishable portion of the skirt;

While I have in theabove description disclosed What I believe to be a preferred and practical embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that the specific details of construction as described are merely by way of example and not to be construed as limiting the scope of the invention as claimed.

What I claim is:

1. Girdle comprising a body portion and a skirt, the latter being made in sections united by seams inthe middle of the front and back, portions of said skirt symmetrical with said seams being drawn together between the legs forming a crotch closure, of which the seams constitute a reinforcement inhibiting stretching, and means for detachably connecting the ends of said drawn-in portions.

v2. Girdle comprising 'a body portion and a skirt, the latter being made in sections ununited at the sides'and united by seams in the middle of the front-and back, portions of said skirt symmetrical with said seams being drawn together between the legs forming a crotch closure of which the seams constitute a reinforcement inhibiting stretching, and. means for detachably connecting the ends ofv said drawn-in portions. -l10 a. reinforcement, inhibiting stretching, and means for detachably connecting the ends of said drawn-in portions, the Sheerness of said skirt causing the portions adjacent said drawnin portions to drape themselves in close adjacency by gravity, concealing said drawn-in portions.


I no

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U.S. Classification450/95, D02/702, 450/105
International ClassificationA41C1/00
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European ClassificationA41C1/00