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Publication numberUS1931841 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1933
Filing dateSep 30, 1931
Priority dateSep 30, 1931
Publication numberUS 1931841 A, US 1931841A, US-A-1931841, US1931841 A, US1931841A
InventorsEvans Edwin W
Original AssigneeEvans Edwin W
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Golf practice apparatus
US 1931841 A
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00%. 24, 1933. w, EVANS 1,931,841

GOLF, PRACTICE APPARATUS Filed Sept. 30, 1931 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 ATTORNEY MWZ INVENTOR Oct. 24, 1933. E. w. EVANS 1,931,341

GOLF PRACTICE APPARATUS Filed Sept. 60, 1931 3 cs-Sheet 2 ,zhj za.

Edwin mfi'w avzag .NVENTOR mar,

ATTORNEY 031. 24, 1933. E. w. EVANS 1,931,341

GOLF PRACT I CE APPARATU 5 Filed Sept. 30, 1931 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 31 21 Z? 27 Z8 3 z a? Edwin 7!? 271mm):

INVENTOR ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 24, 1933 UNITED STATES 1,931,841 GOLF PRACTICE APPARATUS Edwin W. "Evans, South Fort Mitchell, Ky.

Application September 30, 1931 Serial No- 566,092

1 Claim. (01. 273-33) This invention relates to a game practicing apparatus and more especially to an apparatus for practicing golf driving and putting.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of an apparatus of this characterwherein the same is in the form of a unit susceptible of being placed either indoors or outdoors and will enable a person to practice driving and putting golf balls, the apparatus being of novel form so that the balls when driven from the tee will be automatically returned and teed for further driving thereof or the putting of the same. 1

Another object of the invention is the provision of an apparatus of this character wherein the teeing mechanism is of novel form as the same is susceptible of operation either by the right or left hand foot and the foot treadle will operate such mechanism for the automatic teeing of a ball for practice purposes in the driving and putting for 20 the game of golf.

A further object of the invention is the provision of an apparatus of this character, wherein the construction thereof is such as to eliminate the use of a caddy and also will enable economy in employment of balls of the golf kind as the number employed will be automatically returned to teeing position thus obviating the necessity of manually placing the ball or the teeingt hereof as is common in the playing of the game of golf. A still further object of the invention-is the provision of an apparatus of this character, wherein the user thereof can practice either driving or putting and a tally or score may be had to enable the user to determine perfection or defects in golf driving or golf putting. A still further object of the invention is the provision of an apparatus of this character which is comparatively simple in construction, thoroughly reliable and efficient in its purpose, neat and attractive in appearance, quick of action, automatically operated and inexpensive to manufacture and install.

With'these and other objects in view, the in- 4 vention consists in the features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described in detail, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, which disclose'the preferred embodiment of the invention, and pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.

In the accompanying drawings:- Figure 1 is a side elevation of an apparatus constructed in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of Figure 1 looking in the direction'of the arrows. Figure 3 is a sectional view on an enlarged scale taken approximately on the line 33 of Figure 1.

Figure fl; is a fragmentary sectional view on the line 4-4 of Figure 3 lookingin the direction of the arrows.

Figure '5 is asectional view on the line 55 of Figure 2 looking in the direction of the arrows.

Figure 6 is a fragmentary sectional View on the line 6+6 of Figure 5. Similar "reference characters spending parts throughout the'several views in the drawings. v

Referring to the draw ingsfirlv detail, the apparatus constituting the present invention comprises preferably a substantially rectangular-shaped elongated base forming whatmight be termed a fairway 10 men-em this base rises a framell of any desirable construction to possess rigidity and wearing quality, while suitably supported preferably.bysuspensionpmembers 12 are open mesh of the proper gauge sides 13, top 14 and end curtains 15 and 16 respectively, these being hung loosely from the top '14 in juxtaposition to what may be termed" a green 17 located atone end of the fairway 10. The green 17 is slightly cupped while atthe opposite or other end of the fairway 10 is a teeing platform, 18 beneath which is provided an inclosure 19 forming a chamber or cell 20, the latter having arranged therein at the medial point thereof a vertical cylinder 21 in which is arranged a teelng piston 22, the latter being operated in a manner presently described.

Carried by the piston 22 is a suitable golfball tee 23 for the sealing of a golf ball 24 therein to be driven by a user of the, apparatus and this ball is adapted to beproperly positioned centrally with relation to the teeingplatform 18 to be struck by -a golf club whenmanipulated by a person practicing the game of golf.

0n opposite sides of the center of the teeing platform l8 with respect to the tee 23 which is designed to;be raised and lowered withjrespect to the plane of said platform 18 are foot pedals 25, the stems 26 of which are pivoted at 2'? to rocking levers 28, these being swingingly supported by hangers 29 within said chamber of the inclosure 19 and through the medium of the pintle 30 are pivoted to the piston 22 at their inher ends while at their outer free ends are mounted weights 31 for overbalancing such levers 28. In the manipulation of either pedal 25 the piston 22 will be lowered into the cylinder 21 sothat the indicatev corretee 23 carried by the piston will be receptive of a golf ball 24 delivered thereto from the delivery spout 32 communicative with the cylinder 22 at one side thereof, the spout being inclined toward the cylinder for the gravitation of golf balls received therein in the direction of said cylinder for the automatic placement of the advance ball of the series within the spout 32 .onto the tee 23 whence the weight 31 on the lever 28 will overbalance such lever to cause the piston 22 to automatically rock within the cylinder 21 and thus protrude the ball 24 upon the tee 23 for :the proper teeing thereof on the teeing platform 18 as will be obvious.

Located centrally of the green 17 and also at the longitudinal median of the fairway 10 at suitable distances apart are traps 33 and 34 respec tively, these having leads 35 to a return tube or conduit 37 so that balls driven from the plat: form 18 when dropping upon the green 1'7 or upon :the fairway '10 will gravitate into either the traps 33 or the traps 34 whereupon by reason of the inclination of the leads 35 such ball will be conveyed to the return tube or conduit 36.

7 This 'tubeorconduit .36 is joined with the spout 32 through a reticulated union 3'? and also is connected with a blower fan 38 operated from a motor39 preferably of the electric type although it maybe of any other type. The fan serves to blow the balls within the tube or conduit 36 toward and into the spout 32, the force of the blast of air from the fan '38'being interrupted or such air exhausting at the union 37 and in this fashion the balls will be conveyed from said tube or conduit into the spout or chute 32 whence they will gravitate for teeing position.

The fan 38 when operating also creates a suction in the leads 35 from the traps 33 and 34 so that the balls will be positively drawn therefrom into the tube or conduit 36 for the purpose hereinbefore set forth. I

The curtain 16 constitutes a back stop while the curtain '15 is provided with a central opening 40 which constitutes a bulls eye confionting the back stop so that a person driving a ball from the platform 18 off the tee 23 endeavors to have the ball pass through the bulls eye '40 which indicates a perfect driving stroke. The ball in its flight throughthe bulls eye will be stopped by the curtain 16 and caused to drop onto the green 17 whence it will gravitate to the center thereof into the-trap '33. Should the ball 24 rebound from either the curtain 15 or 16 onto the fairway 10 it will roll to the traps 34 therein and thus be conveyed therefrom through the leads 35 into the tube or conduit 36 when such ball or balls will be carried therethrough to the spout or chute 32 and in this fashion the driven balls returned to the player or user of the apparatus or into a position to be singly teed upon the tee 23 on opcrating either foot pedal 25 at the teeing platform 18 of the apparatus. r

The force of theblast of air from the fan 38 upon a ball or balls 24 in the trap or conduit 36 will be broken by the escapement of the air rearwardly of such advance ball or balls at the union 37 and the said ball or balls advanced under the blast will roll into the spout or chute 32 for deposit therein.

The sides 13 as well as the top 14 within the frame of the apparatus can be sustained taut in any suitable manner to withstand impact either by anirregularly driven ballor wind, the apparatus being adaptable for location either without or within a building or inclosure.

It will'be obvious that the ball 24 is teed auto- ;matically as by operating either pedal 25 by depressing the same the piston 22 will be lowered to-a position'for receiving a ball upon the tee 23 carried thereby, then when pressure is relieved from the pedal the teed ball will be protruded or elevated into teeing position at the teeing platform 18 and this teed ball is driven by an op erator through the use of a golf club.

If it be desired to practice putting the ball will 'be sent in-its'courseupon the fairway 10in thedirection of the green-17 and if the whole-of the green constituted by the trap33 is not made then the ball will be returnedtothe player by'any one of the .traps 34, lead 35 and tubeor conduit 36 and from the latter to the spout or chute 32 i as shouldbe' obvious.

Primarily the apparatus is intended for use by persons just starting to play golf and thereby avoid the liability of beginners using the regular golf courses and their greens and thus slowing a proficient golfers game thereon. The ap paratus by reason of its construction be placed indoors during winter months and out doors during summer months so that the use thereof can be had throughout the entire year and when :either indoors or outdoors the apparatus can be suitably illuminated so that it can he used by day of night at the option of the possessor thereof. The apparatus is susceptible of use in stores or other places making sale of golf equipment and more especially-of clubs so a purchaser can determine the fitness .of a club or clubs as maybe bought or purchased by him.

In the use of theapparatus beginner can rendered rnoreproficient andthe proficient golfer in the use thereof can perfect his ganie by practice use of such apparatus.

What is claimed is:

In an apparatus of the kind described, a teeing platform, an enclosure beneath the platform; a cylinder-arranged vertically in encles opening through the platform, a piston 11 the cylinder, a golf ball tee carried hy the foot operated pedalsat the platform, opp arranged pivotally supported levers wit h enclosure and connected with the piston controlled by the pedals, adjustable weights'mounted on and adjustable along the levers for to hold the piston elevated with the tee protruded above the platform, and means for delivering singly balls to the tee beneath the platform and when the piston isin lowered position in the cylinder.


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