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Publication numberUS1932555 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 31, 1933
Filing dateJul 13, 1931
Priority dateJul 13, 1931
Publication numberUS 1932555 A, US 1932555A, US-A-1932555, US1932555 A, US1932555A
InventorsMckee Philip L
Original AssigneeMckee Philip L
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Greenhouse eave support and drain member
US 1932555 A
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(Jet. 31, 1933. McKEE 1,932,555-

GREENHOUSE EAVE SUPPORT AND DRAIN MEMBER Filed July 13,. 1931 v 7 6" /G. 6 I 6 J6 A w 6 60. J3 J5 l J0 If Patented Dot. 31, 1933 A UNITED STATES 1,932,555 GREENHOUSE EAVE SUPPORT AND DRAIN MEMBER Philip L.-McKee, Pana, Ill.

Application July 13, 1931. Serial No. 550,446

1 Claim.

This invention relates to greenhouse construction and particularly to a greenhouse eave construction.

The primary object of the invention is to provide a new and improved eave construction for greenhouses which is constructed and arranged to provide a supporting member for the greenhouse roof bars and which also acts as a gutter which catches all the water that runs down the in roof bar and preventing the water from dripping off into theinside of the house.

Another object is to provide a greenhouse roof support and drain member which is made relatively U-shaped or V-shaped and which receives the ends of the roof bars whereby water running down the roof bars will drain into the eave support and drain bar member and then flow out through openings provided in the member.

A still further object is to provide a new and 20 improved eave support and drain member which will not overflow, warp, or sag; which is easy to put up; which catches all the water that runs down the roof bar and prevents the water from drippingoff into the house; which is detachably supported by a fitting carried by spaced uprights; which eliminates the use of bar clips and zinc strips, and which provides a pocket receiving the lower ends of the roof bars.

Numerous other objects and advantages will be apparent throughout the progress of the following specification.

The accompanying drawing illustrates a selected embodiment of the invention and the views therein are as follows:

Fig. 1 is a detail sectional view of a conventional greenhouse and embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a detail sectional view of the greenhouse eave support and drain member operatively positioned on a greenhouse.

Referring to the drawing, 5 designates a greenhouse roof comprising spaced roof bars 6 which carry the glass panels or surfaces 7. Side walls 8 having glass panels 9 are supported on the foundation walls 10. The foundation walls 10 may be made of concrete or any other material desirable and carry spaced columns or supports 11 which are arranged inwardly of the side walls 8. A fitting 12 is detaohably connected to the upper end of the supports 11 and is fastened i 9 thereto by means of fastening means 13 passing through lugs 14. An arm 15 is preferably made integral with the fitting 12 and supports the lower edge of the roof bars 6.

A relatively U-shaped or V-shaped eave drain member 16 having upper and lower legs 17 and 18 is adapted to be fixed to the arm 15 by fastening members 19 which extend through a part of the arm'15 and through the lower leg 18 of the eave member 16. A spacer member, which may comprise a galvanized washer 20, is ar- 0 ranged between the upper side of the leg 18 and the lower side 21 of the roof bar. The roof bars are adapted to extend into the eave member 16 a predetermined distance, and this eave member is provided with an upwardly extending leg 22 which extends over the top of the roof bars and may be rabbeted therein as indicated at 23. Fastening means 24 pass through the leg 22 and fastens the eave member to the roof bars. Galvanized washers 25 may be supported by the fastening means 24 and engage the glass panels 7 of the roof as indicated at 26 to hold theglass panels in position. 7 I

A plate 27 is fastened to the top of the top rails 28 of the side walls 8 and also supports the eave member 16, there being fastening means 29 provided for fixing the eave member to the plate 27. Weep-holes 30 are provided along the outer edge of the member 16 to permit any water which may flow into the eave member to drain 0 to the outside of the building.

The roof bars 6 may be provided with drain grooves 31 to catch any water which may drain therein, due to condensation or other causes, and drain it into the eave support member 16. Also, 35 any water which may run along the bottom 21 of the roof bars is free to flow directly into the eave member 16 as the bottoms of the roof bars are spaced from the plate 27 by galvanized washers 20.

The invention provides an eave member which receives the ends of the roof bars, catching any water which may flow along the roof bars permitting the drain water from the roof to drain across the top of the eave support. The eave is ,95 preferably made of a heavy steel plate and then galvanized providing an eave which, will properly support the roof bars and provide a' gutter or drain member of relatively large carrying capacity as well as an eave member which will not 1 00 rust. The eave is carried by fittings which are detachably fastened to spaced uprights. All wafor which may drain along the roof bars, whether this water be carried by the drip grooves or whether it drips along the bottom of the bars, will drain directly into the eave. Water on the outside of the roof drains over the outside of the eave member.

The eave is rigid in construction; provides novel means for supporting the roof bars; may 1 0 be readily and economically manufactured and cuts down the cost in erecting greenhouses.

Changes may be made in the form, construction, and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit of the invention or sacrificing any of its advantages, and the right is hereby reserved. to make all such changes as fairly fall within the scope of the following claim.

The invention is hereby claimed as follows: The combination with a greenhouse having side walls, roof bars, spaced uprights, and glass panels carried by said roof bars, of an eave member for said greenhouse and comprising upper and

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