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Publication numberUS1933374 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 31, 1933
Filing dateMar 14, 1932
Priority dateMar 14, 1932
Publication numberUS 1933374 A, US 1933374A, US-A-1933374, US1933374 A, US1933374A
InventorsHaggard John M
Original AssigneeHaggard John M
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Window display shelf
US 1933374 A
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Oct. 3l, 1933. 1 M, HAGGARD 1,933,374

WINDOW DI SPLAY SHELF Filed March 14, 1932 2 Sheets-Sheet l Oc`t. 3l, 1933. v1. M. HAGGARD l 1,933,374

' WINDOW DISPLAY SHELF Filed March 14, 1932 2Sheets-Sheet 2 l Patented ct`1933 y y l w l l I Uirsjo STATES .PATENroFFIcE v 1,933,374,v l'

Y `WINDOW DISPLAY SHELF' w John M, Haggard, Chicago, Ill. y y w VApplication March'14, 1932. Serial No. 598,672 1 n 24 claims. (c1. zii-so)l This invention relates to improvements in winmounted on the stem and serves to secure the doW display shelves, arid more particularly to shelf proper to the pad as will presently be seen. shelves designed to lloe mounted on and fastenedy The shelf 1 which providesthe supporting surdirectly to the inside'isurface. of vstorey and shop .face for the'articles displayed, is preferably con 5 ywi'ndows.for the purpose of. displayingV articles structed of a stiff 'cardboard of a suitable grade @inv ofmerchandisei, l' f' v. andthicknessand made in'onefpiece by a die vThe object of the. i ventiont .provide a Cutting operation. There are several sections or shelf embodying certain improved features linportions of the complete 'shelf andthese are `cluding alight and inexpensive construction caljoined or hinged together along certain fold'lines culated Vto extend and varythe usageof window defined by. scoring or partially cutting through 65 v mountedshelves. i i ythe cardboard,y particularly where the stock usedy Affurther objectof the invention is toprovide is too stiff or otherwise. y Y j w' a collapsible type of shelf` capable ofbeing shipped Thus yin its blank formfthe shelf 'comprises 'or otherwise distributed in imcek-dowmiorm, three main inteeralsections which may bedes- A15 readilyassernbled and= applied to a window and ignated as the uprightwindow engaging `panel 70 capable of supporting themerchafidisedisplayed or section 4:, the horizontal supporting panel 5 and l .in an attractive andintelligent manner. tapered panel 6 formingvan angular brace meml AThenovel features yof the inventionv are'fully loer.` A'sclearlyshown in'Figure 4, the blank is dis'closedin the'accornpanying drawings, in'which Somewhat elongatedjandis' made up ofthe three y Figurell .is 'a perspective View yof a shelfk atsections connected edge toedge along two lparal- 75 Vtalled toawindowas it would lappear from the lel'transveISe `fOll L01 Vbending lines 7, '7. exterior.; .A -j v p ,The window engaging s e'cti n4 is a substantial- Y* Figure 2 is another perspectivewviewfof y the '1y square panel having a pair of parallel rails shelf 'as it appears from theinteriora '8,' 8 along its two opposite' side edges.V These c gEigureBis an lenlarged"detail viewof the shelf f rails are formed in 'theblank by scoring thewrnar- 80 .as taken onflinevS-rof Figurefl; `vginal railV forming"portionsA along thetparallel,

. Figurer isla viewjin elevations: theisheif in innesta, 8a to v,form a pair of relatively narrow fao .many Isidea;

,. strips 8b,v 8b Orr-theA opposite sides of the main Figure 5 is a perspectiyeview ofthe blank par- 1101 loodir Of the SeGtOIl; .and then Cutting. 5111353" y lf 1 inwardly alongwthe adjacent fold linejto'the 85 Figure e is a perspective' View Aoftliesuctom depth 0f the two Strips. Moreoveralongtheoutpad supporting member; and HerV edge of the outermost Ystrips S'are fori-nedv Figuref'lis a perspective view of the display pairs voftongues 8d, 8f1 located near each end.

or price."ca r'dg;` And finally, inwardly from the Ainnermost lscore j blank form' as cut frorithematerial';

yN The completelyassembled 'device convlines 8a; 8@ avldistanoe substantially equalto the 90 sists 'of three essential partsjnam'ely, the shelf Width' of the'strips are rout in vthe'bodyj of;` the properjl', thesuction pad supporting member 2, aSectionpairs of slots 9, 9 located oppositejand andra price card 3,alsol supported by the suction adapted to be engaged'vby'tlie tongues 8d, 8d, when pad andffheld flat against the window. f These the strips are Abent to form the rails. "As shown l 40 Dart?arefseparable, that'istofsay, they can be' inFigure 5 the strips arebentor. folded inwardly 95 ."disconneotdin *removing the shelf from a 'win-` and overuponthe section so'that" the two pairs "dow, and vice versa are assembled in attaching Of strips 8a, 3a aSSllmC @1V-Shaped TelatOn, thus to he Window, the Suction ineinher being yrsi; forming'the rails 8, v801".` a triangular sectional applied to the 'window andthe ardand shelf as` contour,` with the strips converging-to any edge 45 sembled onthesuction member." As will be presspaced some distance outwardly vfroml thebody of 100 "'ently seen, the card is'not an integral'part of the section4 andfinI a direction to bear edgewise the assembly and 'hence 'may' be omitted,y butY Aagainst the window or actually theI price c'ardgS nevertheless it is avery desirable partof'the com-Y between the window and the rails. t The railsy are bination as an advertisingI display. j. r v held in shape by the interlocking of the tongues The suction padfjZ used as a support forthe vSain their respective slots 9'as clearly shownin 105 shelf, is one similar top-those which havelong `,`Fgll1`eS 2 and 5` Y L been used for like purposes; being a tapered disc lThe Shelf'DI'Ope1`5 sfmelely a TQtM1g111ar SGC- of soft rubber having the usual concave :applying trionof the material cutto'vthejdesired dimensions surface, and'acentrally located lthreaded stem 2lV vand hinged along its front edge to' thevertical f; prOjectingfrQrnits rear face; A wing-nut 2,c is section 4. Thissh'elf panel vrobviously m'ayfbe 110 place.

of different dimensions, although herein shown as slightly longer than the Width of the vertical section.

And lastly, the panel 6 forming the brace for the shelf panel is hinged to the rear edge of the latter and is readily identied by the taperling side edges which serve to reduce the width of its intermediate free edge 6a to that of the vertical section 4. It is apparent that in folding the blank, the shelf proper assumes a horizontal position and the brace 6 an inclined position at approximately 45 to the horizontal beneaththe shelf proper. The forward edge 6 of the brace member abuts against the back of the/vertical section 4 some distance above its lower edge and is held in position by a locking tongue 6b formed centrally of the abutting edge 6a and inserted throughY a slot 10 cut in the center panel of said vertical section 4. I

Figure 5 clearly shows the manner `in which the several parts or sections of the die cut and lscored blank is folded and the several sets of locking tongues inserted in their respective slots.

vThis figure also shows a small hole 11l just below the upper edge of the vertical section and midway between the side lrails 8L Itis through this hole that the stem 2=1 of the suction pad member2 is' inserted in mounting the device after the former has been fixed to the window. As

shown in Figure 6, the pad 2 has a small fiat circular shoulder 2ZL vof reduced diameter surrounding the base of the stem 2b so that after v the same has beeninserted through the hole l1 hole for the stem 2b of the pad 2 to pass through,

the cardf is provided with a large circular opening 3a cut out nearfits upper edge, this opening having a diameter slightly less than that ofthe suction pad 2. The opening, however, is not af complete circle, there being a radial tongue 3b projecting from-the lower vedge of the circular vopening and itself having a small opening 3 Yat thegeometric center of the circular cut-out, and lit is through this hole that` the' stem of "'55 the .pad is inserted in mounting the card in` The lfollowing method of mounting the com- AYplete device on a'window is recommended for maximum security of attachment:

The suction pad 2 is first adhered to the glass window panel 12 independently of ythe other parts, the contact Ysurface of the pad being preferably moistened or coated with a suitable viscous rpreparation to` insure asecureand lasting adhesion. The price 4 rcard 3 is then hung on thestern of the padV by inserting. thesame through ythe hole 3C ,inthe` manipulating the wing-nut. Once attached, however, and the shelf bracedby inserting the tongue 6b into the slot l0, the merchandise can then be arranged onr the shelf in close proximity to the outside of the window and just above the display or price card with its appropriate advertising matter. V

There are several important features to be observed in connection with the design of the shelf which play an important `part in providing a firm support for the articles placed on the shelf. In the first place, the complete assembly being suspended as it were upon the stern of the suction pad member 2, might appear to offer a rather unstable support unless care 4were taken to balance the weight of the merchandise displayed; This, however, is prevented by the rails 8, 3 which bear against the wiindowon either side of the single point of suspension. Thus by referring to Figure 3 it can be seen that if the distance of the edges of these rails from the face of lthe vertical panel 4 is slightly greater than `the thickness of the pad2 when applied to the window, that upon tightening thawing-nut '2 the panel 4 will be drawn toward the window atl() its central" portion, thus introducing an appreciable tension in the panel to effect the forcing of the rails against the window (or card 3) with suflicient pressure to hold the shelf against tilt-f ing or 'displacement under ordinary 'circ'uIn-Io stances. It may be observed, however, that vfor exceptionally large shelves, provision, can readily be made for Athe addition ,of another suction pad at the lower edge ofthe vertical section 4, al-m7 though for shelves for ordinary use, ,onev pad isfll suicient. i Another feature Ato be4 noted is the fact that the price card 3 lies flat against theV glassjof the window, being held firmly bythe rails 8, 8 bearing edgevviise along'its side edges. More-115 over, the ability-of the price card'to assumethis practically flat contact with the Window and in spite ofthe presence of the suction padis due tothe circular opening 3a and radial tongue 3M,

which allows the card to seat around the periphery of the pad, while the radial tongue is" free to bend tothe contour of the pad, thus permitting the card to lie 'close to the window, as clearl shown in Figures 2 and 3.

Having` set forth a preferred embodimentV` of! my invention,

I claim: f Y L l. A window display device adapted `for attachment directly to .the surface of a window., and comprising a horizontalshelf section'and"`l30 a supporting section adapted to extend vertically andin parallel spaced relation to the surface of the window, said window engagingsection having kits vertical marginal portionsfolded bach. upon itself and secured to form spacing rails'i35 adapted to bear edgewise against the Window and' a suction pad attached to said supporting panel.

2. A *window` display device adapted for .attachment to a window and comprising a horizon@ tal shelf and supporting panel attached to onei Iedge .of the shelf and extending parallel with the window, said panel having its opposed marginal portions folded back upon itself along parallel fold lines and anchoredin the body of the. panel to form V-shaped rails adapted to bear edgewise against the window, and a suction member adapted to be fixed to said window and having supporting connection with said panel intermediate the rails thereof. v I

3. A window display device adapted for at-"150 tachment to the surface of a window and com-r prising a blank'of relatively stiff material adapted to be folded to form right-angularly disposed panels and a brace therebetween, one of said panels adapted to be positioned parallel to the. 'surface of the Window and having its side marginal portions folded overupon the forward face of the panel along parallel fold lines and secured.

thereto to form rails of triangular section adapted to bear against the window at the apex edges, thereby spacing the panel a predetermined distance from the window and a suction attaching member removably connected with said last mentioned panel adjacent its upperredge and substantially midway between said rails.

'4. A window display device for attachment to the surface of a window and comprising a blank of vide right-angularly disposed panels, and an vstiff sheet material cut, scored and folded to proinclined brace member Aextending from the free.

edge of one of said panels and having detachable connection at its end with the other section, one of said ypanels being adapted to extend parallel with the window and having its side marginal `portions folded inwardly alongparallel score

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