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Publication numberUS1935543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1933
Filing dateJul 20, 1932
Priority dateJul 20, 1932
Publication numberUS 1935543 A, US 1935543A, US-A-1935543, US1935543 A, US1935543A
InventorsCoughlin Francis G
Original AssigneeJoseph W Packer
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Sand toy
US 1935543 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

the shovel of the second bean1 into 3 Teceptacle, and a check entering the shovel of the second beam t0 retain the Inateria1 in the Second Shove1 until it is overbalanced, and liIniting Stops for bqth levers vvhen overbalanced 5. In a mechanica1 toy, a frame, a hopper Inounted 0I1)Said fraIne for the reception of gravity feeding granulated Inateria1, 2 rigid chute Secured to the 'fralne and registering vmith the discharge end of the hopper, a gravity closed check fol the outlet end of the chute, a gravity actuated bean1 1110unted on the-franle fo! oscilladtion and engageable vvith the check to n10ve the latter to an open position for permitting the discharge of the granu1ated Inateria1, a bucket on the beaIn to receive Inateria1 fl`()!1 the chute, 1Tleans depending fron1 the check and together with the chute being receivable witn the bucket to prevent the T13tel'ia1 froIn 10vving ovel' the latter, means on the frame for the reception of the Inaterial fronl the bucket, and nleans on the frame to be engaged by the beam to 1nit the movement of the latter 6. In a mechanjca1 t0y, a frame, a' hopper discharge end of the hopper to receive material therefr0tr1, a gravity actuated check for cosing the outlet end of the chute and having a vveightedend, a gravity actuated OSci1lat0ry beaIn ha'ving a vveighted end and n1ounted on the fraTne to engage the weighted end of said check t0 n10ve the latter to open p0sition'upon upward moven1en of the nonweighted end of the beaIn to permit the discharge of Inaterial, a bucket on the nonvveighted end of the*bea!n to receive the material as dt discharges from th chute when the weighted end of the beam moves downWard-' ly p1iable nleans depending fro!n the n0n weighted end of the check and together vvith the chute extending int0 the bucket when the latter is in Inaterial receiving p0sition for c0 0peration vvith the chute to prevent Inaterial from f10wing over the bucket, and Ineans on the fra!ne f01'the reception of the Tnaterial when the bucket s in dumpingposition.


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U.S. Classification446/167
International ClassificationA63H33/00, A63H33/32
Cooperative ClassificationA63H33/32
European ClassificationA63H33/32