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Publication numberUS1936038 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1933
Filing dateFeb 18, 1933
Priority dateFeb 18, 1933
Publication numberUS 1936038 A, US 1936038A, US-A-1936038, US1936038 A, US1936038A
InventorsRobert B Schindler
Original AssigneeRobert B Schindler
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Adjustable foot for stockings
US 1936038 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Nov. 215 1933 nutren straws .PATENT oFFicE 1,936,038 ADJUSTABLE FOOT FOR STOCKIGS litoberty B. Schindler, Spring City, Pa. Application February 18, 1933. Serial No. 657,343

2'Claims. (Cl. 66-185) Another object ofthe invention resides in de-4 signing the foot portion of the stocking in a manner that the number of sizes of stockings necessary to be stocked is materially reduced.

A feature of the invention resides in the provision of a toe fabric or section that is capable of greater movement relative to the foot section in the use of the stocking.

With these and other objects in view the invention will be better understoodfrom the following detail description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein: Y

Figure l is a fragmentary portion of a stockin showing the foot portion thereof.

Figure 2 is a diagrammatic View of a portion of the expansible section utilizing loose courses.

Figure 3 is a similar View utilizing transferred courses. y

Figure 4 is a similar View illustrating interlocking courses.

Figure 5 is a similar View illustrating the use of a rubber thread.

Again referring to the drawing and particularly to Figure 1, my adjustable foot consists of a foot section 1, a toe section 2 and an expansible section 3 interconnected in a manner that the toe section may be stretched away from the foot section or drawn towards the foot section for accommodating Within a certain range differences in sizes of the feet of wearers of the stockings.

I The foot section consists of the customary knitted sole fabric 4 and knitted instep fabric 5 Whereas the toe section consists of the customary knitted toe fabric 6. The expansible section 3 is in the form of a knitted band 7 that directly connects the toe fabric to the instep and sole fabric which may be accomplished in the continuous knitting operations characteristic gf a hosieryl knitting machine. `To give the band '7 the desired expansible and contractible characteristics, I have found that the band may be constructed invarious ways, certain ways being shown in the drawing. y

Referring to Figure 2, it will be noted that the band is provided with stretchable courses 8 illustrated as loose courses which will give the desired stretch to the band.

In Figure 3 I have illustrated certain loops 9 of the loose courses transferred" to associated loops 10 in the customary manner which increases the expansibility of the band.

In Figure yi I have illustrated the band as con- 60 sis g of what is'known in the trade as interlockin courses 11 andplain courses 12, the interlocking courses being produced by spreading loops 13 into engagement with associated loops. In Figure 5 I have shown the stretchable courses 14 as formed from a rubber thread 15 to give the required stretch to the expansible section.

There are various ways in which the expansible and contractible band may be constructed-butthe main feature of my invention resides in connecting the toe section to the foot section in a man ner that the toe section may be stretched away I This manner ofconnecting the toe fabric to the foot fabric also gives greater freedom of play to the toe section in the use thereof by the` wearer.

Having described my invention, what I claim is:

1. An adjustable foot for stockings comprising a closelyknitted foot section, a closely knitted toe section and a loosely knitted band connecting the toe section to the foot section, said bandhaving a plurality of courses, certain of the courses having loops transferred into engagement with adjacent loops whereby the band may be expanded or contracted to change the relative position o f the toe section and the foot section for increasing or decreasing the size of the foot of the stocking.

2. An adjustable foot for stockings comprising a closely knitted foot section, a closely knitted toe ROBERT B. sCHINDLE'ia. l" 'IOo

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U.S. Classification66/185, 66/198
International ClassificationD04B9/46
Cooperative ClassificationD04B9/46, D04B1/26
European ClassificationD04B9/46, D04B1/26