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Publication numberUS1936743 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1933
Filing dateMar 12, 1931
Priority dateApr 4, 1930
Publication numberUS 1936743 A, US 1936743A, US-A-1936743, US1936743 A, US1936743A
InventorsAnton Zahoransky
Original AssigneeAnton Zahoransky
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Brush making machine
US 1936743 A
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A. ZAHORANSKY 1,936,743


Filed March 12, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 1- INVENTOR A/vm/v ZAHORA NSKY ATTORNEY-5' NOV. 28, 1933. ZAHQRANSKY 1,936,743

BRUSH MAKING MACHINE Filed March 12, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 'fl W15,

W I- w 36 h 1*-5- a I q INVENTOR I BY 35 W ATTORNEYS who Nov. 28, 1933 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BRUSH MACHINE Anton Zahoransky, Todtnau,

' Abplication March and in 1 Clnlm.

oaratively heavy weight of reciprocating masses.

it has been impossible heretofore to increase the velocity and consequently the output of such machines. -4 v It is furthermore known to provide the brush making machines with a. punching device for making anchor-clips which are fed into the path of s pcunder adapted to drivesaid clips, together with the bristles, into the bores oi 'the brush body. in these machines the guiding plate upon which the pcnnder is moved is provided with a special groove used ass cgnidc during the feeding movement of said chm. it has been found that the clips oitcnirictionsllv engage the walls of said groove so they cannot he moved by usual into the path oi the sounder, thus interrooting the work of the machine.

- no object of this invention is to eliminate the shove-mentioned drawbacks by providing it brush roofing machine using anchor-clips for holding the bristles the brush hotly, wherein the filling device oi the machine is reciprocoted with respect to the crush body. Owing to this ormoment the weight oi the movable certs is considerably decreased, as compared with the Imovvn machines in which the lornsh body is moved, so that the velocity and the output of the machines are correshondingls: increcsed.

Another chi-sot of my invention is to improve the feeding of the anchor-clips into the path of the ponnder by eliminating the feeding groove of the guide plate and by arranging the punching device in close proximity to the ponnder so that the anchor-clips leaving the pounding device can he immediately carried by the pounder towards the brush body. This arrangement can also he used in brush making machines wherein immovable filling devices are employed.

The cboveand other objects will appear more clearly from the following detailed description when taken in connection with the accompanyin: drawings, which illustrate a preferred emliodiment o! the inventive idea. 55 Fig. 1 is a iragmentsry side elevation of a 12; 1931, Serial No. 521,918, Germany April filling device constructed in accordance with the invention.

Fig. 2 is a, horizontal section along the lines 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a detailed view showing the feeding a; of the anchor-clips to the reciprocating pounder.

Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 2 showing the filling device during the process or fastening the anchor-clips, together with the bristles, in the brush body.

' Fig. 5 is a. sectional view showing the position of an anchor-clip and as group of bristles after being secured within the brush body.

' The device according to this invention may be'used in connection with any mown means for m, separating and feeding the bristles and any mown means may be employed tor reciprocating the filling device, such as cams, crank. mechanisms or the like. I

I In the drawings the machine frame lo is pro- 7 vided with gnidw ill and supports e. reciprocoting nozzle hotly l2 firmly connected with a nozhis 13. The nozzle body is connected with o crosshecd 14; carrying a. lever 15 pivoted at lo. and sctueted by moons of o. com 17 rototed by the so main shalt 18. The nozzle hotly l2 and the noz= sale 13 are provided with o, channel Zoo and consist of two ocrts each, the upper part being connected with the lower one by means of pins 19. ii pounder 2c is recipr'ocsted within the channel g5 lav mes-ins oi a lever 21 pivoted at 22 on o bracket 23 rigidly sttcched to the :lramelo, said lever lacing connected to the ponnder by rod so. A econd com 25 rotated hyithe main shalt is is need to actuate the lever 21, to spring 26 keeping go. the levers ll end is in engagement with the re cpective cams.

"file punching device which is oi lmown con-= sir-notion for making the anchoring clips 2% coin prises s casing 28 within which is mounted for reciprocation e, punches (not shown) having 52 connection so to a, lever so icy moons of o. rod. Rods 3i and 32 ore joined to lever so and are sctimted by as com surface 33 rots-ted by the main shaft 18 to oscillate sold lever and thereby oper- 1% ate the pnncher through the connection 29. ll.- means lor conveying the clips 2?, mode out ole strip of metal so, towards the channel 20 are arrangedwithin the casing 28 and since this means forms no part of the present invention 105 further description thereot is unnecessary. Ariv known means for conveying the bristles into the path of the pounder 20 may also be employed in connection with the filling device. A guiding plate 35 is secured to the nozzle w body 12 by means of screws 36 and receives in the groove 37 thereof the clips 27 emerging from the casing 28, said groove aligning with the channel 20a. Owing to the fact that the plate 35 must constitute an accurate guide for the clips and since it becomes damaged after considerable use, this plate is made interchangeable, so that it can be easily replaced by a new one. According to this invention, the punching device is disposed in close proximity to the channel 37 in which the reciprocating pounder moves as shown in I claim:-

A filling device for brush making machines, comprising in combination, a frame, a nozzle body carried by said frame and having a single chan nel adapted to hold both a serrated anchor-clip and a bunch of bristles, a reciprocating pounder within said channel for simultaneously moving said anchor-clip and said bunch of bristles through said channel, a guiding plate connected with said nozzle body and having a groove forming a part of said channel, a stationary device for forming serrated anchor-clips fixed to said frame in close proximity to said channel, means connected with said pounder and said anchorclip'forming device for reciprocating said pounder and for operating said anchor-clip forming device, the anchor-clips formed by said device being situated side by side and parallel to said channel, and means feeding said anchor-clips from said device into said groove.





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International ClassificationA46D3/04, A46D3/00
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