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Publication numberUS1940543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1933
Filing dateMar 25, 1933
Priority dateMar 25, 1933
Publication numberUS 1940543 A, US 1940543A, US-A-1940543, US1940543 A, US1940543A
InventorsHarry Hertzberg
Original AssigneeHarry Hertzberg
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Polishing mop
US 1940543 A
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Dec. 19, 1933. H. HERTZBERG POLISHING MOP Filed March 25, 1953 INVENTOR- Y hm ATTORNEY- Eatented Dec. 19,1933 7 h v, r r I i r I UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE POLISHING MOP Harry Hertzberg, New YorlnN. Y., Application March25, 193 Serial No. 662,744 4 Claims. (o1. -229) Thi invention relates to improvements in mops and is thereby alined with the center. line thereof. and especially to that type of mops which are The end portions 21. of strap are bent toadapted for the polishing of floors and the like wardsthe interior ofthe loop formed by said strap and to distribute a quantity of cleaning fluid or and in upward direction to lie above the plane 5 polishing oil over asurface which is to be cleaned. of the loop portion of the strap and also, above It is the object of the present invention toproplate 10.. End portions 21 of t p 2 a p vide improved means to: distribute the cleaning d ith p t s and fi a s t S s O fluid more uniformly over the surface to be a handle Connector 40 provided with a simi ar v cleaned. V i aperture. g

10 It is another object of the present invention to A Div t bolt 6 p s through the aperture provide separate means for polishinga surface handleconnector f ll and apertures n d .upon which oil has been spread by the distribut- DOTlJiORS 21 W ch may be clamped a t Said ing means. connector by means of a wing nut 47.

It is another object of this invention'to pro- To p s v t full resiliency of strap 20 t 15 vide a mop frame of very simple constructi n angular bendingis preferably omitted at the cor-, 79

having novel means for holding the mop mateners formed by e Strap and the end P rial on the frame. tions 21 near screw 46. With these and other objects in view the inven The mop swab is formed by a plurality of mop tion consists in certain novel combinations and cords laid parallel to each other to form a strandgo arrangements of parts particularly of the mop edstrap or rope 30. This rope is wound upon a frame and mop swab hereinafter more clearly cylindrical form in a helix as illustrated in Fig. described and finally pointedout in the appended 4. After removal from the form the helical coil is claims and illustrated in the accompanying drawflattened out and a canvas band 31 sewed to ing in which: r either face thereof so that the stitches hold the 25 Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the improved moptwo bands and the turns of the helix together head. forming loops32 and 33 on either side of bands Fig. 2 is a plan view of the mop shown in Fig. 1. 31 so that l ps 33 a e of about w ce the s e Fig. 3 is a sectional elevation online 3-3 of of loops 32.

Fig. 2. The mop material isthen folded longitudinally 30 Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic plan of the mop swab upon itself along the center line of bands 31 and during construction. again sewed longitudinally along the edges of Fig. 5 is a partial side elevation of the mop these bands. Hereby a third canvas covered swab before its attachment to the mop frame. 9 34 is formedas Shown in This 1 9 Fig. 6 is a detail plan view of strap 20 before 34-whieh orms a tubular Sheathis d d p 35 attachment of the mop swab thereto. the strap 20' so that the smallerloops 32 of the Referring to the drawing 10 represents a fiat swab are inside and the loops 33 outside of the sheet metal plate of triangular or similar shape. loop formed by said strap as shown in Fig. 3.

as shown in Fig; 2 which forms the body portion Th st ap 0 s t pla d u d p te 0 w ich of the mop frame. The upper surface of plate then leans against t inner nd d p sses 1 40 10 is formed with an indented groove 12 which it with the mop material against the apex of the surrounds the major part thereof near its periphangle in strap 20 when nut 47 on bolt46 is ery. This indentation is adapted to contain tightened. v v

cleaning fluid or polishing. oil and to distribute it This construction of the p and Swa as upon that part of the mop material which lies a number of advantages over those heretofore 45 beneath it through apertures 11 in groove 12. in use. It will be seen from Fig. 3 that the 190 Referring to Fig. 2, 20 represents a looped frame smaller loops 32 alone receive oil from groove 12 preferably made from a resilient metallic strap and distribute itupon the floor below it. These or spring bent into the shape of the periphery of loops being shorter, are stiffer than the long plate 10 to surround the same. i loops .33 and offer a greater resistance tobend 50 Strap 20 is also bent angularly along its longiing wherebythey press harder against the floor tudinal center line so that the interior face of the below them rubbing in the oil well. They press loop formed thereby is concave and the outer face also against loops 33 whichare partly supported convex as shown in Fig. 3. The edge of plate 10 by them and pressed outwardly. Thereby the when surrounded by strap 20 then leans against long loops 33 cover a larger area around the mop 5;. the apex of the angle formed by its angular shape frame and by their stranded and looped con- .llO

struction have an excellent polishing efiect particularly as they remain practically dry of oil.

the frame can easier and quicker be assembled and better Wearing of sheath 31 is obtained.

I claim:

1. A mop head comprising a body portion formed of a flat plate of sheet metal, a resilient strap forming a readily separable loop around said body portion, said strap having separated end portions and having a longitudinal depression in the inner face thereof, mop material covering said inner face and means for clamping the separated ends of the strap together whereby the peripheral edge of said body portion, said mop material and the depressed portion of said strap are brought into intimate relationship and clamped together.

2. A mop head comprising a body portion formed of a flat sheet metal plate, a metallic strap having resilient portions and separated end portions thereby forming a readily separable loop around said body portion, said strap being bent longitudinally into angular formation, mop material covering said strap and means associated with said strap for closing said separated ends and contracting the loop whereby the fiat plate, the mop material and the strap at the apex of its angle are clamped together.

3. A mop head comprising a fiat sheet metal plate forming a body portion, a resilient strap surrounding the periphery of said body portion, mopping material mounted on the strap and means for clamping the strap and mopping material to the body portion, said mopping material comprising a loop portion adapted to surround the strap, and inner and outer loop portions depending from said first named loop portion and below the body portion, said outer loop portion being larger in size than said inner loop portion and being adapted to be spread out by said inner loop portion.

- I 4. Amop head comprising a body portion having perforations therethrough near the periphery thereof for receiving a liquid, a metallic strap surrounding the periphery of said body portion, a mop swab held on said strap and means for clamping the strap and mop swab to said body portion, said swab being formed of a plurality of mop cords forming a plurality of rows of loops around the periphery of said body portion, one of said rows being directedupwardly and receiving said strap, an inner row of small loops being arranged below the perforations in said body portion and an outer row of large loops surrounding said inner row of loopsi HARRY HERTZBERG.


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U.S. Classification15/229.7, D32/50
International ClassificationA47L13/20, A47L13/252
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/20, A47L13/252
European ClassificationA47L13/20, A47L13/252