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Publication numberUS1940560 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1933
Filing dateJul 9, 1932
Priority dateMar 16, 1932
Publication numberUS 1940560 A, US 1940560A, US-A-1940560, US1940560 A, US1940560A
InventorsMoore Stuart
Original AssigneeDixie Wax Paper Company Inc
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Paper bag making machine
US 1940560 A
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Dec. 19, 1933. -M 1,940,560

PAPER BAG MAKING MACHINE Original Filed March 16-, 1932 Qwumtom aha/i M00216.

Patented Dec. 19, 1933 PATENT OFFICE PAPER BAG MAKING momma Stuart Moore, Dallas, Tex., assignor to Dixie Wax Paper Company, Inc., Dallas, Tex., a corporation of Texas Original application March 16, 1932, Serial No. 599,323. Divided and this application July 9, 1932. Serial No. 621,707

5 Claims. (01. 93-20) The present invention relates to machinery for making waxed, paraifine or like coated paper bags or similar articles of manufacture of the type referred to in my co-pending application Serial Number 599,323, filed March 16th, 1932.

More particularly, this invention contemplates the provision of improved means for applying heat to the longitudinal seam of the coated paper web subsequent to its folding toform overlapping edges constituting said seam, and has for one of its main objects to provide a rotary heater operated simultaneously with the operation of the web feeding mechanism, whereby the speed of the machine will not be reduced by the introduction of the heater in the construction of said machine.

Another important feature of the invention resides in the provision of a revolving heating disk capable of applying the required heat to properly seal the longitudinal seam formed by the folding of a coated paper web to be made into bags or the like, said disk being further adapted to have but a brief contact with the travelling web, thus offering little or practically no resistance to the movement of the latter, thereby accelerating the rate of production.

The invention also aims to provide a device capable of being readily and easily installed upon an ordinary bag making machine without necessitating material changes therein so that the installation of the particular constructionembodying the present invention will not involve any unwarranted expense and labor.

Still another object of the invention contemplatesthe provision of a revolving heating disk to apply heat to the web of coated paper traversing a bag making machine, adapted to revolve at a rate of speed correspondin'g to the travelling speed of the paper web, thus permitting the paper to smoothly and uniformly pass through the machine.

It is also among the desired features of the invention to provide a heater so mounted that said heater with its associated parts will be bodily carried with the web feed roll, whereby the heater will follow the displacement of said feed roll in order that both may operate in unison;

Other important objects and advantages of the invention will be in part obvious and in part pointed out hereinafter.

In order that the invention and its mode of operation may be readily understood by those persons skilled in the art, I have in the accompanying drawing and in the detailed description based thereupon, set out a possible embodiment of the same.

In the drawing:-

Figure 1 is a side elevation showing my improved device as mounted upon a bag making machine;

Figure 2 is a top plan of the same;

Figure 3 is a front elevation shown on an enlarged scale, and

Figure 4 is a side view of the heat applying disk and its associated elements with the sprocket gear removed.

Having more particular reference to the drawing wherein like characters of reference will designate corresponding parts throughout, I have diametrically represented therein the bed 1 of a commonly used bag making machine, over which passes the paper web P after it has been folded over to form the longitudinal seam of bags to be manufactured. The bed is provided 76 at each side thereof with a pair of diametrically opposed bearing supports 2, each adapted to carry a bearing 3. The bearings 3 are mounted in their respective supports 2 for variable adjustment by means of a set bolt 4 which may 80 be completely disengaged from said bearings to permit the removal of the latter whenever preference or necessity may dictate.

Positioned intermediate the bearing supports 2, is an upper feed roll 5 formed with a shaft 6 extended, for engagement with the bearings 3. The roll 5 is mounted to cooperate with the lower feed roll 6 suitably disposed on the frame of the machine. One end of the shaft 6 is made to project for some distance beyond its bearing 3, and said extended end of the shaft rigidly carries a sprocket wheel 7.

Rigidly fixed to the normal forward portion of the bearing 3 and traversing the bedl of the machine in substantially parallel relation to the feed roll 5, is a bar 9 to which is secured by means of bolts 10 or the like, an arm 11 arranged at substantiallyright angles to said bar 9 and positioned in longitudinal direction with respect to the bed 1 of the machine. The free extremity of the arm 9 is preferably bent downwardly, as more clearly shown at 12 in Figure 4 of the drawing, for frictional engagement with a bearing bracket 13. This bracket 13 is formed with a slot 14 through which passes a lock bolt 15 for fixedly connecting the bracket 13 to the bent portion 12 of the arm 11. By providing the slot 14, it will be understood that the bracket 13 may be advantageously adjusted in a vertical direction on its supporting arm 11. A washer 16 may be interposed between the head of the bolt 15 and adjacent portion of the bracket 13 to efiect a more secure frictional engagement of the parts connected thereby.

Rotatably suspended in the bearing bracket 13 and projecting from either side thereof, is a stub shaft 17 having one end extended laterally of the bed 1 of the machine in substantial alinement with the extended end of the upper feed roll shaft 6. Said mentioned and of the stub shaft 17 has fixed thereto a sprocket wheel 18 adapted to be connected to the sprocket wheel '7 of the roll shaft 8 through the medium of a sprocket chain 19.

Fixed to the other end of the stub shaft 1'7 for rotation therewith, is a metallic disk 20, the peripheral portion of which is disposed in the general longitudinal direction of the advancing folded paper web P, and arranged to contact with the latter at its overlapping longitudinal seam.

The disk 20 is adapted to be heated preferably by means of a gas burner 21 of the Bunsen type having an arcuate formation and supported adjacent the circumferential portion of the disk by means of suitably disposed legs 22 rigidly connected to the bracket bearing 13, so that the flame F may play on the rim of said disk. The burner 21 is provided with a nipple coupling 22 for engagement with a length of hose 23 or the like having communication with convenient gas supplying means (not shown).

In use, my improved device being supported forwardly of the feed rolls, it will be understood that the coated paper web, after it has been folded over by the well known mechanisms provided in usual bag making machines to' form the seam due to the overlappinglongitudinal edges of said web, will contact with the disk 20 and be heated thereby, while being drawn through the action of the feed rolls 5 and 6. The size and construction of the disk 20 is such that when the web of coated paper passes through the machine, heat will be supplied to the seams or edges of the paper to be connected together, at the proper temperature and for the proper length of time, in order that the wax upon such paper will first be melted, the adhesive applied to the paper will be permitted to flow into contact with the paper, the cells or pores of the paper will be caused to expand whereby the adhesive will be permitted to be more freely absorbed by the fibers of the paper, the adhesive caused to be more quickly set and when the heat is withdrawn from the paper, the wax so melted will be permitted to congeal about the seam or edges of the paper so connected together, whereby a ,moistureproof seal about such connection will be established.

Upon leaving the heated disk 20, the travel ling web will enter between the feed rolls and be pressed thereby, causing the overlapping edges of the web to become firmly adherent,

' thus resulting in a strong seam.

The flame F emitted from the arcuate burner 21 playing upon the rim of the disk 20 at a point above its point of contact with the paper web, will maintain said disk at the proper tem perature for effectively applying heat to the seam, and because of the adjustable feature of the device, the position of the disk 20 maybe varied and adjusted to the point where it will be most effective.

Due to the factthat the heated disk 20 operates with the feeding mechanism, the operation of one does not hinder the operation of the other, so that the speed of the machine need not be reduced,'and, since the disk 21 and its associated parts are bodily displaceable with the feed roll 5, the possibility of distorting or injuring the paper web while traversing that section of the machine. are obviated.

It is to be noted that by varying the length of the stub shaft 17 carrying the disk 20, said disk may be set at the proper position over the bed 1 of the machine to adequately contact with the feed portion of the travelling web.

Whereas I have described the disk 20 as being preferably heated by gas through the medium of the specially provided burner 21 herein mentioned, it is to be understood that any other suitable heating medium, such as electricity, may be utilized.

Manifestly, the construction shown and described is capable of many modifications and those modifications that come within the scope of my claims, I consider within the spirit of my invention.

I claim:-

1. In a machine for making bags from a web having overlapping edges and traversing said machine, a web feeding mechanism, a disk rotatably mounted in the machine and disposed to contact with the overlapping edges of said web, driving means between said feeding mech nism and disk whereby to rotate the latter with operation of said web feeding mechanism, and a heater supported adjacent said disk for heating the same to apply heat to the overlapping edges of the web for effecting a seal therebetween.

2. In a machine for making bags from a web having overlapping edges and traversing said machine, a disk, a support rotatably suspending said disk in contact with the overlapping edges of the web, and a heater carried by said support adjacent the disk for heating the same to apply heat to the overlapping edges of the web to eifect a seal therebetween.

3. In a machine for making bags from a. web having overlapping edges and traversing said machine, a disk, a heater supported adjacent the circumferential portion of said disk for heating the same, a support rotatably suspending said disk in contact with the overlapping edges of said web, and means for adjusting said support to vary the position of the disk with relation to the web.

4. A sealing attachment for paper bag making machines comprising a support, a shaft journaled within said support, a disk secured to one end of said shaft, a heater carried by said support for supplying heat to the peripheral portions of said disk, and means operatively connected to the opposite end of said shaft for causing the rotation of the same.

5. A sealing attachment for paper bag making machines comprising a support, a bearing formed with said support, a shaft journaled within said bearing, a disk secured to and carried by one end of said shaft, a gas burner, brackets carried by said support for holding said gas burner adjacent the circumferential portion of said disk. and a sprocket wheel carried by the opposite end of said shaft whereby driving connection may be effected between said disk and the paper bag making machine to which the attachment is applied.


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