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Publication numberUS1940771 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1933
Filing dateMar 10, 1933
Priority dateMar 10, 1933
Publication numberUS 1940771 A, US 1940771A, US-A-1940771, US1940771 A, US1940771A
InventorsPrier William A
Original AssigneePrier William A
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Burial urn
US 1940771 A
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w. A. PRIER 1,940,771

BURIAL URN Dec. 26, 1933.

Filed March lO, 1933 /6 E @@ERT 1ML I @d WULLHAMSJJN #-4 "@@s @au nl." HX" a 0 /NVENTOP WILL/AM A.P,Q/ER l no S d A /o D 7 0 y o n ,y

ATTORNEY Patented Dec. 26, 1933` Y l t A e UNITED' STATES PATENT OFFICE Application March 10, 193.3; Serial No. 660,253

i s claims. (c1. 27-1) Conforming to modern practice which dis- The material for the concrete block, 8, should penses with the old monument and headstone be of high grade Portland cement and proper and having in mind the increasing tendency to aggregates t make an4 eXCeedIlgly Streng hald make use of cremation, I have designedl my block and when this is done and considering the burial urn with the following objects in view. resistance 0f high grade bronze it will be seen 6g e To provide a receptacle for ashes of cremathat a degree of permanency is present in the tionthat will combine Vwith it a grave marker whole structure that is not even approached by Without in any way being distinguishable by Yav building or even underground kvault within superficial inspection from the bronze marker which to store urns and receptacles of this char- V now so commonly in use. Y acter; that its sanitary qualities are unsurpassed 65 To construct a receptacle of the character inand will be very difficult to improve upon and its Y dicated wherein the ashes of vcremation may be aesthetic value will be apparent at once. High deposited and the whole sealed in a block of cegrade blOIlZe, eS haS been PIOVed by blOIlZe ment concrete or the like whereby the act of structures of ancient centuries, is notl subject sealing into the concrete hermetically seals the to atmosphericl attrition; and cement concrete, 70

receptacle itself. though younger, is agreed by scientists to be per-V With these and other objects in view I have manent in this regard. made my invention of which that shown in the Having thus described my new invention so accompanying drawing is a preferred form, in that anyone familiar. with the art to which it which, appertains can make and use the same, what I 75 Fig. I is a plan view as it will appear when claimv as new and desire to secure by'Letters Patplaced in a cemetery; ent, isf Fig. II is a transverse section on the line II-II l. An urn for the permanent care of ashes of of Fig. I; and incineration dened as a metallic frusto-pyram- Fig. III/is a transverse section en the line idal receptacle of cast metal, memorial indicia 80 III-III of Fig. II. cast integral with the top, a hollow interior to The burial urn is preferably made 0f high form a receptacle for the ashes, a closure for grade bronze cast in one piece except the closure hermeteally Sealing the interior and e CODCIete member hereinafter described, and is made inmonolith molded around said metallic receptacle, dividually for each grave with the name cast in 'eXDOSIlg the t010 0f the reeelteele Substantially 85 one piece with the cover portion, 4, which will be flush With One Surface 0f the monolith. provided with a suitable ornamental border, 5, 2 A11 11TH fOI' the Pemalent Cafe 0f eSheS Of and the general surface, 6, should be Stippled or incineration dened as a concrete monolith pro-- otherwise executed in anl artistic manner, the Vded With a Substantially et Sufee, e metalsurface of the lettering being buffed, lic receptacle imbedded in the saidv monolith 90 Thesides, 7, and the ends, 8, are shown to be with one surface thereof substantially flush with slanted outwardly s0 that the bottom, 9y is 1arger the monolith, memorial indicia formed integral than the top, 4; thus, when imbedded in a nonwith the exposed surface of the receptacle, metal-y crete block such as 10, withdrawn of the bronze lic means for hermetcally Sealing thereceptacle 40 receptacle will be impossible without destrucbefOTe Placing irl the mOIlOlth, Said Sealing 95' tion of the concrete. Thus is Vandalism impeded. means being imbedded belOW the Sul'fee 0f the An opening, 11, is provided with a closure, 12, monolith after insertion. Y preferably screw threaded therein and the threads 3- AT1 U-lll OI Shes 0f HCHeFatOrl COmDS- should be made tapering or other provision made ing a memOlel Plate DOTtiOD and a I'eCepteCle te positively exclude moisture and no gaskets portion integral therewith, an opening for the 100' of Soft material that is perlshelble Should be receptacle portion-and a closure for hermetically Y usecl sealing the same, external outlines for said urn It is obvious that instead of making the bottom adapted to anchor the um when moulded in a larger than the top that irregularities of va block of concretevleaving the memorial exposed rious kinds may beV arranged onthe body of the and the closure covered' receptacle so that it cannot be withdrawn from the concrete. I therefore do not wish to make this particular feature an essential, though itv is en excellent way of attaining the desired resul Y e J Y WILLIAM A. rRIER.

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U.S. Classification27/1, D99/5, 27/35, 52/103
International ClassificationE04H13/00
Cooperative ClassificationE04H13/003
European ClassificationE04H13/00B