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Publication numberUS1941375 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1933
Filing dateMay 4, 1931
Priority dateMay 4, 1931
Publication numberUS 1941375 A, US 1941375A, US-A-1941375, US1941375 A, US1941375A
InventorsWildman Karl W
Original AssigneeWildman Karl W
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Automobile trunk
US 1941375 A
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Dec. 26, 1933. WILDMAN 1,941,375

AUTOMOBILE TRUNK I Filed May 4, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet l //\/L/E/\/7 UR KW. WILDMAN fl TTU NE 1933. K. w. WILDMAN AUTOMOBILE TRUNK Filed May 4, 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 C Fig 5 j QM 24 //\//EN TUR Kw. WILDMAN Patented Dec; 26, 1933 s T p v V r V I v oixiirgoiSTATES P TEN IoFFIQE 'l AUTOMOBILE TRUNK Karl W. Wildman, Beaverton, Oreg. Application May 4, 1931: Serial No; 534,781) V V g} 3 Claims. (Cl 224-29) v v This invention relates generally to automobile in Fig.8 One side 1 9 is attached to the-vertical trunks, and particularly to a trunk whose capacity 1. strap 21 by means of a hinge 22. The lower end 7 can beincreased or decreased to suit the con- 23 of the strap 21isturnedinwardly'andsecured venience of the user. to a base 24. by means of the bolt25. A strap 26 The main object of this invention is to provide similar to the strap 21 is placed in front of the an automobile trunk which can be lengthened or trunk in the middle of the side and carries the shortened at will for the purpose of varying its lock 27 whose hasp 28 engages the corresponding capacity. fitting 29 on the rent side 19 or" the top portion 11. The second object is the construction of a The front sides of the top portions are secured simple form of trunk having a large capacity to their respective sides 14 by means of the latches v whose'longitudinal dimension can be diminished 30. The edges 31 of the top portionll are inor increased without requiring any machine work turned and provided with .a water tight gasket 32 and Without sacrificing the'use of the closure with which the top portions 15 are held in close v therefor, and without in any way detracting from contact by means of a spring 33. 1 1 5 its strength or appearance. 1 It can be seen that the trunk thus far described h s and h r b ts, will becom m r apcan be lengthened or shortened at will. In order parent m h p ific ti n f ll wi as illustoprevent a change in length due to vibration or trated in the accompanying drawings, in which; from any other cause when such change is not 1 is a perspective w Of h trunk in an desired, there is provided a horizontal angle bar i120 x d d p tion w p s b o w in s 34 at the back, of thetrunk, which bar is secured 7. tion. I V to the strap 21. The bar 34 1s provided with M 2 is a p p v View Of the trunk in a i notches 35 on its top side'which engage the pawls tracted position. 36 hinged on the sides 14. I V e 3 is a Perspective View Of the trunk taken It can be seen from the foregoing that when a from the real Side h ftrunk of smaller capacity isrequired the length 1 Fig. 4 is a section taken along the line 4-4 in there f a be reduced by merely disengaging the pawls 36 and moving the end sections inwardly Fig. 5 1s a section taken along the line 5-5 1n and then re engaging the paw1s 36 in the nearest notch 35.

"5:30 Fig. 6 is a section taken along the line 6-6 in In Order that parts: have' the desired r V rigidity there is provided a channel track 37 Eamon take akmg the 11118 m which extends the full length of the sides 10 and i 1 th 2 8 8 is secured to the base 24 by means of the bolts 38. 135 8 1S a Section a (mg g me m The top of the channel 37 is also secured to the i t k a1 th 9 9 bottom 12 by means of the clips 39. The channel f g 9 1S sec en (mg 6 me '5 37 is cut away'at its mid section to permit the strap 21 to pass under same (as shown in Fig. 6). fl ifi g gggfiig s ggf xg g to snfmlar The bottom sections 16 are slidably connected to I i-40 Referring in detail to the drawings, the trunk ggg i g i g ifig g gfj gi g ifig 11213? 1 includes astationary central section embracing Around the lower gortioh of the ends 13 an" the sides 10, the top 11 and the bottom 12. The the Sides 14 is a trm'immg band 41 which trunk also includes the movable end sections cont mi t the 24 sisting of the ends 13, the sides 14, the top 15 and S O b e an that: b this construction, there. 7 -2 the bottom 16. The end sectionstelescope with d i h, a manufactureduloo relation to the central section and may be moved 15 3 2 e 15 i albacit ma inwardly or outwardly by means of the handle 17 an d in a 039 Cu 19 m -f effirt b on the ends 13. The top portion 15 is attached ge 222ti g xpe r gfiz g ggs o fl 0 y to the side 14 by means of a hinge 18. The top 6 portions 15 slide underneath the top portion tn mg hi gg gesi or gigigtga fi fife 105 i s th ut 'de of the si .es 9 $3: 2 1 1,5 3, ti tt 12, h therefore not my intention to'cover such articles sides 19 of the top member 11 are turned down,- broadly, but I do intend, to cover all such forms wardly and their lower edges 20 are curled inand modifications thereof as fall f2i1I1y W1th1l'l T5 wardly and upwardly upon themselves (as shown the appended claims. 1:110

I claim:

1. An extensible trunk having in combination a stationary central portion, longitudinally slidable end portions telescoping with said central portion, a telescopic cover for said trunk hinged to said stationary and slidable sections the bottom of said central portion lying above the bottom of the end portions, and track means upon which said central' portion is fixedly mounted and said end portions are slidably mounted.

2. An automobile trunk having in combination a track adapted to be mounted on a luggage carrier, a U-shaped middle trunk section fixably mounted on said track and end trunk sections 7 slidably mounted on said track one at each end of said middle section in a telescopic relation thereto, a three part telescopic cover for said trunk extending downwardly around the upper edges thereof and having its intermediate portion 1 outermost, said telescopic cover having means for rendering the joints thereof water-proof, and a clamp for holding the slidable ends of said trunk in a fixed position with relation to said track member.

3. An automobile trunk comprising a pair of parallel spaced tracks, a U-shaped intermediate body section, spacers for holding the bottom of said intermediate section above the top of said tracks, an end body section at each end of said intermediate section comprising a bottom which slides between the bottom of said intermediate section and the tracks and sides which lie adjacent to the sides of the intermediate section, and an end wall which is joined to thesides and the bottom of the end body section, the sides of said end body sections being joined to the bottom of said end body sections along the length thereof, a three part telescopic top comprising an intermediate and two end sections which top end sections hinge to the sides of the end body sections and whose intermediate top section hinges to a side wall of said U-shaped intermediate body section and in which the intermediate top section is above the end top sections, and means for holding the top sections in fixed relation to the tracks upon which they guide.


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International ClassificationA45C5/04, A45C5/00
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European ClassificationA45C5/04