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Publication numberUS1941786 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 2, 1934
Filing dateOct 21, 1932
Priority dateOct 21, 1932
Publication numberUS 1941786 A, US 1941786A, US-A-1941786, US1941786 A, US1941786A
InventorsAlbert Carley, Alfred Schmidt, Karl Wunsch
Original AssigneeAlbert Carley, Alfred Schmidt, Karl Wunsch
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Portable hand toothpowder dispenser
US 1941786 A
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J@111- 2, 1934- A. CARLEY Er AL 1,941,786

PORTABLE HAND TOOTHPOWDER DISPENSER Filed Oct. 2l. 1932 Patented Jan. 2, 1934 PATENT OFFICE PORTABLE HAND TOOTHPOWDER DISPENSER Albert Carley, Alfred Schmidt, and Karl Wunsch, Bridgeport, Conn.

Application October 21,

3 Claims.

This invention relates to portable hand toothpowder dispensers and has for its object to provide a device oi this'description which may be u held and operated by one hand, and the tooth- 5 powder dispensed and laid in a straight line along the length of a toothbrush without any shaking operation or any violent or spasmodic discharge of the powder such as would cause a wastage of the latter beyond the connes of the brush.

With these ends in View the invention consists in certain details of construction and combination of parts such as will be hereinafter fully described and then particularly designated by the claims.

In the accompanying drawing Figure 1 is a side elevation showing an approved form of the invention,

Figure 2 a iront View thereof,

Figure 3 is a section at the line 3 3 of Figure 2,

Figure 4 is a detail elevation of the agitator and the means for operating the same,

Figure 5 is a detail elevation of the nozzle within which the operative parts of the improvement are assembled,

Figure 6 is a detail broken elevation illustrating the top I" the canister which contains the toothpowder, Figure 7 is a view similar to Figure 1 but show- V-ing a modification of the invention,

Figure 8 is a section at the line 8 8 of Figure '7, and

Figure 9 is a section at the line 9-9 of Figure 7.

Similar numerals or" reference denote like parts -in the the several figures of the drawing. In the lirst place, before entering into any detail description of the invention, attention is lcalled to the fact that the latter relates solely to la portable hand operated dispenser, and in no `sense must be confounded with dispensers such as A40 as attach to the wall or other stationary object,

and also it must be borne in mind that the device vis held and operated by one hand of the user, the other hand holding the toothbrush While the toothpowder is delivered in a straight line along 245 the length of the bristles of the brush, and furthermore that there is no violent agitation of the device such as would cause the powder to be spilled outside the confines of such bristles. Hand toothpowder dispensers have heretofore -50 been made with narrow powder delivering slots but the powder had to be shaken on the brush bristles, and as any shaking lacks uniformity the consequence has been that a considerable amount of the powder has been wasted.

The device which forms the subject of this ingas 1932. Serial No. 638,860

vention delivers the powder in a steady flow without any wastage whatever.

The closure for the orice through which the powder is delivered forms no part of this invention as various forms of closure may be utilized, or the delivery slot may be simply stopped with cotton or with any suitably shaped plug inthe even that the dispenser is to be carried away, as in the instance of traveling, but in the modied form of the invention illustrated at Figures 7, 8 and 9, a simple style of closure is shown.

Referring to Figures l to 6 inclusive, l is the canister or powder container which terminates at its outer end in a neck 2, and 3 is the nozzle of the dispenser which is placed over said neck, there being, of course, sufficient friction between the neck and nozzle to prevent the accidental displacement of the latter, 4 is a comparatively narrow elongated slot formed in the end of the nozzle and through which the powder is dispensed.

is the agitator which is open at its central portion and is welded or otherwise secured to a stem 6 whose extremities project beyond the agitator, as seen at 7.

This agitator and stem are assembled within the nozzle 3 by rst inserting one projecting end '7 through a small perforation 8 formed in the nozzle 3 and drawing the other end 7 into a slot a which is cut within the nozzle 3 out through the rear edge thereof, the closed end of this slot being directly opposite said perforation, so that the agitator .5 is housed Within the nozzle 3, while the stem 6 is capable of a free rotation so as to bring the ends of the agitator through the powder and in close proximity to the di"- charge slot 4. The nozzle is then forced over the neck 2, the outer edge of the latter being preferably recessed as at 9 to aiiord a bearing for the stem. The stem has rigidly affixed thereto aA knurled wheel 10, so that when the parts are assembled in the manner above described the user of the device may hold the toothpowder container in one hand and the toothbrush in the other hand, and can readily revolve the wheel' by his thumb, so as to operate the agitator and deliver the powder in the manner above set forth.

Any suitable agitator may be employed so long as it is operated by the rotary movements of thewheel 10 and in proximity to the discharge slot 4, and therefore the invention is not limited in this respect. Also, while it is preferable it is not necessary to provide the bearing 9 in the edge of the neck 2 as will be obvious.

Also the stem 6 may be secured to the agitator in any suitable manner, soldering being preferable.

The above description refers to the device in Which the delivery slot is at the outer end of the nozzle, but such slot may be at the side of the nozzle, and Figures '7, 8 and 9 illustrate a modification of this sort which will now be described.

The canister l has a nozzle 11 secured thereto Whose outer end has a large perforation 12 formed therein through which extends a stud 13 having its outer extremity 14 reduced in diameter and extending beyond the nozzle and this stud likewise extends through a closure 15 which is a ring that frictionally engages around the outer surface of the nozzle. The inner end of this stud is tightly riveted to an agitator 16 while around the outer extremity 14 is a wheel 17 that is tightly riveted to the stud, so that it will be clear that when the wheel is revolved by the thumb the agitator will likewise revolve. In the side of the nozzle is an elongated opening 18 for the discharge of the toothpowder, and the closure 15 also has an elongated opening 19, and by the rotation of this closure the openings 18 and 19 are brought into registraiton so that the toothpowder may be discharged, While the closure may be revolved so as to entirely block the opening 18.

In Figures 7 and 9 the opening 18 in the nozzle is shown partially blocked by the closure.

The operation of the modied form sho-wn at Figures '7, 8 and 9 is precisely like that heretofore described with respect to Figures l to 4 inclusive, the only diierence being that the discharge opening for the toothpowder is in the side of the nozzle instead of at the end.

What is claimed is:-

1. A portable hand toothpowder dispenser,

comprising a powder container having a reduced neck at its outer end, a nozzle secured on said neck and having a single slot-like discharge opening, an agitator rotatively journaled Within said nozzle in proximity to said opening, and a wheel rigidly mounted on said journal outside said nozzle, whereby the container may be held in one hand and said wheel operated by the thumb to discharge the powder on a toothbrush, held in the other hand, along the brush and within the connes thereof.

2. A construction as in claim 1, with the addition that the nozzle has an opening in which one journal of the agitator is inserted and a slot which extends through the edge of said nozzle and terminates at a point directly opposite said opening, whereby the agitator journals may be assembled within said nozzle, while the upper edge of the neck of the container forms a support for the journal contained within said slot.

3. A portable hand `toothpowder dispenser, comprising a container having at its open end a neck, a nozzle secured `around said neck and having a discharge opening in its end, said nozzle having a perforation and a slot which opens X other extremity is journaled within the closed end of said slot and is supported by said neck and extends beyond said nozzle, an agitator rigidly secured to said stem within the nozzle and in proximity to said opening, and a wheel rigidly secured to the extension of said stem.


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