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Publication numberUS19418 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1858
Publication numberUS 19418 A, US 19418A, US-A-19418, US19418 A, US19418A
InventorsH. Hall
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US 19418 A
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Specification of Letters Patent N o. 19,418, dated February 23, 1858.

To all whom it may concern.

Be it known that I, J. H. HALL, of Kittanning, in the county of Armstrong and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Substitute for Infants Diapers; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and eXact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.

My invention consists in an air cushion which is of such form as to t the posteriors of an infant and is provided with an opening in the center, combined with a cloth of a proper form and a bag or receptacle of india rubber or other waterproof material, in such a manner that when the cushion is attached to the body the eXcrement and urine will be discharged through the opening in the cushion into the bag or receptacle, where it will be retained, without coming in contact with the body, which will be protected from it by the interposition of the cushion which serves as an easy seat as well as keeps the child clean.

In the drawing Figure l, is a front view partly in section showing the apparatus complete in the form it assumes when worn. Fig. 2, is a complete central section of the apparatus taken from back to front. Fig. 3, is a top view of the air cushion and bag. Fig. 4 is a top view of the cloth to which the cushion is attached, and which serves to attach it to the body.

A, is the cushion made of india rubber or india rubber cloth of nearly circular form with a long narrowopening a., (see Figs. 2 and 3) and with two tabs Z), and c, one at the back and the other in front. This cushion is made with an air chamber A', (see Figs. 1 and 2) which extends along both sides and at the back of but not in front of the opening a, and which is inflated through a tube e, and is provided with tabs d, (Z, at the sides of the cushion these latter tabs being much smaller than b and c.

B, is the bag or receptacle made of a piece of thin sheet india rubber gathered at the edges to give it the requisite form and tacked to a piece of tape or any narrow piece of woven material which forms a selvage and serves both to prevent the india-rubber tearing and also as a means of attaching the bag to the cushion; the said selvage being either tacked or buttoned to the tabs b, c, d. Instead of using this selvage the edges of the bag may be cemented to the cushion.

C, D, is a cloth made of diaper or other woven fabric consisting of two parts of which one C, is in the form of a band to goaround the childs waist, and the other part D, is of nearly triangular form and has one side sewed to the said band. That corner f, of the piece D, which is opposite to and farthest from the band C, is turned under or over (as shown in dotted outline in Fig. 4, which shows the cloth laid out flat), and stitched to form a loop (as shown at f, in Figs. l and 2) and the .two other corners near the band have each a string g, attached. The cloth C D, is provided with a hole to correspond with the opening a, in the cushion A and it is to be furnished with a suitable number of buttons to be secured to the several tabs on the cushion A, by means of button holes in the tabs or the cloth may be tacked to the tabs, but the attachment by buttons is preferable as it is more convenient. -r

The apparatus is applied in the following manner. The bag B, having been attached to the cushion A and the cushion to the cloth C D, the cloth is placed neXt the body so as to cover the whole of the posteriors and bring the center of the hole in the cloth and the opening a, in the cushion opposite the rectum, and the band C, is then fastened by a pin or button tightly around the waist. When the band has been fastened the looped corner f, to which the front tab c, and a fully gathered portion of the bag are attached, is drawn forward between the childs legs and the two strings passed through the loop f, and drawn tight and tied together. When thus secured the cushion covers the posteriors and forms a comfortable seat for the child who is protected from any irritating action of the india rubber by the cloth C, D; and the opening a, occupies such a position that the excrement and urine cannot fail to pass through it into the bag B, where it is retained in such a manner as to prevent it coming in'contact with the child, who is kept clean without the frequent change which is necessary when diapers are used.

When the bag and cushion requires cleaning they are removed from the cloth and Washed in Warm or cold Water which can be receptacle B, and cloth C D, substantially done quickly, andhwhen the cloth C, D, is atas described for the purpose set forth. tached to them t e Whole a aratus can be 13e-applied as before describi J H' HALL 5 What I claim as my invention and desire Witnesses:

to secure by Letters Patent, is- THos. MCCONNELL,

The combination of a cushion A, bag or l GEO. PORTSMOUTH.

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