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Publication numberUS1942388 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 2, 1934
Filing dateMar 22, 1930
Priority dateMar 22, 1930
Publication numberUS 1942388 A, US 1942388A, US-A-1942388, US1942388 A, US1942388A
InventorsJames W Ash
Original AssigneeMiami Cabinet Company
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Hose reel and similar device
US 1942388 A
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Jan. 2, 1934. J, w ASH 1,942,388

HOSE REEL AND SIMILAR DEVICE Filed March 22, 1930 Patented Jan. 2, 1934 UNITED STATES HOSE REEL AND SHWILAR DEVICE James W. Ash, Middletown, Ohio, assignor to The Miami Cabinet Company, a corporation of Ohio Application March 22, 1930. Serial No. 438,180

1 Claim.

My invention relates to a portable hose reel. The object of the invention is to provide an enclosed reel upon which the hose may be easily wound and carried from place to place while 5 providing drainage means to permit the water in the hose to drain and also to provide for ease of removal of the hose from the reel. My invention also provides an enclosure to contain and cover the hose, which enclosure may be provided with a lock or other suitable means to prevent removal of the hose.

In the drawing, Figure 1 is a cross sectional view of my invention.

Figure 2 is a top view of my invention with a 5 portion of the cover broken away.

In the drawing, A is the stand which consists of two pieces or metal bent to form the legs of the stand, the pieces of metal having an extruded hole B in the center which is surrounded by the flange C. Supported in this hole and spot welded to the stand A is a steel tube D which is approximately the length of the drum E on which the hose is to be wound. Mounted on the steel tube D so as to freely rotate is a base plate F having a flange G and a flange H concentric with the tube D. Between the flanges G and H the plate F forms the bottom of a channel hereafter described. The drum E consists of the center portion of the plate F between the flanges G-G,

the cylinder J which is spot welded to the flange G of the base plate F and a cover I which is provided with a downward flange adapted to engage cylinder J of the drum E and held in engagement herewith by suitable bolts K. The

5 cylinder J has an extruded orifice L which is screw threaded to engage with the screw bolt K. As many of these screw bolts K may be used as are required. On the lower side of the top I of the drum E is a suitable bearing plate M, such 4 as a steel casting or other suitable hardened bearing, which is held attached to the top I of the drum by bolts N-N. This steel casting has an inverted cone 0 which projects into the steel tube D and in conjunction with the cotter pin P retains the drum and the outer casing forming the enclosure for the reel in place so that it will freely rotate on the vertical steel tube D. Concentric with the drum E is an outer shell Q formed of a cylinder of metal provided with beading B. At the lower edge this case R is spot welded to the flange H of the bottom plate F and at the upper edge is reenforced by a wire S around which is bent a portion of the metal Q so as to enclose the wire S thereby strengthening the casing Q. A top T having a downwardly extending flange adapted to fit over the casing Q is provided and to this is attached by spot welding a handle U. V are angle irons spot welded to the side of the casing R to which is attached a handle W whereby the hose reel may be carried from place to place. The bottom plate F is provided with a series of openings X-X to permit water to drain out of the container. Between these openings the bottom is embossed as at Y so as to form not only means for stiffening the bottom but also to form elevated portions whereby any water in the bottom of the container will flow to the openings X and pass out.

In the drawing I have shown in dotted lines the hose in the container channel, between the drum and the enclosure, from which it will be seen that any water in the upper part of the hose will flow by gravity down and out the lower end of the hose into the compartment formed between the drum E and the casing Q, from which point it will pass out through the openings X. In use, one end of the hose is placed in the channel between the drum E and the casing Q and, as the hose is fed into the hose reel, the drum and casing rotate until the entire channel between the drum E and the casing Q has been filled. The height of this channel, as well as the size of the portable hose reel, will depend upon the length of hose it is to contain. This in turn will regulate to some extent the diameter of the portable hose reel, for, if a long hose is to be used, then a drum of larger diameter and of greater vertical height would be required than when a short hose is used, as will be readily seen from the drawing. After the hose has been placed in the channel between the drum and the casing the cover or top T may be placed on the portable hose reel and the device transported by the handle W to any desired place.


In a hose reel, a support, a vertical hollow spindle mounted on said support, a drum carried on said support, an opening in the bottom of said drum through which the spindle passes, a removable top on the opposite end of said drum, a pin secured to the underside of said top and extending into the top of said spindle whereby said drum may be freely rotated on said spindle, a casing spaced apart from said drum forming a receptacle for a hose, a bottom for said receptacle portion attached to said casing and to the bottom of the drum, a movable handle attached to said casing, the top of said casing extending above the top of the drum and a cover adapted to engage the top of said casing to enclose the drum and the hose receptacle portion.


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U.S. Classification242/387, 242/597.7, 242/398, 242/597.8, 242/405.3
International ClassificationB65H75/36, B65H75/34
Cooperative ClassificationB65H2701/33, B65H75/364
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