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Publication numberUS1942768 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1934
Filing dateNov 7, 1932
Priority dateNov 7, 1932
Publication numberUS 1942768 A, US 1942768A, US-A-1942768, US1942768 A, US1942768A
InventorsJames R O'neil
Original AssigneeJames R O'neil
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Spinning rope
US 1942768 A
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Jan. 9, 1934. J. R. @NE1L 1,942,768


J/Wes l Ol/Vef? A TTORNEYS.

Patented Jan. 9, 1934 f' f f Unirse STATES Vrarer:ortica.---'

SPINNING ROPE James R. ONeil, San Francisco, Calif.

Application November 7, 1932. Serial No. 641,635

8 Claims. (Cl. 46-37) My invention relates to improvements in spin- 2, I show how the knob 11, for example, bears ning ropes, and it consists of the combinations, against the loop 2 and how the stem 4 is not constructions and arrangements hereinafter deonly adjustably received in the opening 9, but is scribed and claimed. also rotatably received therein. The knob or i An object of my invention is to provide an im- 1lV disposed adjacent to the loop is used as a 00 provement over the form of the invention shown weight and functions with the other weights in in my co-pending application, Serial No. 641,634, aiding in opening the loop during spinning. iiled November 7, 1932, in which Iset forthamin- The over-all length of the loop may be varied iature spinning rope having a xed loop and slightly by tightening or loosening the knots 3 in 10 stem, with weights equally distributed around the same manner as set forth in my co-pending 05 the loop, these weights being in the form of knots application. Sleeves 12, see Figure 3, may also or sleeves. be substituted for the knots 3, if desired, and these In the present invention, I show a larger spinsleeves may be adjusted along the cord 1 to balning rope with an adjustable stem. In this form ance the rope in any desired manner. The conof the device, the loop is fixed as to length and neotion of the stem with the loop functions in the 7o is provided with a number of weights, which may same manner as a weighted swivel in that it aids be disposed equal distances around the loop. in balancing the loop. The stem is rotatably connected to the loop, and From the foregoing description of the various in this way, I do away with the necessity of proparts or" the device, the operation thereof may be viding a collar or sleeve on the stem. The stem readily understood. 75. is also provided with knobs at both ends, these The spinning oi this device is accomplished in knobs being of different weights for performing the same manner as that set forth in my co-penddiierent types of rope-spinning tricks. ing application. The loop is larger than in the Other objects and advantages will appear in co-pending case and is therefore provided with the following specification, and the novel feaa greater number of weights so that a light cord 30 tures of the device will be particularly pointed may be used and still function in the same manner out in the appended claims. as aheavier cord.

My invention is illustrated in the accompany- The various advantages set forth for the device ing drawing forming a part of this application, shown in the co-pending application are also in which obtained in the present case, and the additional 85 Figure 1 is a perspective view of the device advantage lies in the face that a sleeve on the showing it in spinning operation; stem is dispensed with because the stem itself is Figure 2 is an enlarged view showing how the rotatably connected to the loop. With certain adjustable stem is connected to the loop; and types of tricks, the heavier weighted knob 11 bears Figure 3 shows a modied form of weight used against the loop 2, while in other types of tricks, 90 on the loop. the stem 4 is pulled through the opening 9 so that In Carrying Out my nVeIl'GOIl, I provide a cord the other knob 10 bears against the loop. 1 which is formed into a xed loop 2 and pro- While I have shown only the preferred forms of vided with a number of weights consisting of igmy invention, it should be understood that vari- 40 ure 8 knots, numbered 3. These knots are ous changes or modifications may be made within 95 preferably disposed equal distances from each the scope of the appended claims without departother and form the connecting point of an ading from the spirit of the invention. justable stem 4 with the loop. Figure 1 clearly Iolaim: shows how the ends 5 and 6 of the loop 2 are se- 1. A spinning rope comprising a loop of fixed cured to each other at '7 and 8 to form an openlength, an adjustable stem slidably connected 100 ing 9 that slidably receives the stem 4. The therewith and diiferent sized weights disposed at stem 4 is formed from a piece of the cord formthe ends of the stem. ing the loop and is therefore exible. 2. A spinning rope comprising a loop of xed A wooden knob 10 is secured to one end of the length and having an eye formed therein, and a stem 4, and a second knob l1 is secured to the stem slidably and rotatably received in the eye. 105 other end. The knobs are of different weights 3. A spinning rope comprising a loop of xed and this can be accomplished by making them length, an adjustable stem connected therewith, of different materials having different specific and weights carried by the loop.

` densities, or the knobs may be made of the same 4. A spinning rope comprising a loop of fixed material and made of different sizes. In Figure length and having an eye formed therein, a stem 110 to contact with the loop, and weights disposed on said loop, said knob also acting as a weight, said Weights being disposed equal distances from each other.

'7. In a spinning rope, a stem, a loop having an eye for slidably receiving the stem, said stem having knobs of diierent Weights disposed at its ends.

8. A spinning rope comprising a loop of xed length, and a stem having a swivel connection with the loop adjacent to the place of joining.


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