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Publication numberUS1943659 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 16, 1934
Filing dateJun 10, 1929
Priority dateJun 10, 1929
Publication numberUS 1943659 A, US 1943659A, US-A-1943659, US1943659 A, US1943659A
InventorsGrant Eason Harrison
Original AssigneeJohn Wilbur
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Christmas tree holder
US 1943659 A
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Jan. 16, H EASON CHRI STMAS TREE HOLDER Filed June 10, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l INVENTOR //P/F/sa/v 6fm/7 waa/v. YM

T ORNEY Jan. 16, 1934. HUG, EASQN 1,943,659

CHRI STMAS TREE HOLDER Patented Jan. 16, 1934 y I l UNITED STA This invention relates to standards or holders for Christmas trees or similarly proportioned articles of manufacture and more specioally to certain improvements therein which includes 1,943,659 CHRISTMAS TREE. HOLDER c Harrison Grant Eason, Lakewood, Ohio, assigner of one-half to John Wilbur, Lakewood, Ohio Application June 1o, 1929. sel-inne. 369,711

z claims. (01248-38) mechanism for rotatively driving the article exhibited and provides means for effecting the il-V lumination or the article while it is so driven.

`One of theA objects of this invention is to provide a speed-change gearing mechanism which will effectuate a relatively low speed or the article driven when a small electric motor of the commercial type is employed as a driving unit.

Another object of the invention is to provide an electrical Contact which may be operatively con- A nected to strands of incandescent lights mounted upon a Christmas tree and with a power line connection afxed to the tree standard or base.

Another object oi' the invention is to construct a driving connection between the power transmission gearing and the motor which will arrest the vibration initiated therein and also electrically insulate the motor from the metallic members of the supporting frame.

Another object of this invention is to provide a Christmas tree supporting structure which is aesthetic in appearance, sturdy in design and description which considered in connection with the accompanying drawings set forth the preferred embodiments of the invention.

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a view in perspective illustrating the general construction of the oase as adapted for use in supporting a Christmas tree;

Fig. 2 is a detailed sectional View of the power transmission mechanism, including .the arrangeinent and organization of the tree supporting adjuncts;

Fig. 3 is an elevational view of the bracket which retains the gearing;

Fig. a is a detailed View in section illustrating the electrical connection provided to accommodate the illumination of the tree; and

Fig. 5 is a detailed View in section further illustrating the electrical connection shown in Fig.

4, the section being taken in a plane transverse the preceding gure.

In the practice of this invention, as will be seen by referring to Figure l, the supporting structure comprises a stand 10 having a top plate 11 supported by legs 12 which are preferably braced by the corner brackets 13,

As illustrated in Figure 2 one of these brackets may be formed to accommodate the support of an electric motor 14 which is employed herein as the driving element for the Christmas tree 15 as will be more fully described hereafter.V A housing or valance 16 is preferably 60 provided to encase the motor and driving mechanisrnand may be formed of any suitable relatively light material such as parchment or a sized textile. As shownv herein the Valance 16 vis broken away in the foreground in the interest of clarity.

The Christmas tree 15 is supported within a cylindrical cup 17, which may be formed from a deep drawn stamping or as illustrated a tubular casing 18 having a bottom plate 19 soldered therein. The lineal proportions of the cup are A so formed as to Vciect an adequate support for the stock of the tree andthe diametric proportions of the cup anticipate a volumetric capacity suitable to constitute a reservoir which may be lled with water for the preservation of the Christmas tree in its fresh green condition.

The cup 17 is retained within a journal bearing 20 formed in a bracket 21 which is supported by this top plate 11. The bracket 21 is cony structed With laterally disposed earsA 22 apertured 80 for the reception of screws 23 preferably embedded in the lower face of the top plate. The weight of the tree as well as the driving mechanism therefore, is sustained by the bracket 21. To this end a depending frame 25 is provided 85VV which is formed with suitably allocated apertured bosses for the reception of the various elements of a gear train employed in the driving mechanism.

The load of the tree is borne by a ball 26 seated 90 in a detent in the outer face of the plate 19. This ball is supported in the cupped head of Va cap screw 27 which is screw threaded in the frame 25 in coaxial alignment with the medial axis of the cup 17. Upon the shank of the cap 951 screw 27 there is a spur gear 28 intermeshed with a pinion 29 mounted on a shaft 30, which is journaled in the frame 25. A worm wheel 31 is also carried by the shaft 30 and is engageably coordinated with a worm 32 which is mounted on 100 a shaft 33 supported in spaced ears 34 formed in the lower portion of the frame 25. The shaft 30 is aligned with the armature shaft of the motor 14 and is driven thereby through a yieldable connector 54 which in the instant case comprises a 105 rubber sleeve aiiixed upon the respective free ends of the shafts by clamping rings 35.

Adjacent the motor 14 and mounted upon one of the legs 12 there is a control switch 36 having suitable electric connections 37 and 38 leading 110 respectively to the motor and to the source of current. A second switch 39 contiguous the switch 36 is provided to control current leading to an outlet 40, carried by the cup 17. Lead lines 5 41 and 42 are connected to the switch 39 the for- 25.", face of the gear 28. The ratios of the gears ernmer being grounded upon the frame and the latter connected to a brush 43 mounted upon the plate 11. The brush is formed of spring stock and is arranged to pass through an insulated aperture in the plate and bear upon a metallic ring 44 borne by a collar of insulating material which is affixed to the casing 18. A bus bar 45 is connected to the casing 18 and to the outlet receptacle 40 which is provided for the reception of the connecting plugs on the strands of incandescent lights Which illuminate the tree.

The upper portion of the casing is provided with set screws 46 which assurev the rigidity of the support of the tree and facilitate the vertical adjustment thereof.

In operation the electric motor drives the gear train and effects the revolution of the tree through a crank pin 47 which is supportedby the plate 19 and engaged in an aperture 48 in the ployed in the power transmission mechanism are suitably co-ordinated to effect the relatively low driven speed of the tree and thus accommodate the use of a small electric motor of the commer- `cial type which is efficient only at a relatively high R. P. M. As the` tree is being rotated it Will be seen that the electric current for strands of decorative lights will be carried through brush 43 and the grounded connection 45.

Although the foregoing description is necessarily of a detailed character in order that the inventions may be completely set forth, it is to be understood that the specic terminology is not intended to be restricted or conning and that various rearrangements of parts and modications of structural detail may be resorted to without departing from the scope or spirit of the invention as claimed herein.

I claim,

1. An apparatus of the character described comprising a supporting member, a bracket secured to and depending from said supporting member, said bracket having a hollow, cylindrical upper portion for receiving the tree supporting member and a lower portion depending from said upper cylindrical portion having a bearing member thereon for rotatably supporting a tree supporting member, a cup member, means for rotating said cup, and means for coupling. saidv rotating means and said cup to effect the rotation of the latter.

2. A Christmas tree holder comprising a base, a bracket secured to and depending from said base, a cup journaled in said bracket, a gear train supported by said bracket and operatively .connected with said cup for rotating the samean electric motor, and a flexible driving connection between said motor and said gear train.


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