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Publication numberUS1943938 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 16, 1934
Filing dateMay 23, 1932
Priority dateMay 23, 1932
Publication numberUS 1943938 A, US 1943938A, US-A-1943938, US1943938 A, US1943938A
InventorsHaydel Whitney A
Original AssigneeJoe A Daigre, Louis P Bryant
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Combination cooler and ice box
US 1943938 A
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Jan. 16,l 1934. w A HAYDEL 1,943,938

COMBINATION COOLER AND IC BOX Filed may 2s, 1932 v 4 sheets-sheet 1 W. Haydel lorney Invenlor Jan. 16, 1934e w. A. HAYDEL COMBINATION COOLER AND ICE BOX 4 Sheets-Sheet. 2

Filed May 25, 1932 nvenlor w. A Haydz /I Home y Jan. 19,` 1934. w1 A. HAYDEL 1,943,938

i COMBINATION COOLER AND ICE BOX Filed May 23, 1932 4 Sheets-Sheet 3 Invenlor W./\ 1 Haydel Jan. 16, 1934. w. A. HAYDEL COMBINATION COOLER AND ICE BOX Filed May 25, 1932, 4 ShetS-Shb 4 Invcnior liti @lili Patented Jan. 16, 1934 PATENT oFF-lcs COMBINATION CGOLER AND ICE BOX Whitney A.-

one-sixth Haydel, Jeanerette, La., assignor of to Louis P. and one-sixth to Joe A.

Bryant, Jeanerette, La.,

Daigre, New Iberia, La.

vApplication May 23, 1932. Serial No.613,098

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a combination water cooler and ice box, the general 'object of the invention being to provide an insulated housinghaving a removable cover and provided with a partition for dividing the same into a lower ice receiving compartment and an upper food compartment with an opening connecting the parts together, a valve for closing the opening, and means for automatically opening the valve when the cover is in place, and automatically closing the valve when the cover is removed, thus preventing the warm air of the room contacting the cold air in the ice chamber when the cover is removed.

Another object of the invention is to provide a water cooling tank in the lower part of the ice chamber with means for connecting the chamber to a suitable source of supply so that lcool water can be drawn from the tank whenever desired.

rl'his invention also consists in certain other features of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts to be hereinafter fully described, illustrated in thev accompanying drawings and specifically pointed out inthe appended claim.

ln describing the invention in detail, reference will be had to the. accompanying drawings wherein like characters denote lilre or corresponding parts throughout the several views, and in which:.

Figure l is a vertical sectional the invention.

lug. \2 is atop plan view with the top removed.

li'ig. 3 is a similar view with both the top and shelf removed. K

Fig. lfl is a perspective view of the shelf.

Fig. 5 is a section on line 5--5 of Fig. l.

llg. 6 is a section on line 6-'6 of Fig. 5.

li'ig. .7 is a view of one of the baille plates in the water tanlr. y

llig. his the valve opening stem which is to he attached to the cover.

il is a fragmentary vertical sectional view through the housing with the cover in edge view and in raised position.

l is a section on line Vlil---lil oi ili'ig. 9.

Fig. ll is a fragmentary bottom plan view of the shelf showing the valve thereon.

lh is a section on line 12-12 of Fig. 9L

ln these drawings, theletter A indicates the hou or housing and the letter B the cover thereof, both the cover and the housing being formed ot inner and outer walls l and 2 with the space view through between the walls filled with non-conducting material 3. A portion of the cover ts within the upper part of the housing and the cover is formed with a ilange 4. which overlaps the top of the housing and a gasket is placed between said flange and the upper edge of the housing.

A. suitable lining 6 is also placed in the housing. A shelf or partition 7 resting on the sup port`8 divides the housing into a lower ice cham ber 9 and an upper food chamber 10. The shelf Waas an opening 1l therein which is normally held -closed by a valve plate 12 guided by the rods 13 depending from the shelf and the springs 14 on the rods tend to hold the valve plate against the seat formed around the opening 11. A depending stem lo attached to the under side of the cover will press the valve plate ou' its seat Iinto open position when the cover is in position las shown in Fig. l, so that the cold air from the ice chamber can pass into the food chamber and when the cover is removed the springs la press the valve plate upon the valve seat around the opening 1l and thus prevents the cold air vfrom being contacted by the warm air oi the room in which the device is placed.


to .il hat narrow' tank 1d is located in the bottom oi'the ice chamber and the ice rests thereon, and` the combined drain and trap 17 passes through the bottom of the housing and through the tanlr with its upper end opening out into lthe ice chamber to drain the water from the melting ice therefrom. The tanlr. is provided with the V-shaped haiiles ld which have their ends spaced from the sides of. the tank and are alternately i arranged with the sloping baiiles 19 which are arranged in pairs with theininner ends spaced apart as shown in Fig. 5. A pipe 20 connects one end of the'tanl: with a supply and an outlet pipe 2l is connected with the other end of the tank and has a part passing through the housing with its outer end provided with a faucet 22.

Thus it will be seen from Fig. 5, that -water enters one end of the tanlrand'iiows a tortuous path through the tanh and escapes from the outlet pipe 2l. whenthe valve 22 is opened. Thus the water is quiclely cooled.

Elongated rivets 23 connect the bottom and ico tcp or" the tanlr together to reinforce the tank.

the housing, a, shelf extending horizontally across the housing and dividing the same into a. lower ice chamber andan upper food chamber, said shelf having an opening therein, a spring pressed valve for-normally closing the opening, a projection on4 the cover for moving the valve to open position when the cover is in closed position, a tank in the bottom of the ice chamber, a water supply pipe connected with one end of the tank, an outlet pipe connected with the other end and having a valve at its outer end, bafiies in the water tank for causing water passing therethrough to take a tortuous path.


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