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Publication numberUS1944980 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1934
Filing dateDec 16, 1932
Priority dateDec 16, 1932
Publication numberUS 1944980 A, US 1944980A, US-A-1944980, US1944980 A, US1944980A
InventorsWilliam Hayes Edmund
Original AssigneeWilliam Hayes Edmund
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US 1944980 A
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Jan. 30, 1934. w HAYES 1,944,980



\ BOSTON, MASS. 9 0 \I Avs 'EDUCRTION ,MR55- j 4 m- J hn E. Doe t 1 6' 726 0cm fii'v'een i h, DC.

zjwucm/bo'v Patented Jan. 30, 19 34 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE ENVELOPE Edmund William Hayes. Arlington, Mass.

Application December 16, 1932 Serial No. 647,645

6 Claims. (01. 229 -12) My invention relates to an improvement in diagonal slits 9 is formed in the front wall of so-called duplex envelopes employed for the dis- .the envelope 4, beyond the zone covered by the tribution of mailable matter under the lower class indicia 8. Portions of the envelope bordering postage rates. v the slits 9, and indicated on the drawing at 10,

Under the postal regulations, the transmisare preferably marked or colored, so as to stand sion of certain classes of mailable matter is perout prominently, providing corner flaps for a purmitted in the so-called duplex envelopes where pose more fully hereinafter set forth. Also, a the latter are unsealed, to permit inspection of directionary legend, indicated in the drawing at the contents of the envelopes. To obtain the 11, is preferably arranged on the front wall of 10 benefits intended under these regulations, a printhe envelope 4, directly above the slits 9, formed cipal object of this invention is to employ a duel around the indicia 8. One terminal of the. legend envelope assembly comprising a unit for simultahas an arrow 12 leading therefrom and extendneous mailing, yet permitting separation of the ing downwardly into the zone of the slits 9, adcomponent parts of the unit for the independlament the indicia 8.

15 ent transmission through the malls of only one The addressee envelope 5 may be of convenof the envelopes. tional construction and is of a size to permit In carrying my invention into practice, I use the corners 13 of the envelope to be fitted or two envelopes, varying in size, one of which, trained through the slits 9, as shown in Fig. 2 preferably the larger, carries the name of the of the drawing. The addressee envelope is 20 addressor or sender and is formed to receive the adapted to receive indicia 14, representative of other envelope carrying the name of the adthe name and address of the addressee, in order dressee, immediately over the addressors name. to be exposed to view when the addressee en- In this manner, when the unit is mailed, the velope is superimposed on the front wall of the name of the addressee only is in view; removal ve pe 4, Over the indicia 8.

25 of the addressee envelope exposes the name of In e Of s e v p able matter is inthe addressor or sender on the larger envelope to serted in the addressor envelope 4 and in the permit remailing of the latter. addressee envelope 5, the latter being positioned Other objects of the invention will be apparent on the envelope 4 in a manner already described. from the following description of the present pre- The two envelopes y then be t smit ed 30 ferred form thereof, taken in connection with the through the mails from the addressor to the adaccompanying drawing, wherein dressee. Upon receipt by the latter, the addressee Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of an adenvelope 5 is removed and the addressor envelope dressor envelope, made in accordance with my 4 may be remailed t0 the eddlesser, the e invention, with the addressee envelope removed; and address of the latter being of course, per- 5 Fig. 2 is a similar view of the unit envelope, manent on said envelope. By forming the slits showing a corner of the addressee envelope up- 9 in the envelope 4, the comers of the addressee turned; and envelope are arranged to lie within the addressor Fig. 3 is a detailed, fragmentary, cross-sectionenvelope 4 and consequently, the addressee enal view of the envelope unit taken on the line velope is held from displacement in transit. By

40 3-3 of Fig. 2, looking in the direction of the marking or coloring the envelope 4 adjacent the slits 9, the portions of said envelope so demarked In the drawmg, Wherem for the purpose of are indicated as the flaps under which the corners lustration is shown a preferred embodiment of 13 f the envelope 5 fit In this manner the 45 g z e fg faisembly dressee envelope 5 issecured to the addressor en- 1 e 10 consl? S 0 W0 enve Opes one velope without the use of extraneous fastening of which, designated 4, is the addressor envelope, means of any kind and m ay be removed and while the other, designated 5, is the addressee enplaced with facility by postal officials where the velope. Preferably the envelope 4 is larger to accommodate third or fourth class mailing contents of the addressee envelope is to be in- 0 ter and is equipped with a conventional closure F flap 6, which may be secured to the body of the It 15 to be understood that the form of my envelope by suitable fastening means 7 The invention hereinshown and described is to be front face of the envelope 4 has indicia a thereon, ta a a preferred embodiment of e s e, which in the present instance, consists of the and that various changes in the shape, size and 55 name and address of the addressor. A series of arrangement of parts may be made, without departing from the spirit of my invention. or the scope or the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A duplex envelope, including an envelope assembly, consisting of an addressor envelope having the addressors address on one face thereof and slits formed in the said face arranged around the zone of the addressors address, a directionary legend above said address and beyond said slits, one end of which issues into an arrow which terminates adjacent said indicia in the zone of the slits, and an addressee envelope secured in said slits and covering the said indicia and the head of the arrow.

2. An article oi! manufacture of the class described, comprising an envelope having a series of slits in a wall thereof for the reception of the corners of a second envelope, said series or slits defining an area having printed thereon the name and address of the addressor, said name and address being concealed by said second envelope when the latter is in place.

3. A dual envelope assembly comprising two envelopes varying in size, the smaller envelope having thereon the address of the addressee and the larger envelope having thereon the address of the addressor, the said larger envelope having means to receive and removably hold the smaller envelope thereon immediately over the addressors address to normally conceal the same, whereby when the assembly is mailed, the address of the addressee is only in view, removal of the addressee envelope exposing the address of the addressor on the larger envelope to permit remailing oi. the latter.

4. A duplex envelope assembly composed of a large envelope and a small envelope, the large envelope being provided with the address of thesender and with slits bordering the said address andthe smaller envelope having the address of the addressee and being superimposed on the larger envelope with its corners engaged in said slits and its body portion concealing the sender's address, the removal of the smaller envelope exposing the address on the larger envelope to permit remailing or the latter.

5. A duplex envelope assembly comprising a catalogue envelope having its front face marked of! to define a rectangular space having a printed address in the center and a slit diagonally of each corner of the rectangle, portions of the envelope bordering the slits being colored and providing comer flaps, a smaller envelope disposed within the said rectangular space of the larger envelope with its corners inserted under the said corner flaps, said smaller envelope normally concealing the printed address on the larger envelope, the said address being exposed to permit remailing or the latter only upon removal of the smaller envelope.

6. A duplex envelope comprising alarge addressor envelope provided on the front face thereof with the name and address of the addressor, a smaller addressee envelope disposed upon the said front face of the large addressor envelope and immediately over the addressors name and address to normally conceal the same, and means for removably holding the said addressee envelope in place, the removal of the addressee envelope exposing the name and address of the addressor to permit the mailing of the addressor envelope.


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