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Publication numberUS194520 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1877
Filing dateApr 23, 1877
Publication numberUS 194520 A, US 194520A, US-A-194520, US194520 A, US194520A
InventorsJohn Hobbs
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Improvement in electro-therapeutic belts
US 194520 A
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-ments through the kidneys.



IMPROVEMENT IN ELECTRO-THERAPEUTIC BELTS Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 194,520, dated August 2851877; application filed April 23, 1877.

To all whom t may concer/n:

Be it known that I, JOHN HoBBs, of Des Moines, in the county of Polk and State of Iowa, have invented an apparatus for simultaneously applying electricity and medicine to invigorate the human body, of which the following is a specification:

The object of my invention is to provide a simple, durable, and convenient means of applying to the human body the cumulative vitalizing force of a series of independent galvanic batteries, and also, at the same time, the restorative and invigorating medical properties of ointments that can be administered by cutaneous absorption.

It consists in forming, arranging, and combining in a sectional belt a series of independent` batteries, a 4fixed pad having a removable cover, and a suspending device, in such a manner as to produce a complete article of manufacture, that can be readily applied, adjusted, and secretly worn next to the skin without inconvenience to the wearer, all

as hereinafter fully set forth.

My drawing is a perspective view, illustrating the construction and application of my complete apparatus.

a is the main section of my belt, and the n portion that is designed to be fitted to the back of the wearer to cover the lumbar region of the vertebrae, to effect the nervous system with electricity through the spinal cord, and the secretory system with oint- It is made of leather or any suitable iiexible material, and covered with suitable cloth, and may vary in size and conguration, as desired.

b is a horizontal slot in the central portion of the section a.

c represents a vertical seam, and indicates that a'gore has been taken out to fit the upper portion of this section ot' the complete belt close to the back of the wearer, as required, to bring the electric disks into constant contact with the body.

d is a strap covering the vertical seam c, and secured by stitching or in any other suitable way, so as to connect the severed portions of the section a, and form a hinge-joint at the horizontal slot b.

l 2 3 5 represent a series of independent galvauic or voltaic batteries secured to the upper portion of the section a in such a manner that the surfaces of the negative and positive disks will be on the inside. These disks are preferably zinc and silver, and connected by means of copper wires concealed under the lining. They may vary in size and number, as desired, to suit various persons or the variable condition of the same person.

g represents a pad, preferably buckskin stuffed with hair, fixed to the under portion of the belt-section a.

h is a removable cover, secured to the pad with loops and hooks at the corners. The kidney-fat of animals impregnated with iron land other medicines and other ointments are spread upon the covers h of the pad, and

of a series of removable covers fresh ointments and clean covers can be daily applied upon the same pad. l

m represents the front section of my complete belt designed to t over the abdomen and to extend downward to cover and affect the genital organism of the wearer, male or female.l It is connected with the ends of4 the section a. by means of straps and buckles u, in such a manner that the complete belt can be readily lengthened and shortened and opened and closed, as required, to be properly adjusted and worn.

8 "9 represent a series of independent batteries similar to those on' section a.

fr* fr represent a pair of adjustable suspenders, lconnected with my complete belt in such a manner as to iit over the shoulders of the wearer, and to retain the belt in'proper position.

I am aware that electric chain-belts and medicated pads have been used separately for similar purposes. But I claim that my manner of combining series of independent batteries and a pad having aremovablecover to simultaneously apply electricity and medicated ointments at the same time, and with one and the same apparatus, is a novel and valuable improvement.

I claim as my invention- As an improved article of manufacture, the apparatus composed of the belt-secton a, having the slot b, hinge-strap d, and series of batteries l 2 3 5, the pad g, and its removable cover h, the belt-section m, having a series of batteries, 8 9, .and connectingstraps n n, and the Suspenders r v', substantially as and for the purposes shown and described.



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