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Publication numberUS1946457 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1934
Filing dateFeb 19, 1930
Priority dateFeb 19, 1930
Publication numberUS 1946457 A, US 1946457A, US-A-1946457, US1946457 A, US1946457A
InventorsDonnelley Robert B, Hawley John F
Original AssigneeDonnelley Robert B, Hawley John F
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Machine for cutting printed wrappers
US 1946457 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb-6, 1934- R. B. DONNELLEY El 51. 1,945,457

MACHINE FOR CUTTING PRINTED WRAPPERS Filed Feb. 19,1930 Z SheetS Sheet 1 Feb. 6, 1934. ,R. B. DONNELLEY ET AL 1,946,457

Patented Feb. 6, 1934 UNITED STATES MACHINE FOR CUTTING PRINTED WRAPPERS Robert B. Donnelley, Chicago, and John F. Hawley, Oak Park, 111.

Application February 19, 1930. Serial No. 429,538

6 Claim.

This invention relates in general to the wrapping of packages and has more particular reference to the provision of an improved method and apparatus for severing predetermined portions E3 of a sheet or strip of paper to be used in the packaging so that displays carried by the paper may be accurately and definitely located in the wrapping.

The invention has for its principal object the lit provision of an improved method and apparatus (and also an-improved supply sheet) for providing individual printed wrappers, definite display portions of which may be uniformly and automatically arranged in predetermined position on 1d the package by usual or preferred wrapping machines.

An important object of the present invention is the accomplishment of the accurate arrangement of the display portion of package wrappers upon the package without requiring perforation or other formation of the material of the paper sheet to accomplish the desired registration.

Numerous other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent as it is better under- Qd stood from the following description, which, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings discloses a preferred embodiment thereof.

Referring to the drawings,

Figure 1 is a side elevation of an end of a machine or apparatus for severing a large sheet or strip of paper into individual wrappers;

Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof;

Figs. 3, 4 and 5 are sections taken respectively substantially upon the lines 3--3, Hand 5-5 of Figs. 1 and 2;

Fig. 6 isa section taken substantially on the line 6-6 of Fig. 4; and

Fig. 7 is a schematic view, showing the wiring diagram.

For the purpose of illustrating the present invention, there is shown in Figs. 1 and 2 so much of a machine in which it is or may be embodied as to permit understanding of the invention. The partial machine there shown-discloses the entire sheet cutting mechanism and its control. This cutting mechanism and control may form a part of a package wrapping machine.

The operative parts are mounted upon a support 11, having a table portion 12 across which a sheet or strip of paper 13 is adapted to be moved. The strip or sheet of paper 13 conveniently is originally provided in a roll 14 adapted to be rctatably supported at 15 in upstanding bearing brackets 16. This sheet or strip of paper is provided with display portions or designs 17 printed thereon and which are to be arranged in predetermined location upon each of the packages wrapped. The sheet or strip carries also cutting. indicia 18 for controlling the severance of the sheet as it passes across the support 11, all as will be presently more fully described.

Feed rollers appropriately arranged are provided to feed the sheet or strip of paper across the support, a pair of feed rollers being indicated on the drawings by reference characters 19 and 66 21.

Severance of the sheet or strip into individual wrappers is accomplished in the instant embodiment by conjointly rotating or rotatable cutting cylinders 22 and 23 having companion cutting dies or shear members 24 and 25. It is intended that when the apparatus is operating upon rela tively large areas of paper provided with display portions, this cutting means will be operated and controlled in accordance with the location of the 35 display portions themselves and through the primary agency of the printed indicia 18. This printed indicia is so arranged with respect to the display portions that control of the cutting means by the location of the indicia will accurately arrange the display portions upon the predetermined desired part of the wrapper.

To accomplish this, a control is provided for the cutting means which includes a light sensitive device in turn controlling an electric circuit which determines accurately the occasions of the rotation of the cutting means. The light sensitive device is preferably a photo-electric cell of known construction and internal wiring. As shown on the drawings it comprises a source of light 26, which is or may be an electric light bulb arranged to reflect light onto the paper and from it to a light sensitive or photo-electric cell 27, as indicated by the arrows 28 in Fig. 3.

The electric light bulb 26 and the cell 27 are preferably arranged in individual compartments 29 and 31 of a housing 32 carried by an arm 33 from one of the side bearings 34 of the sheet feeding roll 19. This housing is mounted above the path of travel of the indicia 18, which indicia is preferably merely printed black dots or spots upon thepaper, a such dot or spot being provided for each intended cutting operation. As each dot or spot passes beneath the housing and across the reflected light from the bulb 26 to the cell 2'7, the cutting mechanism is connected to the power to perform a cutting operation through electrical devices to be presently described.

The two cutting rolls 22 and 23 are geared together as indicated at 35 and are fixed on on the presented hub face of the pulley 38 by a spring 44.

The dog 42 is movable laterally of the plane of the pulley 38 in a dovetailed slot in the clutch 41 and is provided with a tapered transverse slot 45 generally in registration with a circumferential slot 46 in the clutch. A lever 47 having a vertical movement is pivoted at 48 in a lateral extension 49 o f the adjacent bearing 51 for the shaft 36. This lever is adapted to be moved down away from the clutch by a solenoid 52 and a spring 53 acts to press it into the slot 46 and into the slot 45 when rotation of the cutting mechanism presents the dog 42 to the lever. a dot or spot presents itself to the housing 32, the solenoid is energized, the spring 53 contracted, and the lever moved downwardly from the position shown in Fig. l. Thereupon, the clutch dog 42 is pressed by the spring 44 into clutching engagement with the teeth 43 on the hub of pulley 38' and the cutting instrumentalities are rotated. Before this rotation is complete the spot has passed the housing 32, the solenoid 52 is deenergized, and the lever 47 is moved up by the spring 53 in position to withdraw the dog 'at the end of a complete revolution.

A. brake 54 is or may be provided to cause prompt termination of the rotation of the cutting mechanism as soon as the dog is withdrawn.

Reference character 55 indicates a gear which,

is or may be provided in mesh with one of the gears or pinions 56 provided on the shafts of the feed rollers. The gear 55 carries a stud 57 adapted to engage and move one arm 58 of a bell crank pivoted at 59 on the support '11, the other arm 61 of which is arranged to extend over and depress the free end of lever 47. The arrangement of these parts is such that the lever 47 is depressed at the instant the dog 42 passes the lever 4'7 so that the cutting mechanism is continuously operative. This last described mechanism is provided in order that the cutting mechanism may operate upon unspotted paper and when the accurate cutting with respect to particular displays is not contemplated. When the control of the cutting mechanism is to be accomplished by the photo-electric cell, the bellcrank is merely removed from its operative position. The cutting mechanism is thus arrangeable to cut at predetermined regular intervals and arrangeable also for accurate control in accordance with the displays upon the paper.

The electric wiring is schematically shown in Fig; 7. The source of power is indicated by reference character 62. From this source of power one line wire 63 leads through a switch 64 to the winding 65 of the solenoid. From this winding, a wire 66 leads to a movable contact 6'? adapted for engagement with a contact 68 in turn connected by a wire'69 with. source of power 62. A' wire 71 leads to lamp 26 from one side of the source of power 62 and a wire '72 completes the lamp circuit to the other side of the source of power. The photo-electric cell, generally indicated at '73, is connectedinto a circuit including a solenoid winding 74 for'controlling movable contact 67. The details of the wiring of the photo electric cell are not believed nece sa y o a Each time understanding of the present invention, it being understood that alteration in the reflected light to the cell 73 accomplishes a change in the current flowing through solenoid 74 and consequent movement of the contact 67 into engagement with the contact 68 and then back to its separated position.

It is thought that this invention and many of its attendant advantages will be understood from the foregoing description, and it will be apparent that various changes may be made in the form, construction and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention or sacrificing all of its material advantages, the form hereinbefore described being merely a preferred embodiment thereof.

We claim:

1. An apparatus for preparing a web of wrapping material for packaging, comprising in combination, a support across which a relatively large area of wrapping material may be moved, cutting means associated with said support and a mechanism for controlling the operation of said cutting means, said mechanism being arrangeable both to cut said web of wrapping material at periodic regular intervals and at intervals determined by indicia arranged upon said material.

2. An apparatus for preparing a web of wrapping material for packaging, comprising in combination, a support across which a relatively large area of wrapping material may be moved, cutting means associated with said support and a mechanism for controlling said cutting means including a light sensitive device to effect cutting oi. the material in accordance with indicia the material at regular periodic intervals and without regard to said indicia.

3. An apparatus for preparing a web of wrapping material for packaging, comprising in combination a support across which a relatively large area of wrapping material may be passed, a rollmounted above said support, a cutting blade carried by said roll, a continuously rotating power member, a mechanical power transmission operatively arranged between said power member and said roll, and an electric control for said power transmission comprising magnetic means for connecting said power transmission with the roll to initiate the rotation of said roll and a photoelectric cell controlling said magnetic means in accordance with indicia on said material and means independent of said electromagnetic means and photoelectric cell and indicia forautomatically interrupting the rotation of the roll after the cutting blade has operated on-the material.

4. An apparatus for preparing web material provided with indicia portions for wrapping purposes, including means for feeding the web, normally stationary rotary cutter means disposed in the path of said web, means for actuating said 5. An apparatus for preparing'web material provided with indicia poritons for packaging, in-

110 upon the same, and means effecting cutting of eluding normally stationary rotary cutter means disposed in the path of said web, means for actuating said cutter means, means for feeding the web operable independently of said rotary cutter means, a lamp, a photo-electric cell within the field of illumination of said lamp and closely adjacent the path of said inclicia portions, a source of electric energy for said lamp, an electric relay controlled by said photo-electric cell upon the passage of an indicia portion 01! the web adjacent thereto, an electric control element for the rotary cutter actuating means, said control element being located in a circuit containing the same' source of energy as said lamp and being controlled by the relay in the circuit 0! the photoelectric cell, and means for automatically disconnecting said actuating meansirom the cutter after a single rotation of the latter.

6. An apparatus for preparing web material provided with indicia' portions for packaging, including feeding means for the web. rotatable cutting means disposed in the path of said web, means for actuating said cutting means, means for normally holding said actuating means inoperative, a lamp, 9. photo-electric cell within the field of illumination of said lamp and closely adjacent the path of said indicia portions, a relay controlled by said cell, a source of electric energy for said lamp, and a relay connected with said holding means for the rotatable cutting means, said holding means being in a normally open cir cuit having as source of energy the same source which also supplies the lamp with current and being closed by energization of the relay of the photo-electric cell upon passage of an indicia portion adjacent thereto, to withdraw said holding means from engagement with said actuating means said holding and said actuating means being such as to permit but one revolution of said cutting means.


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