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Publication numberUS194706 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1877
Filing dateJul 28, 1877
Publication numberUS 194706 A, US 194706A, US-A-194706, US194706 A, US194706A
InventorsHenky D. Mentzel
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Improvement in blacking-boxes
US 194706 A
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No. 194,706. Patented A u g 2 8 1 8 7 7 To all whom it may concern:




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 194,706, dated August 28, 1877 application filed July 28, 1877.

Be it known that I, HENRY D. MENTZEL, of the city of Baltimore and State of Maryland, have invented an Improved Box for Blacking, 8210., of which thefollowing is a specification and 1 do hereby declare that in the same is contained a full, clear, and exact description of my said invention, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

This invention relates to a box so constructed as to admit of its contents being removed by expression through the medium of a screw plug or plunger inserted at one end thereof, the other end of the box being perforated to allow of the exit of its contents as pressure is applied thereto by means of the screw plug or plunger aforesaid.

lnfithe description of the invention which follows, reference is made to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof, and in which- Figure l is a longitudinal section of the improved box, and Fig. 2 an exterior view of the same.

Similar letters of reference indicate similar parts of the invention in both the views.

A is the cylindrical shell of the box, preferably made of tin plate, and it is threaded its entire length, as shown, B is the plunger or plug, threaded to correspond with the shell, and provided with a handle at the outer end thereof. The head a of the box is perforated,

and it may be either flat or dished outwardly, as shown. The latter design, however, is preferred, it being better able to stand internal pressure than the flat head.

When it is desired to use a portion of the contents of the box, the screw plunger is turned slightly, when the material is expressed through the perforations in the head a.

One advantage of the box is that the contents are practically excluded from atmospheric influence, the screw plug fitting the shell closely, and the perforations in the head at all times closed by the material in the box.

The box is specially adapted as a blackingbox; but it may be used for paints and other semi-liquid bodies liable to be dried or otherwise injured by exposure to the air.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and wish to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is

As a new article of manufacture, a box for holding blacking or other semi-liquid bodies,

consisting of a threaded cylindrical shell, having one end thereof formed by a screw plug or plunger, and the other end thereof by a perforated head, substantially as herein shown and described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 4th day of July, 1877.

HENRY D. MENTZEL. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationB65D83/0011