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Publication numberUS1949285 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 27, 1934
Filing dateMay 19, 1933
Priority dateMay 19, 1933
Publication numberUS 1949285 A, US 1949285A, US-A-1949285, US1949285 A, US1949285A
InventorsPorter Kirk E
Original AssigneeBuckeye Aluminum Company
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Service tray
US 1949285 A
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Feb. 27, 1934. E, PORTER 1,949,285

SERVICE TRAY Filed May 19, 1953 i atented Feb. 27, 1 934 PATENT GFFICE SERVICE TRAY Kirk E. Porter, Wooster, Ohio, assignor to The Buckeye Aluminum Company, Wooster, Ohio,

a corporation of Ohio Application May 19, 1933. Serial No. 671,873

2 Claims.

The invention relates to trays for serving beverages and the object of the improvement is to provide a tray having a central well or receptacle adapted to contain foodstufis, the portion of the tray surrounding said central well being of suiiicient size and proportions to accommodate several bottles and glasses of the beverage to be served.

Another object of the improvement is to proi vide a tray of this character formed from a single sheet of metal having an annular rib of inverted U or v shape stamped therein to provide a central well.

Another object of the improvement is to proi vide such a tray having a central well portion formed therein ind an annular upturned flange around the periphery of the tray whereby bottles or glasses may be supported upon the tray between said central well portion and the peripheral rim.

An embodiment of the invention thus set forth in general terms is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is a top plan view of the improved T tray; and

Fig. 2 is a diametric sectional view of the tray taken as on the line 2-2, Fig. 1.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the drawing.

The improved service tray to which the invention pertains may be made of any suitable material, preferably being made of a single sheet of metal such as aluminum or the like. The tray is preferably of circular form, as best shown in Fig. l of the drawing, and is so shaped as to provide a central well portion or receptacle to hold pretzels, wafers or other foodstuffs, surrounded by an annular flat portion to support bottles and glasses.

The central well portion may be produced by providing a raised annular rib at a point spaced between the center and periphery of the tray, this rib being preferably formed by stamping or bending the metal, producing the inverted U-shape or V-shape cross section as shown at 11.

rounding the outer side of the rib 11 and a similar depending annular bead 16 may be formed around the periphery of the annular table portion 13. These beads 14 and 16, being thus extended below the level of the table portion 13 of the tray and the bottom 1'7 of the well portion, will support the tray when the same is placed upon a table or the like. These beads will also serve as drainage channels to catch any moisture which may drain from the bottles or glasses suppported upon the flat portion 13 of the tray.

An upright peripheral flange 18 may be formed around the edge of the tray, being preferably inclined slightly outward, as best shown in Fig. 2, and terminating at its upper end in an outturned bead 19.

The tray is adapted for serving both beverages, either bottled or in glasses, and foodstufis such as pretzels, wafers or the like, the pretzels being placed within the well 10 and the bottles and glasses supported upon the flat surrounding portion 13 of the tray and being prevented from tipping or sliding ofi the tray by the annular rib 11 and the peripheral rim 18.

The tray may be gripped underneath at the central portion by engaging the fingers and thumb around the well portion 10 and Within the inverted U or V-shaped rib 11 thereof.

The trays are so shaped and proportioned that they may be nested together for shipping or storage and easily separated one from the other when in nested condition. In other words, they are so arranged that they will fit loosely together when nested as otherwise the trays would stick together, especially when made from sheet aluminum. This is accomplished by proportioning the relation of the height of the side wall 18 and the sides of the bead 19 and the taper of the walls 12 and 15 of the U-shape rib 11 so that when the trays are stacked one upon the other, the U-shaped rib 11 of each tray will fit loosely within the adjacent tray.

1 claim:

1. A service tray formed of a single sheet of metal having an upstanding outwardly flared 100 rim at the periphery of the tray, an upstanding rib of inverted V-shape cross section stamped in the tray at a point spaced from the periphery thereof and forming a central well, said V-shape rib being of considerably greater height than said 105 outwardly flared rim, an annular drainage channel in the bottom of the tray surrounding said V-shape rib, and an annular drainage channel in the tray at the bottom of said outwardly flared shape rib, an annular drainage channel in the tray at the bottom of said outwardly flared rim, and a peripheral bead at the edge of said outwardly flared rim, the relative size of said bead and taper of said V-shape rib being such that when the tray is stacked with similar trays the V-shape ribs of the trays will loosely fit together.



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International ClassificationA47G23/06, A47G23/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47G23/06
European ClassificationA47G23/06