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Publication numberUS1949903 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1934
Filing dateJun 14, 1929
Priority dateJun 14, 1929
Publication numberUS 1949903 A, US 1949903A, US-A-1949903, US1949903 A, US1949903A
InventorsFales Harold A
Original AssigneeFales Chemical Company Inc
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Label for students' unknown analysis sample packages
US 1949903 A
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March 6, 1934. I FALES 1,949,903



V4! 2 wvwemt'oz Patented ,Mar. 6,1934 1,949,903

LABEL FOR STUDENTS UNKNOWN ANALY- SIS SAMPLE PACKAGES Harold A. Fales, Leonia, N. J., assignor to The Fales Chemical Company, Incorporated,

Col-Ewell Landing, N. Y., a corporation of New Application June 14, 1929, Serial National; 1 Claim. (on. 3s 12) This invention relates to students unknown means is ordinarily in the form of a. serial numanalysis sample packages, and aims to provide imber, as indicated at 12, Fig. 3. The serial number provements therein. is most conveniently appliedtothe package by In courses of analytical chemistry, students are printing it or writing it on a label l i, which label given a sample ior analysis, the sample usually 14 is securely attached to the container or vial, to

containing a mixture of different compounds, all as by means of a suitable adhesive. of which compounds are unknown to him, and he The label 14 may also bear other matter, as for is given the problem of making an analysis and example a line or space 16 on which the student reporting the various compounds and the amounts can put the date and initials showing when he 19 thereof contained in the sample. These samples received the sample. The label 14 should be are commonly referred to as unknowns. otherwise free of any matter which would convey The preparation of these samples requires conto the student any knowledge of the contents siderable labor and time on the part of the teachwhich he is to find by analysis. The label 14 and er. Furthermore, there is considerable opportuthe serial number thereon simply provides a 5 nity for mistakes being made in the samples given means for identifying the student with a particu- 7e out to students, in the usual practice which is [or package. I followed in the preparation and packaging of Means are also provided for disclosing the analthese samples. It is of course of the highest lmysis of the contents of the container, and which portance that the teacher have the greatest conmay be readily removed by the teacher, prior to 2@ fidence in the true analysis of the unknown handing out the package or container to the stuya which is given to each student. dent. This means is preferably in the form of a The present invention provides a package which label 20. l contributes greatly to the convenience of teach- The label 20 is provided with one or more tabs ers of analytical chemistry, which admits of exact 22, which tab or tabs are attached to the con= knowledge on the part of the teacher of the container 10, preferably by means of a suitable adheso) tents of the unknown, and of innocence of the sive. The label 20 is attached to the container student as to the contents of the materials to be through the tabs 22, the tabs accordingly providdetermined by his analysis of the "unknown. ing a. readily severable connecting means between The invention furthermore provides a package the label and container, whereby the label 20 may 3G particularly adaptable to the preparation and (115- be bodily removed upon severance thereof from as trlbution 01 samples of unknowns" on a large the tab or tabs 22. scale. The severance of the label 22 from the tab or An embodiment of the invention is illustrated tabs 22 may be racilitated by providing a line in the a c mp ying drawin wherein: of perforations 24 between the label 20 and the Fi ure 1 is a view in el va i n of abso ute. tab or tabs. When a label 14 is used, and both 9 Fig. 2 is a development of the view. Fig. 1, in labels are used upon a small vial, the label 20 order to more clearly show the structure. is conveniently placed over the label 14, the tab Fig. 3 is a detail face view of the label which or tabs 22 being connected to the vial at the underlies the label shown in Figs. 1 and 2. sides or the said label 14. 40 Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing the detach- The label 20 is provided with means disclosing 5 able label partly detached. the analysis of the contents of the said container,

Referring to said drawing, numeral 10 deslgas shown at 26. These means are conveniently nates a container, here shown in form of a. small in the form of a numeral, which numeral correwide-mouthed vial. and in which a substance to sponds with a complete analysis on a. list made be analyzed, usually in he m f a powder. up or supplied by the maker of the package. 100 and commonly known as an u n wn". is p aced- The full analysis, instead of a key number could The unknown usually consists of a mixture of of course be printed or written upon the label 20. metal compounds, and difierent bottles are filled The label 20 is also provided with an identifywith difierent samples or unknowns", the number ing package number, as indicated at 28. The

of unknowns" used in a class usually being such package number on the label 20, indicated at 28 135 as will avoid the likelihood of two students in a corresponds to the package number on the conclass knowingly working upon the same "untainer 10 or under label 14, the identifying packknowtl. age number in this instance being 127".

Means are provided for identifying each pack- The label 20 may also bear a line or space 30 age (without reference to its contents), and such on which the teacher may place. the date when n the sample is given out to a student, and it may also bear a line or space 32 on which the teacher may place the name of the student towhom the particular package or sample is given.

A string 34 is preferably provided for facilitating the severance of the label 20. In order to prevent the string 34 from becoming detached and lost, the said string 34 is preferably in the form of a double thread which is stitched through the label by means of a sewing machine, through the material of which the label is made (usually paper) between the label and a tab (or tabs). The stitch is preferably a lock stitch, whereby the two threads are looked through the paper, and cannot be separated from the paper by pulling thereon, except by severing the label from the tab.

A moisture-proof seal 35 is preferably provided over the mouth of the vial, the seal being conveniently a cellulose-base material. This seal also provides a means of preventing the vial being opened without this being known.

With packages as above described, very convenient means is provided for making up samples of unknowns in considerable quantity at a central source and packaging these in a manner which maintains the integrity of the contents, provides the teacher with a ready at hand sample, the contents of which are known to him without analysis on his part, and which may be readily placed in the students hands without bearing any indication as to what the substance or substances are which he is'expected to find by his analysis. Greater variety of unknowns and greater accuracy of analysis is obtainable at a central source, than is ordinarily obtained by the individual teacher with the limited time at his. disposal. v

The invention may receive other embodiments than that herein specifically illustrated and described.

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U.S. Classification434/298, 40/310
International ClassificationG09F3/02
Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/0288
European ClassificationG09F3/02C