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Publication numberUS1950839 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1934
Filing dateJan 6, 1933
Priority dateJan 6, 1933
Publication numberUS 1950839 A, US 1950839A, US-A-1950839, US1950839 A, US1950839A
InventorsDaniel Chirila Doonisie
Original AssigneeDaniel Chirila Doonisie
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Nostril dilator
US 1950839 A
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March 13, 1934. cHlRlLA 1,950,839

NOSTRIL DILATOR Filed Jan. 6, 1933 Inuenlor By 9mm Patented Mar. is, 1934 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to a device for dilating the nostrils so as to facilitate breathing, the general object of the invention being to provide a pair of suction members attached to a supporting member so that when the suction members are placed against the nostrils, one at each side thereof and the supporting member properly adjusted, the side walls of the nostrils will be held in a position where the person can breathe without difiiculty.

This invention also consists in certain other features of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts to be hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and specifically pointed out in the appended claim.

In describing the invention in detail reference will be had to the accompanying drawing wherein like characters denote like or corresponding parts throughout the several views, and in which:-

Figure 1 is a view showing the device in use.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view through one of the suction cups.

Fig. 3 is a similar view showing the cup contracted.

Fig. i is a View of the supporting member.

In these views, the numeral 1 indicates the supporting member formed of spring wire, preferably shaped as shown in Fig. l, and the numeral 2 indicates a pair of suction cups, each or" which has an opening 3 in its outer end to receive the bent extremities 4: of the supporting member, as shown in Fig. 1. Each cup is formed with the suction part 5 and a bulbous part 6 which is in communication with the part 5 by an opening 7, and a spring 8 has its ends engaging recesses 9 formed in opposite portions of the part 6. The thickened part which is formed with the hole 3 is formed on the top of the bulbous part. As will be seen'rrom Figures 2 and 3, the bulbous part 6 has the central portion of its walls very thin, with the walls gradually increasing in thickness to the ends of the bulbous part where the walls are much thicker and heavier. It will also be seen that the walls of the cup part 5 gradually decrease in thickness from the closed end of the cup to the open end thereof, with the edges of the cup very thin. The device can be adjusted to suit the noses of different persons by bending the wire at the point where it passes over the bridge of the nose.

It will thus be seen that the device can be put in position as shown in Fig. 1 with the suction cups engaging the side walls of the nose and the member 1 bridging the nose, and this member is adjusted so as to hold the suction cups in position with the side walls of the nose pulled outwardly slightly so as to permit the person to breathe without effort. The form of suction cup shown in Figs. 2 and 3 facilitates the suction action as the device can be contracted, as shown in Fig. 3 by pressure upon the outer end of the device after which the cup is placed against the nose and then the pressure released so that the spring will return the parts to the position they occupy in Fig. 2, and this expanding movement will produce a quick suction in the cup part, so that it will take hold of the side of the nose.

It is thought from the foregoing description that the advantages and novel features of the invention will be readily apparent.

It is to be understood that changes may be made in the construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, provided that such changes fall within the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described claim as new is:-

A nostril dilator comprising a spring wire member of substantially U-shape with its ends bent to form rightangular portions, with the outer parts of these portions straight and parallel, a pair of suction cups, each consisting of a cup part, a collapsible bulbous part and a thickened part at the free end of the bulbous part having a transverse opening therein for receiving a straight part of the U-shaped member, each bulbous part having the central portion of its walls very thin, with the walls gradually increasing in thickness toward the ends of said part and the cup part having its walls gradually decreasing in thickness from its closed end to its open end, with the edge of the cup-shaped part very thin, said bulbous part being in communication with the cup part.

my invention, what I DEONISIE DANIEL CHIRILA.

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U.S. Classification606/199
International ClassificationA61F5/01, A61F5/08
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/08
European ClassificationA61F5/08