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Publication numberUS1951915 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1934
Filing dateMay 13, 1930
Priority dateOct 7, 1929
Also published asDE508673C
Publication numberUS 1951915 A, US 1951915A, US-A-1951915, US1951915 A, US1951915A
InventorsKagi Emil
Original AssigneeSulzer Ag
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Refrigerating machine
US 1951915 A
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March 20,1934. T E. KAGI v 1,951,915

REFRIGERATING MACHINE Filed May 13. 1950 @1911 Baal. MW #5191044 ,ATFD N EV.

Patented Mar. 29, 1934- a A? if nnrnicaaa'rnse moms Emil nagi, -Winterthur, Switzerland, assignor to the firm Sulaer lFrres Societe Anonyrne, Winterthnr, Switzerland Application May 13, 1939, Serial No. 451333 1 Claim.

This invention relates to refrigerating machines and is particularly concerned with machines as described in U. S. application Ser. No.= 388,132 filed August Ztth, 1929. The object of the invention is to provide an improved means for automaticalls returning to the compressor of a refrigerating machine oil used for lubrication and sealing the clearances of the moving parts.

According to this invention the chamber which m is maintained at a lower pressurefthan' the evaporator and to which the discharge'pipe' of the oil accumulator is connected, constitutes the suction chamber or an injector which is operated by the refrigerating medium supplied to the compres- 35 sor. As a result the oil is automatically returned to the compressor with less loss of power than hitherto and without adversely affecting the evaporation temperature.

A construction according to the invention is 39 dia atically illustrated by way of example in the accompanying drawing. t

The reirigerating medium is supplied to the compressor 1 by the pipe 8 from the evaporator 4 as in the main patent and the evaporator has an oil accumulator 26 from which Cl is discharged through the pipe 27.

According to this invention, the chamber which is maintained by the suction of the compressor at a lower pressure than the evaporator and into 30 which the oil discharge pipe opens, instead of being arranged as hitherto in the compressor itself,

is made the same as the suction chamber 36 of an injector-3'7. This injector is so connected to the A in Switzerland (icteber 1, 12 29 ated by the refrigerating medium. Oil collecting in the chamber 28 is thus drawn up into the chamber 36 without appreciable loss of pressure oi the refrigerating medium and, when the chamber 36 is approximately full, the oil is carried away by the rapidly moving refrigerating medium and returned to the compressor in an atomized state.

I claim:

A refrigerating machine employing a refrigerating liquid and a lubricant heavier than said liquid, comprising a. main evaporator, a compressor, and means between said main evaporator and said compressor for returning the lubricant heav- Y ier than the refrigeratiing liquid, and the refrigerant, from said main evaporator directly to.

said compressor therefrom, said means including an injector located in the direct path between the outlet from the evaporator and the inlet to the compressor and having a pressure chamber and a suction chamber, a lubricant collector for collecting lubricant sinking by gravity and separating from the refrigerant, a discharge pipe connecting the separated lubricant in the bottom of said collector to the suction chamber of said injector, and a pipe leading directly from the pressure chamber of said injector directly to the compressor without passing through any intermediate apparatus, whereby the pressure in the discharge pipe from the said collector to said suction chamber is maintained lower than the pres sure at the outlet end of the main evaporator and the oil is returned to the compressorwithout altering the evaporator temperature.

1 f 7 EMIL KAGI.

as i

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U.S. Classification62/471
International ClassificationF25B31/00
Cooperative ClassificationF25B31/004, F25B2341/0016
European ClassificationF25B31/00B2