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Publication numberUS1952409 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 27, 1934
Filing dateFeb 1, 1933
Priority dateFeb 1, 1933
Publication numberUS 1952409 A, US 1952409A, US-A-1952409, US1952409 A, US1952409A
InventorsBerg Arthur
Original AssigneeBerg Arthur
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US 1952409 A
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March 27, 1934.

Filed Feb. 1 195s Patented Mar. 27, 1934 umrlsnI STATES PATENT OFFICE Claims.

My invention relates primarily to shoes and has for one of its principal objects the provision of a shoe having in combination therewith identiflcation means which will be simple in construc- 5 tion, inexpensive to fabricate, so as to add very little to the cost of the shoe, rugged, water-proof, and, in general, highly satisfactory for the purposes desired.

One of the principal applications of my invention is in connection with football shoes and shoes for other outdoor sports. It is customary in the conduct of large football squads for the players, after returning from a game or from practice, to leave their shoes, which frequently have become caked with mud or dirt and soaked with water and perspiration, to be collected by attendants who are responsible for drying and cleaning them. After such service and on the occasion of subsequent practice, it is difficult for a player to secure the same pair of shoes. y This results in considerable loss of time for the players in attempting to find the same or a satisfactory pair of shoes, and a compromise on shoes which t improperly results in discomfort, inconvenience, and lowering of a players efciency.

As a result of my invention, such inconveniences are completely eliminated and a player may be certain of having the same pairof shoes on each occasion;

Referring now to the drawing forming part of this specification and illustrating a preferred embodiment of my invention:-

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a football to which my invention has been applied, and

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional View taken substantially along the line 2-2 of Figure l.

The numeral 10 indicates in general a shoe which in this instance is a football shoe having a sole 11, a heel 12 and an upper 13.

My improved identification device is indicated generally by the numeral 18. This device in its preferred embodiment is attached to the rear of the shoe adjacent its upper extremity and consists of a strip 19 of leather or like material se- 45 cured along three of its sides to the upper of the shoe by rows of stitching 20, 21 and 22, leaving the upper edge free. As seen best in Figure 2, the free upper edge of the strip 19 is preferably turned inwardly and reversely upon itself, as indicated at 50 23, to form a retaining lip, the stitching 20 and 22 engaging the lip 23 so as to hold it in proper retaining position. The strip 19 is provided with a window or opening 25, which may be circular or ofany other desired contour.

. It will be seen that the strip 19 forms a pocket shoe 26 which is open at the top. Disposed within this pocket is a tag 28 bearing an identification indicia, such as a number or the like, which may be written, printed, or otherwise placed thereon. The tag 28 is preferably protected by means of v60 a strip 29 of transparent and durable material, such as celluloid or the like, whereby the number may be readily visible at all times but cannot be marred or destroyed by moisture, dirt, etc. It, of course, will be obvious that the protective strip 29 may be dispensed with if the tag 28 is formed of sufficiently rugged and waterproof materia It will be seen that I have provided a shoe having a pocket in a conspicuous place for carrying an identification tag, the pocket being so designed that the tag cannot readily be removed even in such rough service as articles of this type are usually subjected to. However, should it be desired deliberately to remove the identification tag for replacement, change, or for other purposes, this can readily be accomplished by inserting a finger within the pocket from the top and frictionally engaging the tag.

It has been found that shoes embodying my 30 invention result in a great saving of time for players and in greatly increased convenience to them, as well as to their attendants. When the players return from the field, the shoes embodying my invention maybe left on the floor of the locker-room or in any other convenient place, where they may be collected by the attendants for cleaning and drying. After these operations have been completed, it is obviously a simple matter for the, attendants to place each shoe in the proper locker or other convenient place where they may be found by the player on the next occasion requiring their use. In this Way, a player may be certain of having the same pair of shoes throughout the season.

I claim as my invention:

1. In combination with a shoe, a strip of material so secured thereto as to form a pocket open at one edge, said strip having a sight opening therein, and the free edge thereof being turned inwardly to formV a protective lip for retaining the contents of said pocket, and an identication tag disposed within said pocket and visible through said opening.

2. The combination as defined in claim l, wherein said pocket is disposed on the upper rear portion of said shoe.

3. In a combination as defined in claim 1, a strip of substantially transparent protective ma.- terial disposed between said tag and said strip.

a retaining lip, and an identication tag disposed within said pocket `and visible through said opening.

5. In a combination as defined in claim 4, a strip of substantially transparent protective material disposed between said tag and said strip.


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