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Publication numberUS1954369 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1934
Filing dateJan 3, 1933
Priority dateJan 3, 1933
Publication numberUS 1954369 A, US 1954369A, US-A-1954369, US1954369 A, US1954369A
InventorsMorris B Solomon
Original AssigneeMorris B Solomon
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Beverage shaker
US 1954369 A
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Patented Apr. 10, 1934 BEVERAGE SHAKER Morris B. Solomon, New York, N. Y. Application January 3, 1933, Serial No. 649,874

1 Claim.

This invention relates to beverage shakers, and more particularly to devices of that type generally known as cocktail shakers, to be manipulated by hand for the purpose of cooling the beverage and thoroughly mixing the several ingredients thereof.

It is the primary object and purpose of the present invention to provide a detachable cover unit for the beverage container having an ice chamber depending therefrom into the container and provided with a pour-out spout. Such a cover unit may be interchangeably used in connection with containers of various shapes and sizes for receiving different beverages, and in the event that the container body should be accidentally broken, the cover unit with its ice chamber may be readily applied to and used in connection with a new container body.

It is another object of the invention in one embodiment thereof to provide the ice holder as a separable member which may be readily disconnected from the cover, said holder and cover having coacting means whereby a substantially fluid-tight joint between the same can be obtained. This separable ice holder is of such form that when disconnected from the cover member, it may be partially filled with water, and such water then frozen by placing the holder within one of the ice compartments of an automatic refrigerator.

It is also a further general object of my invention to provide a device of the above character which is simple and inexpensive in its construction, neat and attractive in appearance, and which will efficiently function for the purpose in view.

With the above and other invention consists in the improved beverage shaker, and in the form, construction and relative arrangement of its several parts as will be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and subsequently incorporated in the subjoined claims.

In the drawing wherein I have disclosed several simple and practical embodiments of the device, and in which similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views,-

Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of one form of my invention wherein the ice holder is permanently assembled in connection with the cover member; and

Fig. 2 is a similar section of cover member in a modified tached from the container.

objects in view, the

the iceholder and form thereof de- Referring in detail to the drawing, 5 designates the container body which may be of glass, metal or other suitable material, and of any desired form and capacity. upper end has an upstanding cylindrical neck 6 of reduced diamete preferably tapers body.

This container body at its r, the outer surface of which upwardly from the container The cover member 7 for the container may be inexpensively produced in the metal stamping and is provided form of a sheet with an annular skirt or flange 8 slightly flared outwardly and adapted for detachable frictional engagement upon the outer surface of the as clearly shown in inner end of this fi with the concavo-convex wall container neck 6, drawing. At the cover is provided 9 extending in- Fig. 1 of the ange 8, the

wardly therefrom, and at the inner edge of said wall is formed with which the tubular the annular shoulder 10, from axially tapering part 11 extends upwardly. The open endof the part 11 is adapted to be closed by a 12 having a tapering metal can removable sheet cylindrical wall for frictional engagement on the outer surface and the tubular part 11.

The ice holder 13 sarily, of cylindrical for sired length and d of said holder at its upper open end being internally seated against the shoulder 10 on the 85.

cover 17 and welded, soldered or otherwise permanently fixed to the wall of said cover member.

This holder is adapted to receive cracked ice or ice cubes such as are produced in the conventional automatic refrigerator.

A pour-out spout indicated at 14 of any suitable shape has one of its ends welded or otherwise fixed to the outer surface of the part 9 of the cover member around an opening therein, and

spaced from the inner surface of the container neck 6 so that the readily pass through this space and be decanted liquid in the container may into a glass or other receptacle through the pourout spout 14.

The manner of use of beverage shaker as above described will be more or less the ice has been evident. Thus, after placed within the holder 13 0 through the tubular part 11 of the cover member and the cap 12 applied, the

sired beverage are body 5. Said cover of the container, an

different embodiment of the cover member and the other the base of the container, the device is rapidly shaken, thus thoroughly agitating and mixing the beverage ingredients and bringing all parts thereof into contact with the wall of the holder 13, so that the beverage will be rapidly cooled. After the temperature of the beverage is reduced to approximately the desired point, it may then be decanted from the container, without removal of the cover member, through the pour-out spout 14 of the latter.

In Fig.2 of the drawing, I illustrate a slightly invention, wherein instead of securing the upper end of the ice holder in permanently assembled relation with the cover,

I omit the part 11 of the cover member and provide said member with a downwardly extending inwardly tapering flange 15 having internal screw arable holder 13' when detached from the cover member may be partially filled with water. After the cap 12 is tightly applied to the open end thereof, said holder can then be placed within one of the tray compartments of an automatic refrigerator, so that the water within said holder will be frozen into a solid column of ice. with the ice therein may then be readily connected to the cover member by inserting said holder downwardly through the flange 15 andengaging the thread 1'? thereof with the threads 16 of said flange. Owing to the tapering relation of these co-operatfmg threaded parts, the flange 15 is slightly expanded thus causing a tight frictional wedging action between the threads 16 and 1'! to provide a substantially liquid tight connection between the ice holder and the cover member. The assembled parts are then applied to the neck of the beverage container and the latter manipu-' lated in the manner above explained, and without liability of leakage of the liquid passed the conthreads 16. The ice holder 13' has the upper end The holder nection between the cover member and the ice holder.

From the foregoing description considered in connection with the accompanying drawing, the construction, manner of use and several advantages of the described embodiments of the device will be clearly and fully understood. It will be seen that I have provided an article of this kind, which is simple and inexpensive in its construction, and provides means which may be interchangeably used in connection with beverage containers for rapidly cooling the beverage without direct contact of the liquid with the ice or other refrigerating medium. Of course, it is clear that if desired, instead of using ice within the holder 13, solidified carbon dioxide maybe employed as the cooling medium. The outer surfaces of all of the metal parts are preferably chromium plated or otherwise ornamentally treated, so that the device will possess a very attractive appearance. as

While I have herein shown and described several practical and desirable embodiments of my present improvements, it is nevertheless to be understood that the essential features thereof might also be incorporated in other alternative struc- 16G tural forms, and I therefore reserve the privilege of resorting to all such legitimate changes therein as may be fairly embodied within the spirit and scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

In combination with a beverage container having a neck at its open upper end, of a detachable cover member having an inclined top with a downwardly depending rim portion having a slip fit with the open upper end of the container, a subcaliber holder extending downwardly from the cover member and secured to the highest part of the inclined portion of the cover member, and extending above said highest part terminating in an open end, the subcaliber holder being of appreciably less diameter than the internal diameter of said container, and a cover for said highest part of the holder extending circumferentially around the subcaliber holder.


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