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Publication numberUS1954623 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1934
Filing dateAug 20, 1930
Priority dateAug 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1954623 A, US 1954623A, US-A-1954623, US1954623 A, US1954623A
InventorsGross Alexander S
Original AssigneeGross Alexander S
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Dental tool
US 1954623 A
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April 1o, 1934. y y A s, GROSS 1,954,623

DENTAL TOOL Original Filed Aug. *20, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DENTAL TOOL Alexander S. Gross, Chicago, Ill.

Application August 20, 1930, Serial No. 476,490 Renewed September 11, 1933 2 Claims. (Cl. 32-10) My invention relates to dental grinding tools, bent downwardly, the end of the bent portion and more particularly to an attachment for denbeing threaded to receive a locking nut 15. This tal grinding tools which is so arranged as to main threaded end passes through the upper part of tain a flow of water against the periphery of the guard 14 so that locking nut 15 may be threaded j gi stone to cool the same. upon the end of the jet to hold the same suitably '50 It is well known that the heat produced by the secured to guard 14. i grinding operation of a dental grinding tool is Bracket 12 may eXtend upwardly in any Silitpainful and at times unbearable to the patient. able manner from sleeve 6 so as to carry the rear If the heat could be eliminated, the hypo-sensiend of jet l0. I preferably provide an opening 16 111g tiveness of the nerve resulting from the heat and in hraeket l2, Which reeeiVeS the enlarged p0r '65` causing the pain could also be eliminated. tien 17 0f the real" end 0f let l0 by a tight Sliding I have found that by a proper construction of fit. Jet 10 may be connected to the source of parts it is possible to maintain a now of water Water Supply by any Suitable CODneCtiOn, Slieh aS upon the stone during the grinding operation, by a flexible tubing 18. although the grinding tool itself may be small The construction of the dent-a1 grinding tool 70 and the use of the tool in the mouth allows for shown herein is well known to those skilled in very little space for an attachment of this kind. the art Shank 3 Of grinding StOne 2 extends In order to apprise those skilled in the art how rearwardly into the handle portion, as shown by to construct and practise my invention, I shall dotted line in Fig. 2. The head member 19 is 120 now describe a preferred embodiment thereof. carried uDOn Shank 3 t0 t against Shoulder 20 75 i In the drawing: of casing 21. Chuck 4, When operated, locks Figure 1 is a perspective view of a dental grindgrinding stone 2 in position by suitably gripping ing tool embodying my invention; its shank 3, as is well known; consequently, sleeve Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional vievt1 of the same; 6 Cannet accidentally Slip frOni handle P0rti0n l.

25 and Sleeve 2 is adapted to slide into position on casing 80 Fig. 3 is an end view showing the manner in 21 of handle portion 1 so that the forward edge which the guard surrounds the grinding stone thereof, deSignated by 22 in Fig- 2 Will lie against and supports the jet in order to direct the water the rear faee 0f head 19 0n Shank 3. This aragainst the stone. rangement provides a positive lock for sleeve 6 30 By referring to the drawing, it will be noted and also prevents it from being accidentally re- 85 that I have shown in Fig. l a standard form of leased While UDOII handle 1- grinding tool comprising a handle portion 1, a It will be observed that the tool shown herein grinding stone 2 carried by a shank 3, which alfords a very Simple mean 0f fllniShing a 00nshank is locked to the handle portion 1 by the stant supply of water to the periphery of the 35` usual chuck 4, there being a flexible driving eonstone so as to eliminate heat produced during 90 i necton 5 at the far end of the handle. the grinding operation upon the tooth. The

My invention comprises specifically the proparts are few and small and very compactly arvision of a bracket or other supporting structure, ranged. They do not interfere with the use of which, as shown inthe drawing, comprises a the grinding tool, but, on the contrary, provide 740- sleeve 6 tting upon a part of the handle portion, a guard about the grinding stone which prevents 95 the sleeve having a slot 7 therein into which fits a accidental injury to the patient in the event the pin 8 projecting from the handle portion so as to stone slips. prevent relative rotation of the sleeve. The Wa- Various modications of the detail and arter supply is provided by a jet 10 suitably suprangement may be made without departing from ,45 ported above handle portion l by upstanding the Spirit and SCOpe of the invention. ,100

" brackets 11 and 12. Bracket ll extends for- I Claini wardly and upwardly from the forward end of 1- A Sleeve for inSeitiOn llDOn a handle of a sleeve 6. A suitable guard, preferably semi-cirdental grinding tool, comprising a relatively cular in shape, is carried by bracket 11 in a posin straight tubular IJOrtiOn and a relatively tapered 5 0- tion about the upper part of the periphery of tubular portion, the smaller end of said tubular 105 stone 2 to prevent injury to the cheek or roof of portion engaging a shoulder on Said tool to prethe mouth in the event stone 2 should slip during vent longitudinal displacement of said sleeve in the grinding operation. At the same time, guard one direction, the said straight tubular portion 14 provides a suitable support for the forward end having a slot receiving a stud on said handle to :55j of jet 10. Jet 10 may be tapered forwardly and prevent rotational movement and longitudinal 110 displacement in the other direction, a bracket extending forwardly and upwardly from the smaller end of said tapered tubular portion, a guard carried by said bracket and spaced from said tool, a water jet supported at its outlet by said guard to allow water to drop upon said tool, and an upwardly extending second bracket on said sleeve to support the other end of said jet,

2. A sleeve for insertion upon a handle of a dental grinding tool, a portion of saidv sleeve at one end engaging a shoulder on said tool to prevent longitudinal displacement of said sleeve'in one direction, the other end of said sleeve having ALEXANDER S. GRQSS.

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U.S. Classification433/87
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