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Publication numberUS1954940 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1934
Filing dateDec 1, 1931
Priority dateDec 1, 1931
Publication numberUS 1954940 A, US 1954940A, US-A-1954940, US1954940 A, US1954940A
InventorsMikel Claude S
Original AssigneeFrank B Morse
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Massaging and washing device for use in bathtubs
US 1954940 A
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April 17, 1934.y c, s, MIKEL 1,954,940

MASSAGING AND WASHING DEVICE FOR USE IN .BATHTUBS Filed Dec. l, 1951 Patented Apr. 17, 1934 UNITED STATES MAssAGiNG AND wasnmc nevica ron USE IN BTHTUBS Claude S. Mikel, Rochester, N. Y., allignorof one-half to Frank B. Morse, Rochester, N. Y.

y Application December 1, 1931. Serial No. 5787.31.

' s` claims. (el.4 4-1s41 This invention relates to washing and mas` saging devices for use in bath tubs and has for one of its objects to provide such a device with means whereby it can be 'detachably and adjust` ably attached to any portion of the inside surface of the bath tub.

Another object of the invention is to so construct the device .that it occupies a minimum space when attached to the tub.

struct the device that it is cushioned and will not bruise the body of the bather no matter how hard he may be -brought in contact with it.

Other objects and attendant advantages will become more readilyy apparent from the detailed description of the invention which follows, reference being had to the accompanying drawing in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of a portion of a bath tub with .the washing and massaging device attached thereto.

Figure 2 is a front elevation of the massaging and washing device.

Figure 3 is an end elevation thereof. Figure 4 is a front elevation of a. modified form. of the washing and massaging device. Figure 5 is a sectional view thereof. Figure 6 is a rear elevation of the massaging and washing device. y Figure 'I is an end elevation of another modified form of the washing and massaging device.

In the several figures of the drawing like reference numerals indicate like parts.

The washing and massaging device forming the 35 subject matter of my present invention is especially adapted for washing and massaging those parts of the body which are beyond the reach of the hands.

As illustrated inthe several figures of the draw 40 ing the device is made up in the form of a` flexible pad which comprises the flexible base 1, preferably made up of solid rubber or other exible water proof material. To the front. of the base 1 is attached the washing and massaging mem,-

ber 2 which,` in the. form illustrated in Figure 2;

preferably comprises a` layer of rubber sponge.

At the back of the flexible base, either integral with it or suitably'A attached. to it, are the rubber body when a is forcibly brought mm contact with -g4) it. The cushioning members are spacedv Another object of the invention. is` to so conon the backof the base and a suflicient number is .provided to insure a firm hold on the surface of the tub; The portions of the base between the suction cups, due to their flexibility assist'the cups in cushioning the device after it is attached.

The device, as illustrated in Figures 1, 2 and 3. is provided with a rubber sponge as a washing and massaging element. This rubber sponge is applied to the base 1 inthe form of a layer which is suitably cemented or otherwise attached thereto.

In the form of the device illustrated in Figures 4 and 5, part of the base 1, preferably the center of it, is covered. with a rubber sponge member 3, while the portion of the base surrounding the sponge is covered with small flexible massaging fingers 4, 4. In this form of the device the soap for washing purposes may be rubbed into the sponge portion 3 of the device to be applied to the body while the massaging iingers at the same time provide a vigorous rubbing action on the body.

The massaging and washing device is shown applied to one end of the inside of .the tub in Figure 1 but it will readily be seen that the same may also be attached to the sides thereof.

In` the form of the device illustrated in Figure 'I the washing and massaging element comprises a brushv 5.

I claim:

l. A washing and massaging device of the character described comprising a washing and massaging element of comparatively thin and relatively soft, pliable and water absorbent sponge rubber, a backing for said element comprising a sheet ofvv thin, flexible and non-absorbent rubber to which theelementis firmly securedto increase the stiness, of the massaging and washing element -but permit the washing and massaging element to yield over its entire surface, and vacuum cups fastened tol said backing for dgtachably fastening the device toa desired plane or curvedy surface said, vacuum cups being disposed to maln-v tain the backing, normally spaced from a surface to which the device is secured so that the backing and the washing and massaging element may yield readily on said vacuum cups to conform to irregularities in the body.

2. A, device as set forth in. claim 1 in which the backing' is of greater area than the sponge rubber'washing and massaging element and has non-porous, relatively stiff but pliable massaging means. projecting from the same side thereof as. said washing and massaging element.

a.v A device u; set. forni in claim 1 inr which the backing non-porous-y relatively san but puable means projecting from the same yside as the washing and: massaging element. and Vsurrounding said element.


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