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Publication numberUS1955055 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1934
Filing dateJun 25, 1928
Priority dateJun 25, 1928
Publication numberUS 1955055 A, US 1955055A, US-A-1955055, US1955055 A, US1955055A
InventorsDate Nellie B
Original AssigneeDate Nellie B
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Electrical heater
US 1955055 A
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April 17, 1934. 5, T 1,955,055


The improvements, as embodied in my invention, relate, in particular, to that kind of an electrical heater which is especially adaptable for use in connection with mimeograph work. And,

some of the important features of my electrical heating device, are, that the heater will have at least three heating units placed in parallel relation with each other, and each of said units electrically connected with each other and arranged in the circuit so that any one unit may be used alone, or, that any two may be used together, or, that all three may be used together, according to what is found to be the best combination to suit the quality and character of the paper or material used, and, that the heater will have means by which the deflected heat may be tempered to suit the material to be heat treated, such as, for instance, the paper delivered from the cylinder of a mimeograph machine.

Another important feature of my electric heating device is, that the same will be so constructed that each heating unit thereof shall be centrally located longitudinally in its respective lengthwise reflector portion of the said heater.

Another important feature of my electric heater, is, that it shall be hingeably mounted and self-supporting, either in its horizontal operative position, or in its upright in-operative position, on a bracket which is adjustably attached to and supported by an adapter detachably secured to the side frame of a mimeograph machine.

The above mentioned features and other ob jects of the improvements as embodied in my invention will be clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawing, and more fully described in the following specification, and more particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

In the several views illustrated in the accompanying drawing;

Fig. 1 is a sectional view of my electric heater taken, substantially, on the plane AA of Fig. 2, with the electric heating unit, sockets, and switch, shown in full, but the deflector portion of the heater and the heat regulating mechanism, or damper, shown in section. Fig. 1, also illustrates the said heater in its horizontal or operative position, and the manner of detachably securing same to the discharge end of a mimeograph machine, of which, only a part is shown. The said heater;. represented by light dotted and broken lines-Wis shown in its vertical or inoperative position.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a. sectional view taken on the plane BB of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a wiring diagram and is typical of the wiring installed in my heater.

Similar characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

Referring to the several views, 5, represents the heater in general, and 6, the mimeograph machine, and '7, the bail or paper receiving tray, and 8, the mimeograph cylinder which contains the ink, and around which, the ink pad, and the stencil is secured.

Referring to Figures 1, 2 and 3, it will be seen that the heater 5, is made up of three lengthwise deflector sections, 9, joined together at 9', as indicated in Figures 2 and 3. The said deflectors, 9, are held in place by means of the end plates 10 and 11. On the side, and at the ends, of the outer deflector 9", are secured two hinge plates, 12, which are bent so as to form a two-way stop as indicated in Fig. 3, at 13, 'and 14. The said heating device, 5, is hingeably mounted, and self supported by means of the said hinge, 12, in either its horizontal operative position, or in its upright in-operative position, on a bracket, 15, which is adjustably attached to the bracket holder, 16, by means of the thumb screws, 17; the said holder, 16, being detachably secured to the side frame, 6, by means of the screws, 18, and the plate, 19. The said heater 5, is adjustably held in any desired position along the bracket, 15, by means of a sleeve, 20, and a set screw, 21.

In the top or apex of the V shaped deflectors, 9, are a series of evenly spaced holes, 22, covered by a slide or damper, 23, which, also, has a corresponding series of evenly spaced holes, 24. By means of the said slide, 23, the area of the openings may be varied as desired.

Longitudinally through the said deflectors, 9, as shown in Figures 1 and 3, are inserted heating units, 25, which are screwed into respective sockets, 26; the said sockets, 26, are clamped to the end plate, 11, in the position indicated in Figures 1 and 3. Formed with the end plate, 11, and at right angles thereto, is a horizontal portion or plate, 11', which supports a series of snap switches, 27, and a screw socket, 28, which is similar to sockets 26 and into which may be screwed a snap switch for turning on or off the current from the main circuit, indicated as 30, in Fig. 4.

Referring to the wiring diagram indicated in Fig. 4, it will be seen that the heating units, 25, are joined together in their one end, as at, 29. By means of the switches, 2'7, the said units, 25, may be brought in circuit with the main circuit,

30, either singly, or in multiple, as desired, when the current is turned on at the socket 28.

When my improved heater is used in connection with mimeograph work it is possible to use almost any quality or character of paper that may be desired for the job. For instance, should it be desired to run calendered paper having a smooth glossy surface, which, under ordinary conditions does not absorb the ink very readily, and which, therefore, requires extraordinary care in handling, it will be found, that, by the use of my heater, such class of papers may be run off without any difiiculty and with the assurance that the ink will not be olfset, nor be smeared, onto the next succeeding sheet of paper as it is deposited in the tray, 7, which is beneath the said heater, 5, because the heat from the said units, 25, conditions the papers to the extent that the ink will readily be absorbed by the paper, and, as well, become substantially set.

Should it he desired to vary the temperature of the deflected heat to suit the requirements of certain character of papers, it will be only necessary to move the said slide, 23, so that the holes in the said slides and in the said deflectors, 9, will correspond to a greater or lesser degree to the amount of heat desired to be deflected down- Wardly. As the said openings 22 and 24, are opposite each other to a more or less degree, so will be the upward circulation of the heated air through the deflectors. And, as the air is passing out through the said openings there is a suction formed which causes the air surrounding the heater, which being much cooler, to flow through the deflectors and cool the heated air, and, as well, the heating units.

Having thus described my invention, it can be readily understood that the minor details of my construction may be altered in several ways without departing from the spirit of my invention, therefore, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

The combination in electrical heating devices of the class set forth, of a self-supporting hingeably mounted electric heater composed of several joined lengthwise deflectors, a longitudinally arranged heating unit mounted in each of the said deflectors, means for automatically supporting said heater in its horizontal operative position and in its vertical inoperative position, said means consisting of bent two-way stops rigidly secured to the said hingeably mounted heater; the said stops being adapted to engage a double bar supported in the frame of a mimeograph machine.


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