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Publication numberUS1955566 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1934
Filing dateFeb 26, 1932
Priority dateFeb 26, 1932
Publication numberUS 1955566 A, US 1955566A, US-A-1955566, US1955566 A, US1955566A
InventorsSchulz Paul A
Original AssigneeUnited Drug Company
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Dispensing device
US 1955566 A
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April 17, 1934. P. A. scHuLz DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Feb. 26, 1952 INVE'NTYOR 1 ATI'OR EYS Patented Apr. 17, 1934 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1,955,566 DISPENSING DEVICE ration of Delaware Application February 26, 1932, Serial No. 595,293 1 Claim. (Cl. 206-52) This invention relates to a dispensing device by means of which material in the form of strips, ribbons, webs, batting, etc. can be placed in a container where it will be protected from contamination or injury and pre-determined portions can be pulled or torn oif of .the end straight across without exposing the rest of the material to dust or the like.

The invention is especially useful in connection with dispensing absorbent cotton batting and will be particularly described in this connection, but it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to this particular material.

The invention will be understood from the description in connection with the accompanying drawing in which Fig. 1 is a side view partly in section of an illustrative embodiment of the invention and Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same.

In the drawing reference character 1 indicates a container that may be made of difierent sorts of materials, such as wood, cardboard, metal, etc. and of a shape and size to contain absorbent cotton batting or the like. A roll of absorbent cotton batting 2 is indicated in the container 1, a1-

though the batting might be placed in the container in a pile folded back and forth.

A plate or partition 3 is installed near the top of the container 1 and is provided with a slot 4 a short distance from one end thereof. The plate or partition 3 is removably kept in position in the container 1 in any convenient way. For example, it may be provided with flanges 5 at right angles to the body portion thereof, of a depth equal to the distance it is desired to hold it from the topmost edge of the container 1 with the flanges 5. These flanges may be provided with curved edges 6 to rest upon the upper edges of the container 1. The partition 3 can be readily removed to place the material, such as cotton batting, within the container.

- A pivoted member 7 is pivoted in the side flanges 5 of the plate 3, as shown at 8, near one edge of the slot 4 and is removable from the container 1 with the plate 3. The pivoted member 7 is provided with an extension 9 on the other side of the pivots 8 from the main body portion'of this member. The extension 9 is bent up somewhat so that by pressing on it the main body portion of the member 7 will be raised as the member 7 turns on the pivot 8. The limit of upward movement ends of the teeth to strike or approach the plate 3, when the member 7 is turned down.

A cover 11 with downturned flanges 12 along the edges thereof may be provided for the container 1 and protects the plate 3, etc. when in place on the container 1.

The operation is as follows:

A roll or pile of the cotton batting or the like is placed in the container 1 and the plate or partition 3 is put in place after the end of the batting or the like has been drawn a short distance through the slot 4. This 'can be readily done by merely pushing the end of the batting or the like through the slot 4 from the bottom side of the plate 3, thus slightly tilting the member '7. Thme'mber 7 may be pressed slightly to cause the teeth 10 to penetrate the material and prevent it from accidentally falling back through the slot 4. The cover 11 may be put in place until some of the material is needed, whereupon the cover may be removed and the 'part of the material projecting beyond the teeth 10 may be easily pulled ofi.

It is well known that heretofore when attempts have been made to pull off a definite amount of material from cotton batting or the like the material does not separate in exactly the place desired so that the quantity to be separated is not always exactly the amount that is intended. Besides, when the batting is grasped to separate it, the grasping of it presses it into a somewhat cylindrical form making it more dimcult to tear off, By-the present invention the plate 7 and teeth 10 not only keep the batting spread out for easy separation, but the teeth also mark out the line across which it 'will be most readily torn or pulled oil.

After a piece has been pulled off as described the member 7 may be raised by pressing upon the extension 9, thus exposing some of the material above the slot 4 which can be caught hold of and drawn out to the desired extent whereupon the member '7 is again pressed down to cause the teeth 10 to enter the material, thereby enabling the user to pull or tear off the exact amount.

desired. A suflicient space is left above the plate 3 beyond th: teeth 10 to draw out a length of the material, thus having it ready to be tom ofi' instantly in case of emergency as soon as the cover 11 has been removed. In the meantime this portion is amply protected from dust or the like by the presence of the cover 11.

I claim:

A holder and dispensing device for cotton .batting, comprising a container having one end oted in the flanges of said first named plate at one side of said slot and extending a distance beyond the other side of said slot, the free edge of said last-named plate being bent downwardly and serrated, and an extension on said lastnamed plate extending on the other side of the pivot point in the space between said first named plate and the open end of said container.


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U.S. Classification225/43, 225/51, 206/417
International ClassificationA47K10/24, A47K10/38, B65D83/08
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