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Publication numberUS1957374 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1934
Filing dateFeb 8, 1934
Priority dateFeb 8, 1934
Publication numberUS 1957374 A, US 1957374A, US-A-1957374, US1957374 A, US1957374A
InventorsSamuel L Unger
Original AssigneeSamuel L Unger
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Advertising device
US 1957374 A
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May 1934. s. L. UNGER ADVERTISING DEVICE Filed Feb. 8, 1954 Y liuc 11 lofr D. Dn A. C, Y. N. T Tm -clay PATENT OFFICE 3 Claims.

This invention relates to advertising devices adapted particularly for large scale mail advertising campaigns, wherein advertising matter is mailed or otherwise delivered to prospective cus-A tomers andbearing an element that is pre-ad-v dressed to the sender of the device and is adapted to be detached and mailed back to him. The invention is embodied in a blotter adapted for ordinary desk use and bearing the advertising message of the sender, the blotter having also incorporated therewith a return element such as a return mailing cardthat is preaddressed to the sender on its covered side, and bears on its exposed side on the blotter the address of the recipient which address may be arranged to be visible through the window opening of a suitable window type envelope in which the blotter is mailed. A principal object of the invention is to provide a device of this kind that 'is attractive and striking in appearance, that is inexpensive to produce, and that by exhibiting the return card constantly to the recipient as the blotter is used, will present the strongest possible appeal for him to return the card to the sender of the device. 'I'he foregoing and other objects and advantages of the invention will more fully appear from the following detailed description taken with the vaccompanying drawing and the distinctive features of novelty will thereafter be pointed out in the appended claims.

Referring to the drawing:

Figure 1 is an elevation of an advertising blotter embodying the invention, the outline of an enclosing window opening envelope being shown in broken lines;

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the blotter, illustrating the manner of detaching the return mailing card; and Figure 3 is an elevation showing the reverse or return address side of the return mailing card detached.

10 indicates a blotter which may be of usual desk size, or any suitable size and dimensions. The reverse side of the blotter may bear the advertising message 11 of the sender on the major portion of the area thereof. At one end portion the backing sheet or smooth calendered layer of the blotter is made to constitute a return mailing card 12; the blotter area 13 corresponding to this portion being not gummed t`o the calendered layer. The return card portion 12 is defined by perforated lines of severance 14 terminating near the end of 'the blotter in fully cut out lines 15 to permit the end of the return card portion to be more easily grasped to separate it from the blotter. This return card portion may be distinctively colored so that its severable character is more strikingly apparent. The exposed face of the return card portion may bear on its upper portion a suitable reply message and under the same it bears the address of the recipient of the device as seen at i6. 'Ihe blotter may be placed in a suitable window envelope E and the address i6 is arranged with respect to the window W of the envelope so as to be visible through such window when the blotter is placed in the envelope. 'I'he reverse side of the return card 12 bears the address of the sender of the device as indicated at 17 together with the necessary indicia to indicate the prepaid character of the return card, if desired,

Thus the described blotter presents a constant suggestion to the user for the use of the return card, and all he needs to do to use it is to detach it from the blotter and put it in the mail, since it is already preaddressed and also bears his name and address. There is thus provided an advertising ldevice which constantly suggests to t-he recipient the return of the card provided, and after this is done, the blotter still presents the advertising message of the sender throughout its period of use.

I am aware that the invention may be embodied in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential attributes thereof, and I therefore desire the present embodiment to be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive, reference being had to the appended claims rather than to the foregoing description to indicate the scope of the invention.

Having now described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. An advertising blotter comprising a blotting layer and a calendered backing layer adhesively securedV thereto in its major portion, with a portion of .the backing layer defined by weakened severance lines to constitute. a return mailing card, said portion being not adhesively attached to the blotting layer and having spaces designated for the addresses of the recipient of the device and of the sender thereof upon the front and back surfaces thereof respectively.

2. An advertising blotter composed of a blotting layer and a backing layer of like dimensions and united together in registenthe backing layer having a, portion defined by weakened severance lines unsecured to the blotting layer, said portion having areas designated for the addresses of the recipient of the device and of the sender thereof upon its front and back faces respectively.

3. An advertising blotter comprising a blotting layer and a backing layer adhesively secured together and having a severable element defined by weakened severance lines borne by the backing layer thereof and unsecured to the blotting layer, said element having areas designated for the addresses of the recipient of the device and of the sender thereof upon the front and back surfaces respectively thereof.


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International ClassificationG09F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F1/00
European ClassificationG09F1/00