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Publication numberUS1959473 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1934
Filing dateApr 20, 1933
Priority dateApr 20, 1933
Publication numberUS 1959473 A, US 1959473A, US-A-1959473, US1959473 A, US1959473A
InventorsHeron Bruce O
Original AssigneeHeron Bruce O
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Fire kindler
US 1959473 A
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B. O. HERON FIRE KINDLER May 22, 1934.-

Filed April 20, 1933 BIZEELZJ'ZZ'PUH Patented May 22, 1934 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2 Claims.

My invention relates to improvements in fire kindlers and the objects of my invention are to provide a simple and inexpensive self-contained fire kindler, which may be ignited by a match or any other suitable igniting means and which will serve the purpose for which it is designed. It consists of a box made of cardboard or the like in a shape more or less like an inverted hopper and containing in its smaller section a certain quantity of size-graded charcoal or any other suitable fuel suspended over a long candle wick or other suitable igniting means. The top of the box or carton may have a covering of a material which may be torn off when it is desired to use the kindler prior to igniting the candle or wick. The carton may be reinforced with wood if necessary and may be, for example, in the specific shape shown in the drawing, that is, in the shape of a frustum of a pyramid.

In the accompanying drawing, in which like characters of reference refer to similar parts, Figure 1 shows a perspective view of the exterior of one form of the device, Figure 2 shows a similar view of the device with the interior construction of it shown in perspective, Figure 3 shows a section through a front elevation of the device and Figure 4 shows a section through the line 44 in Figure 3.

In the drawing 1 represents the carton or container shown by way of example in the shape of a frustum of a pyramid. 2 is an aperture in the sloping front through which a match or taper is inserted to ignite the wick 3 at the point 4 where it is slit or cut for easy igniting. The wick is of an inflammable material preferably impregnated with an inflammable wax or other hydrocarbon derivative such as paraflin and is preferably distributed longitudinally under the body of fuel 6 and 7 in order to obtain more even 0 igniting of the fuel. 5 is a tape or cover of any suitable material glued or affixed to the top of the carton to cover the long opening. The purpose of this cover is to prevent the fuel from falling out of the carton when the carton is being 5 handled. This cover 5 is removed prior to igniting the device. 6 and 7 represent small pieces of charcoal and cannel coal respectively. It is pointed out, however, that any other suitable fuels may be used, so long as they are easily ignitible. These fuels are supported or suspended on a platform or tray 8, which is glued or otherwise attached to the walls of the carton, and which is preferably perforated in order to insure a good draught. A sheet of paper 9 may be placed on the top of the platform or tray 8 to prevent fine grains or pieces of the fuel from falling through to the bottom section. The base of the carton supporting the wick 3 is indicated by the reference numeral 10. In the bottom 10 are holes which act as draught vents.

The general shape of the carton and its con- 7 tents affords a kindler which is compact, eflicient and economical and consequently one which is desirable for domestic use. The shape of the box or carton is such that when it is ignited a natural draught is created which becomes greater the more intense the heat, until eventually the box burns to such an extent that it collapses and finally burns to a fine ash. In the meantime the charcoal or other fuel has become a molten mass and radiates sufficient heat to properly ignite domestic fuel.

Various modifications may be made in the invention without departing from the spirit thereof or the scope of the claims and, therefore, the exact forms shown are to be taken as illustrative only and not in a limiting sense, and I desire that only such limitations shall be placed thereon as are imposed by the prior art or are specifically set forth in the appended claims.

What I claim as my invention is: f

1. A fire kindler comprising a carton in the form of an inverted hopper or the like, having a perforated base and a detachable cover portion and having therein a perforated fuel platform having charcoal and cannel coal orother suitable fuel thereon, an igniting chamber beneath the said platform, igniting means disposed with in the said chamber and an aperture in the front of the said carton for ready access to the igniting means.

2. A fire kindler comprising a carton in the form of an inverted hopper or the like, having a perforated base and a detachable cover portion and having therein a perforated fuel platform forming an igniting chamber between it and the said base, an inflammable covering on the fuel platform, and charcoal and cannel coal or other suitable fuel thereon, igniting means disposed on the perforated base within the said chamber, and an aperture in the said carton for ready access to the igniting means.


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International ClassificationC10L11/04, C10L11/00
Cooperative ClassificationC10L11/04
European ClassificationC10L11/04