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Publication numberUS1960073 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1934
Filing dateJan 26, 1932
Priority dateJan 26, 1932
Publication numberUS 1960073 A, US 1960073A, US-A-1960073, US1960073 A, US1960073A
InventorsJerome Warner
Original AssigneeWarner Jewelry Case Company
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Jewelry box
US 1960073 A
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May 22, 1984. J. WARNER 1,960,o78

J EWELRY BOX Filed Jan. 25, 1932 ,ziaren/for; W W,

,/zzm M,

Patented May 22, 1934 UNITED STATES J EWELRY BOX Jerome Warner, Buffalo,

Warner Jewelry Case a corporation of New Application January 26,

2 Claims.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in boxes or containers for jewelry.

One of its objects is the provision of a case or container of this Character which is so designed and constructed as to perform the dual purpose of holding the article of jewelry in the box and effectually displaying' it in windows, show cases and the like.

Another object of the invention is to provide a combined holder and display case for jewelry which is simple, compact and inexpensive in construction, and whose parts are organized and arranged to permit of displaying the jewelry with the case in various positions to suit the tastes of the user or jeweler.

In the accompanying drawing: Figure 1 is a perspective View of the case in its closed position. Figures 2, 3 and 4 are perspective views thereof in different display positions. Figure 5 is an enlarged cross section of the case. Figure 6 is a face View of a modified form of the case in its open position.

Similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

The improved box or case may be of any suitable shape or form, that shown in the drawing, by way of example, being substantially bookshaped and consisting of a back wall or supporting member 10 and two relatively movable side walls or body members 11 hinged at their rear edges to the opposite side edges of the back wall. The back wall and side walls may be provided with an appropriate covering 12, and those portions 13 of the covering at the junction of or between the side walls and back wall preferably constitute flexible joints or hinges which permit the side walls to be opened to different display positions relatively to the back wall.

The back wall 10 constitutes a support for an article of jewelry or the like and for this purpose a holder 14 is provided for detachably receiving, say a ring or similar article, so that in the closed position of the box the article is protected or housed when not in use, and in its open position the article may be effectually displayed, as seen in Figures 2, 3 and 4. In the example shown in the drawing, this holder preferably consists of a N. Y., assignor to Company, Buffalo, N. Y.,


1932, Serial No. 588,875

2, 3 and 4, the rear edges of such rims terminating short of the adjoining edges of the back wall 10. In the closed position of the box, these rims abut against each other, in the manner shown in Figures 1 and 5, and jointly constitute front and top and bottom enclosure walls.

The opposite edges of the holder 14 bear against the adjoining inside faces of the rims 17 in the closed position of the box, and being covered with a soft material, the edges of the holder frictionally engage the rims and serve to hold the side walls in their closed position. If desired, however, a suitable catch may be employed for this purpose.

In Figures 2, 3 and 4, I have shown different ways or positions in which the box may be set in an open position for effectually displaying the article of jewelry borne by it. In Figure 2, the box is supported in an upright position with one of the side walls 11 opened to effectually display the ring against the background of the Companion side wall, while in Figure 3 both side walls are open to a substantially horizontal position so as to lie flatwise in a show case window or the like, with the ring displayed in an upright position in .the holder 14. In Figure 4, the side walls are partially folded backwardly or below the plane of the back wall 10, bringing the latter to an elevated display position with its side walls constituting braces for holding it in such position.

In Figure 6, the box has been shown in connection With a holder 18 which is mounted for movement relative to the back wall 10 and which may be pivoted at 19 to such wall, so as to be readily swung to different positions for display purposes. This holder is shown in its normal position against the box-wall by full lines, and by dotted lines in different display positions.

I claim as my inVention:-

1. A jewelry case, comprising a supporting member constituting the back wall of the case, two relatively movable body members hinged to opposite edges of said supporting member, and an article-holder mounted on the inner side of said supporting member for movement relative thereto to different display positions.

2. A jewelry case, comprising a supporting member constituting the back wall of the case, two relatively movable body members hinged to opposite edges of said supporting member, and an article-holder pivotally mounted on the inner side of said supporting member for swinging movement to various display positions.


To provide a compartment or chamber between the side walls 11 and back wall 10, the inner faces of the side walls are provided with inwardlyfacing marginal rims or fianges 17 which extend around the front and the top and bottom edges of the side walls in the manner shown in Figures

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International ClassificationA45C11/16, A45C11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/16
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