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Publication numberUS1961450 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 5, 1934
Filing dateAug 29, 1929
Priority dateAug 29, 1929
Publication numberUS 1961450 A, US 1961450A, US-A-1961450, US1961450 A, US1961450A
InventorsPetersen Thorvald
Original AssigneeReed Mfg Co
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Tool carrier
US 1961450 A
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June 5, 1934.



Patented June 5, 1934 UNITED STATES TOOL CARRIER Thorvald Petersen, Erie, Pa., assignor to Reed Manufacturing Company Erie, Pm, a COIPOIEL.

tion of Pennsylvania Application August 29,

I 2 Claims.

With certain tools, such as die stocks having various sizes of die heads, it is desirable to provide a tool which will carry the diiferent sizes of heads and also form a mounting for the stock itself. With the present invention the placing of the die. stock in place on the carrier locks the die heads mounted on the carrier in place. With different sizes of heads there are somewhat different lengths and it is desirable to leave one of these die heads in the die stock. This makes variations in the relation between the stock and the carrier. In the present invention a securing device is pro vided which accommodates these variations. Features and. details of the invention will appear from the specification and claims.

A preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing as follows:-

Fig. 1 shows a side elevation of the carrier, partly in section.

Fig. 2 an enlarged end view of the carrier.

Fig. 3 a section on the line 33 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 a side elevation of one end of the carrier with the securing means moved toward detached position.

1 marks the carrier base. This is preferably formed of sheet metal of channel shape. The upper web of this base is provided with a series of openings 2 forming mountings for the different die heads 3, the die heads being ordinarily somewhat larger than the shanks 4 forming shoulders 5. The shanks are placed in the openings 2 and are housed in the channel-shaped base and the shoulders form a seat for the head.

An annular socket 6 is arranged in the top plate of the base adjacent to one end and this socket receives screws '7 with which the die is secured in the die head. These screw heads lock the die stock against accidental removal by engagement with the walls of the socket. The head is mounted in a die stock 8, this stock having the usual operating handle 9. The end of the operating handle is put through an open- 1929, Serial No. 389,284 (01. 206-16) ing 10 in an upward projection 11 at the end of the base, this handle extending over the base locks the several die heads in the sockets 2.

A bail 12 is pivotally mounted on a pin 13. The pin 13 extends through perforations 14 in the bail and verti al slots 15 in the side walls of the base. A spring 16 exerts pressure on the pin, the upper end of the spring being mounted in a socket 17 formed by the inner walls of the annular socket 6.

This spring permits the pin 13 to move upwardly in the slot so that the bail may be readily swung over the end of the stock to accommodate itself to variations in the size of the head. The spring also exerts sufficient pressure so that the die stock is securely held on the carrier. The upper end of the bail is slightly bent upwardly at 18 so that the fingers of an operator may be readily inserted for lifting and swinging the tool off the stock. This also. gives clearance in swinging the bail. Ordinarily there is a space 19 left between the heads 3 at the center of the carrier so that the handle of the stock forms the handle for the carrier with the parts in place.

What I claim as new is:-- i

1. In a tool carrier, the combination of a carrier base; a bail pivotally mounted on the base and adapted to swing over and secure a tool on the base; and a yielding pivotal connection between the base and the bail comprising a pin extending through the bail and base, and a spring operating on the pin-yieldingly drawing the bail toward the base.

2. In a tool carrier, the combination of a carrier base of channel shape; a perforated raised support at one end of the base; a bail at the opposite end of the base adapted to swing over and secure a tool on the base; and a pivotal connection between the bail and base comprising a pin extending through the bail and the sides of the base, and a spring operating on the pin drawing the bail toward the base.


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U.S. Classification206/375
International ClassificationB25H3/06
Cooperative ClassificationB25H3/06
European ClassificationB25H3/06