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Publication numberUS196161 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1877
Filing dateAug 18, 1877
Publication numberUS 196161 A, US 196161A, US-A-196161, US196161 A, US196161A
InventorsLazarus Mokgkenthatt
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Improvement in machines for gumming labels
US 196161 A
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L. 1V[0RGENTHAU.- Machine for Gumming Labels.

No.196,161 Patented Oct. 16, 1877.




- Specification forming part of Letters Patent'lNo. 196,161, dated October 16, 1877 application filed August 18, 1877.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LAZARUS MoRGENTHAU, of the city, county, and State of New York, 11. ve invented a new and Improved Machine for Gaming Labels, of which the following is a specification:

In the accompanying drawing, igure 1 represents a vertical longitudinal section of my improved machine for gumming labels, and Fig. 2 is a top view of the same.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

The obj ect of this invention is to provide for the trades an improved machine for the purpose of supplying labels of all kinds, stamps, strips, printed matter, or anything else,whether made of paper, linen, silk, or any other substance, with glue, paste, mucilage, or other adhesive substance, ,to be then attached to the objects for which they are intended.

The machine puts on the adhesive substance in uniform, rapid, and economical manner, without in the least smircln'ng the face of the labels or other articles. It maybe made of difierent sizes, according to the purposes for.

which the machine is designed, and may also be employed with equal facility for moistening stamps or other articles having gummed backs by rmming the machine with water in place of an adhesive substance.

The invention consists, essentially, of an endless feed-belt, that conducts the labels to be gummed to an endless supply-belt, to which the adhesive substance is fed from a suitable receptacle below by distributing-rollers. A circular brush exposes all parts of the label to the ac tion of the supply-belt. A second revolving brush clears the labels from the pressure-brush, and conducts them to an inclined clearingplate, and from the same to the place of use.

By reference to the drawing, A represents an endless revolvingbelt, that is stretched over suitable rollers, and passes over a slightly-inclined table, the belt being made of silk or other material. The belt A is intended to receive the labels, strips, stamps, or other sheets to be gummed on the back, and feeds them face uppermost to a second endlessbelt, B, that revolves on stretching-rollers, and passes over a horizontal table. The second endless belt B is made of leather or other suitable material,

and serves to supply the paste, glue,muoilage, or other adhesive substance to the labels. The supply-belt B receives the adhesive substance from a reservoir, 0, below the same, said reservoir having a lateral screen, 0', to prevent any coarse impurities from passing to the distributing-rollers D, of which the lower turns in the adhesive liquid, while the upper forms contact with the same and with the supplybelt B, and transmits thereby the quantity received to that portion of the endless belt B in contact therewith. The reservoir 0 is also provided with a gage, a, by which the quantity of adhesive liquid in the reservoir is indicated at any moment, and the same refilled as required.

When the machine is to be worked with glue, the reservoir is heated up in suit-able manner to keep the glue in liquid state. As the label passes from the feed-belt A to the supply-belt B it is uniformly pressed down upon the latter by a circular brush, E, that slides in slotted standards E, and revolves by the friction with the labels. Every part of the label or sheet being thus pressed upon by the brush receives a uniform coating of adhesive substance from the supply-belt, which moves the labels forward toward the end of the same, when they are lifted and cleared from the supply-belt B by a hinged and inclined plate, B, that may be readily thrown back when the belt is to be removed for cleaning. The inclined clearingplate rests, by its front edge, on the supplybelt, and secures the clearing of the labels in perfectly reliable manner, the labels being then taken up by hand, or transferred to a conveying-belt, orto a labeling or other machine, or to the drying-racks, according as they are to be applied directly to boxes, cases, bottles, or other articles, or to be dried, as in the case of postage and revenue stamps.

As the pressure-brush may take up some of the adhesive substance, and thereby exert on the labels a tendency to lap on the same, and

pass off from the supply-belt before they are taken up by the inclined clearing-plate, a second guard-brush, F, with stiff wire or bristles, is arranged back of the pressure-brush, and its surface moved at point of contact in opposite direction thereto, so as to clear the labels from the pressure-brush, and secure their reliable forward motion on the gumming-belt, to be finally taken up therefrom by the clearingplate.

The motion of the belts and guard-brush .is produced by suitable intermeshin g gearing from a suitable driving-shaft, and the machine Worked either by hand or power, according to the Work to be accomplished. Smaller machines, to be used in the trade for labeling bottles, cigarboxes, and other articles, may be readily worked by hand, While larger machines-such as supply paste to sheets of large surface-may be driven by power.

The machine produces the quick, clean, and economical gumming of labels and other sheets, and is, on account of its simplicity and construction and reliable Working, adapted to a variety of applications in the trade.

Having thus fully described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent l. A machine for gumming labels and other articles, consisting, essentially, of a revolving feed-belt, a revolving supply-belt, a reservoir for the adhesive substance, and device for distributing the same on the supply-belt, and of a pressure-brush above the supply-belt, substantially in the manner and for the purpose specified.

2. The combination, with the revolving supply-belt and pressurebrush, of a guard-brush, its surface at the point of contact moving in opposite direction to the pressure-brush, to prevent the labels from lapping on the press ure-brush, substantially as and for the purpose specified.



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