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Publication numberUS1964387 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1934
Filing dateJul 5, 1932
Priority dateJul 5, 1932
Publication numberUS 1964387 A, US 1964387A, US-A-1964387, US1964387 A, US1964387A
InventorsSaverio Sena
Original AssigneeSaverio Sena
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Bathtub shower device
US 1964387 A
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June 26,1934. s. SENA 1,964,387

BATHTUB SHOWER DEVICE Filed July 5. 1932 FIG III FIGE b tfiiijva NT 0 R BY 7h.

Patented June 26, 1934 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 3 Claims.

My invention relates to improvements in bathtub shower devices of the form that is adapted to be applied as a separable attachment to a bathtub that is installed and in use and is operatively connected to the water supply by means of a rubber tube connection and the object of my improvement is to produce a bathtub shower clevice that comprises a main shower part in the form of a tubular structure that is supported in position around the upper inner border of the tub wall and that has the desired delivery ducts or perforations in the inside tube-wall, that has a vertically elongated cross-section or flat form of cross-section so as to reduce the obstruction to the interior tub-space, and in which the connection for said main part is through the medium of an auxiliary tube part that has control means for said main part and is provided with means for connecting a hand-shower and water-control means therefor.

In the accompanying drawing:-

Figure 1 isa plan View of my improved bathtub shower device with a showing of a tub to which it is applied in broken lines.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional view of the tubular main part, with part of a tub in broken lines.

Fig. 3 is an end elevation as viewed from the inside of the tub, on an enlarged scale, showing the auxiliary tube part and associated parts.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary broken out view of the left end of the same.

Fig. 5 shows in a similar manner the right end.

My improved bathtub shower device 10 is applied to a bathtub 11 of standard form and, as shown, is in the form of a closed loop of tubing that fits along the top of the inside border wall 12 or" the tub so that perforations 13 that constitute jet openings in the inside wall of said tubing will operate to deliver water in spray form to the interior tub space.

The tubing ends 14 may meet by their buttends along a line 15 that is substantially at the middle of the width at the faucet end 16 of the tub 11.

The faucet end 16 serves as the support for the faucet structure 17 that has a delivery outlet 18 that is adapted to removably receive a connecting head 19 that is on one end of a rubber tubing 20 that may be used to connect devices of one form or another to the water supply.

In the present instance the faucet structure 17 is used to support the faucet end portion 21 of the shower device 10 and water is delivered thereto through a nipple 22 and a head 23 that is provided at the other end of the rubber tubing 20.

The present structure is provided with a second nipple 24 that is used as a delivery nipple for water to be supplied to a hand spray 25 by means of a delivery tube 26 of rubber and a suitable connecting head 27 that is applied to the nipple 24.

Shut-01f valves or the like are provided for controlling the delivery of water respectively to the main shower 10 and to the hand shower 25. As seen from the inside of the tub the main nipple 22 is at the left of the faucet structure 17 and the main control valve 28 therefor is still further towards the left or outside.

The nipple 24 for the hand shower or spray 25 is towards the right, spaced appreciably towards the right away from the faucet structure 17 and the control valve 29 therefor is located closely inside the same, and between the two nipples.

The end portion of the shower device 10 remote from the faucet structure 17 may be supported by means of suitable brackets 39 that overhang the adjacent rims 30 of the tub 11, one on each side being shown.

Nipples and control valves have been mentioned. I find it convenient to provide these in a separate structure 31 that is in the form of a length of tubing, preferably of flat vertically elongated form of cross-section like that of the main device 10. This separate control structure 31 is located just below the main tubing ends 14 and is adapted to rest upon the faucet structure 17 for support of itself and of the device 10 to which it is mechanically connected and to which it is operatively connected for water flow by means of a vertical connecting passage 32.

Said passage 32 is adjacent the left end of the control'tube 31; the inlet supply nipple 22 is more closely located to the faucet structure 17 and the main control valve 28 is between said passage 32 and nipple 22. The control tube 31 overhangs the faucet structure 17 and the overhanging end 33 at the left is provided with the main nipple 22, the valve 28, and the delivery passage 32.

The overhanging end 34 at the right is closed; the nipple 24 is just inside the tip end; and the auxiliary valve 29 is further inside so as to be adapted to shut off the water flow to the hand spray 25.

As described, control means are provided that are convenient and likewise do not conflict in one way or another with the faucet structure 17 in the use of the shower device.

I claim as my invention:

1. In combination, a main shower member of loop form adapted to be located along the border wall of a bathtub and formed of tubular material with one wall perforated for the delivery of water to the tub in spray form, a movable hand spray provided with a flexible tubular connecting means, a water delivery control structure of tubing having a pair of laterally spaced control cocks, having a nipple intermediate said cocks, and having ends projecting laterally beyond said cocks, one of said ends being connected by a passage with said main shower, and the other of said ends being provided with a nipple for receiving said tubular connecting means, whereby means are provided for water supply control for said main shower member and for said hand spray.

2. A bathtub and shower combination comprising a bathtub having an end wall, faucet supporting means projecting through said wall, a shower device extended generally along the length of the said bathtub and having a cross-length portion that is closely opposed to said end wall, said device being made of tubing, with one wall perforated for water delivery, means for supplying water t6 said device, and means for operatively supporting said cross-length portion in upward spaced relation from said faucet supporting means.

3. A bathtub and shower combination as described in claim 2, said means for supporting the cross-length portion comprising a control tube structure of tubular material that is located intermediate said faucet supporting means and said cross-length portion and that is likewise incorporated in said means for supplying water, being provided with water receiving and delivery means, and comprising valve control means for such supply.


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U.S. Classification4/569
International ClassificationA47K3/28
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