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Publication numberUS1965040 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1934
Filing dateApr 12, 1932
Priority dateApr 12, 1932
Publication numberUS 1965040 A, US 1965040A, US-A-1965040, US1965040 A, US1965040A
InventorsJane Kelly Margaret
Original AssigneeJane Kelly Margaret
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Cinder bag and protecting cover
US 1965040 A
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July 3, i934, M. J. KELLY CINDER BAG AND PROTECTING COVER Filed April l2 wwwa.


Patented July 3, 1934 unirse stares PArsNr orties CINDER BAG AND PROTEOTING COVER Margaret Jane Kelly, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Application April 12, 1932, Serial No. 604,835

3 Claims. (Cl. 209-370) This invention relates to means for the housethe ring 18 to effect a closing so as to prevent the hold for use in conjunction with an ash sitter to discharge of the dust particles from the space 14 receive and contain cinders separated from ashes through the opening 15, as shown in Figure 1. in sifting them, and at the same time to act as a The open end of the bag 10 may be provided with i protector by preventing dust from spreading. any suitable means for contracting the same 60 The invention provides a two-part combinaaround a section of an ash sifter. The said tion consisting of a bag or receptacle, and a sepmeans, in the present instance, consists of a hem arate cover or hood, both of which parts, or the 20 open at the side, and a contractile spring 21 bag or receptacle alone, may be used in connecwithin the hem 20; the ends of the spring 21 l tion with an ash sifter for the stated purpose. being connected together by a connector 22 of 65 It is an object of the invention to provide a sim- 8-shape. In Figure 1 of the drawing, the bag 10 ple and inexpensive means of the indicated charis shown applied to an ash sifter 23. The open acter which is convenient, which provides for end of the bag 10 is passed over the cinder disthe accumulation of the cinders and stores them charge end of the sifter 23 so as to receive the l until wanted, and which protects the user while cinders in the ash sifting operation. It will be 70 carrying out ash sifting operations. apparent that these cinders will be caught and The invention consists in the several novel fearetained in the bag and may be kept therein until tures of construction and new combination of wanted, when the bag may be readily removed parts hereinafter fully described and illustrated from the sifter. in the accompanying drawing, in which In accordance with another feature of the in- 75 Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the bag venton, the cover or hood 11 may be applied to and cover of the invention applied to an ash the hopper 24 of the sifter 23 to: prevent the dust sifter to illustrate the manner of using them, a from spreading during the sifting operation. In

portion of the bag being broken away; other words, the cover or hood 11 prevents dust 25 Figure 2 shows the protecting cover; from rising from the hopper 24 after the ashes 8O Figure 3 is a view of the bag, the same being have been placed in the hopper. This cover or shown partly in section. hood 11 may be of the desired size, and may be Referring now more particularly to the drawmade of any preferred material such as closely ing, it will be apparent that the invention conwoven fabric. The cover 11 has suitable means templates two main parts, a bag or receptacle 10, for contracting the same about the hopper. In 85 and a separate cover or hood 1l. The bag 10 may the present instance, this means consists of a be or any preferred size and may be made of any hem 25 open at one side, and a contractile suitable material or combination of materials spring 26 within the hein 25; the ends of the and is preferably made of closely woven fabric. spring 26 being connected together by an 8-shaped The bag has an inner bottom 12 and an outer connector 27. A strap, tape or cord 28 has one 90 bottom 13. These bottoms 12 and 13 may be proend thereof connected with the cover as at 29 and vided by applyinfr an extra section to the lower its opposite end hasahook 30. When the cover 11 end of the main bag body, as shown in Figure 3. is applied to the hopper 24 of the sifter, the hook The lower end or" the bag is so constructed as 30 may be engaged with the connector 22 to aid to provide a space 14 for ne particles, dust and in retaining the bag l0 in receiving position on 95 the like. This space 14, dened by the bottoms the sifter 23, as shown in Figure 1. This is par- 12 and 13, has an opening 15 for discharging ticularly desirable when the bag 10 is almost the particles which enter the space 14 from the filled with cinders, since it will permit the bag main receiving space of the bag designated 16. from slipping oil the sifter.

The inner bottom 12 has provision for allowing The provision of the space 14 to receive the 100 the iine particles or dust to leave the space 16 ne particles is a distinct advantage and coninto the space 14 to be separated from the cinders venience when emptying the bag since these ne received in the space 16. The said provision for particles will be separated from the cinders and this purpose consists of perforations provided by may be readily disposed of by removing the ring the use of grommets or the like 17 applied to the 18. In this manner the dust may be handled 105 bottom 12. The opening 15 is closed by any suitwithout allowing it to spread or scatter about. able means, and, in the present instance, there I @lahm-.- is provided a ring 18 which is connected with the 1. A cinder bag having an inner bottom and an Y bag l0 'DY a Simp 01" 100D 19. The DON-i011 Of outer bottom to provide a dust space, said inner the bag at the Opening 15 may be pulled through bottom being perforated to allow the dust to 110 enter said space, and said bag having outlet means to discharge the dust from said space, and means carried by the bag to removably secure it in receiving position on the discharge end of a sifter.

2. A cinder bag having on the bottom a receiving section for dust and fine particles, said bottom having provision to allow the dust and ne particles to pass from said bag into said section, said section having outlet means to discharge the dust and fine particles from said section, and means to secure said bag in receiving position on the discharge end of a sifter.


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