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Publication numberUS1966020 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1934
Filing dateMar 8, 1932
Priority dateMar 8, 1932
Publication numberUS 1966020 A, US 1966020A, US-A-1966020, US1966020 A, US1966020A
InventorsRowley Eugene F
Original AssigneeRowley Eugene F
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Floor covering seam potector
US 1966020 A
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July 1o, 1934. EQ F. ROWLEY 1,966,020

FLOORvCOVERING SEAM PROTECTOR Filed March 8, 1952 Y/ my N Mmmm I nventor ige/7@ Zw/u liorney Patented July 10, 1934 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE FLOOR COVERING SEAM POTECTOR Eugene F. Rowley, Turlock, Calif.

Application March 8, 1932, Serial No. 597,619

1 Claim. (Cl. 20-74) The present invention relates to a floor coverporting rib may be integral with the strip 4. As ing seam protector and has for its primary object illustrated, the supporting rib 6 is provided With to provide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, the spaced openings 7 for the passage of securing novel means for preventing damage to the edges elements. Nails 8 are driven through the strip 4 of sheets of floor covering, such as linoleum, while and the supporting rib 6 into the floor 1 for se- 60 at the same time permitting expansion and concuring the protector in position. Of course, any traction of said sheets. suitable securing elements other than nails, such Other objects of the invention are to provide as screws, may be used for this purpose. a oor covering seam protector embodying a The supporting rib 6 is of thickness slightly 10 novel construction, combination and arrangegreater than the thickness of the sheets 2 in order 65 ment of parts through the medium of which curlthat the downturned, beveled edges 5 only of the ing of the marginal portions of the sheets of oor Strip 4 will contact with the sheets. This is illuscovering will be prevented, and the accumulating trated to advantage in Figure 2 of the drawing. of dirt and other matter between the opposed It will thus be seen that the space 3 between edges of the sheets will be eliminated. the sheets 2 is effectively closed against the en- 70 Other objects of the invention are to provide trance of dirt and other foreign matter, at the a oor covering seam protector which will be same time permitting movement of the edges of simple in construction, strong, durable, eihcient the sheets toward or away from each other. The and reliable in use, attractive in appearance and downturned longitudinal marginal portions of the which may be manufactured and installed at low strip 4 which terminates in the beveled edges 5 75 cost. present only a slight obstruction to the feet of All of the foregoing and still further objects persons walking on the oor, thereby substanand advantages of the invention will become aptially preventing tripping, in addition to preparent from a study of the following specification, venting the entrance of dirt between the strip Y teken in Connection With the aCCOIIlDenYing dl'aW- and the sheets of floor covering and lending a 80 ing Whelein like Chal'aetels Of I'efeI'enCe deSigneat and attractive appearance to the protector. nate corresponding parts throughout the several It is believed that the many advantages of a views, and whereimfloor covering seam protector constructed in ac- FigU-Ie 1 iS a VieW in i013 Dien 0f a flOOI COVel'- cordance with the present invention will be reading seam protector constructed in accordance ily understood, and although the preferred em- 85 with the present invention. bodiment of the invention is as illustrated and Flgure. 2 1S a View in vertical section, taken described, it is to be understood that changes Substantially 0n the llne 2-2 0f Figure 1- in the details of construction and in the combi- Figui'e 3 iS e fragmentary detail View in Delnation and arrangement of parts may be resorted Speotive Showing a portion of the supporting ribto which will fau within the scope of the inven- 90 Referring now to the drawing in detail, it Will tion es Claimed be seen that the reference numeral 1 designates What is claimed is; e DOItiOn ef a flOOl having InOunted thereon the A floor covering seam protector comprising an lOOI COVeIlhg, the edleeeht portions 0f tWO Sheets elongated, substantially flat resilient metallic strip 40 of which are designated by the reference numeral of a Width Sufeient to bridge the Space between 95 2, the opposed edges of the sheets 2 are separated two sheets ef goor covering and overlap the adfiOIn eeen Other t0 DFOVide the Space 3- jacent marginal portions of said sheets, a sup- Tho embodlment of the protector oonstltutloe porting rib extending 1ongitudina11y beneath the the present invention which is illustrated in the Strip and engaged with the floor bei-,Ween the dlefWihg comprises e Strip 4 0f any Suitable me' sheets of covering, securing elements extending 100 terlal, preferably metal, of a width sufcient to through the strip and lche Supporting rib and bridge the SDaCe 3 and Overlap the adjacent anchored in the floor, the longitudinal marginal marginal DOltiOnS 0f the IOOI Covering Sheets 2- portions of the strip being down-turned and ter- The Stllp 4 iS OIIneCi t0 DIOVide the beveled, minating in bevelled edges engageable with the 5o downturned edges 5 Which are engegeable With oor covering, the supporting rib being slightly 105 the Sheets 2- greater in thickness than the oor covering.

The strip 4 is mounted on a supporting rib 6 EUGENE F, ROWLEY, which rests on the iioor 1 between the sheets 2. The supporting rib 6 may, if desired, be secured in any suitable manner to the strip 4 or said sup- 110

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U.S. Classification16/7, 52/467
International ClassificationA47G27/00, A47G27/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47G27/045
European ClassificationA47G27/04C2