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Publication numberUS1966822 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1934
Filing dateJan 25, 1933
Priority dateJan 25, 1933
Publication numberUS 1966822 A, US 1966822A, US-A-1966822, US1966822 A, US1966822A
InventorsIrving Lieb
Original AssigneeIrving Lieb
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Hand-carried traffic signal
US 1966822 A
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Jmfiy 11?, @340 I. LIEB 199669822 HAND CARRIED TRAFFIC SIGNAL Filed Jan. 25, 1953 IN VEN TOR.

A TTORNEY Patented July 17, 1934 HAND-CARRIED TRAFFIC SIGNAL Irving Lieb, Del Monte, Calif.

Application January 25,

3 Claims.

illuminate the hand so as to make it visible under dark, murky or other condition of impaired visibility.

In accordance with the invention, a reflector is worn upon the back of the hand, and arranged to glow and present a red light to following traffic when the lights of said trafic play upon said refiector.

Further objects of my invention comprise the following desiderata:

To provide an elegant and comparatively flexible mounting for a reflector lens, said mounting comprising a ventilated, annular base conformable to the back of the hand and adapted for the free circulation of air between the hand and said lens, thereby adding an element of comfort to the wearer.

To provide a neck portion rising in a graceful inward curve from said base; then sweeping in an upwardly and outwardly directed curve, and being recurved inwardly to form an annular bead having a bezel element adapted to hug said lens snugly and securely in a bezelgroove, thus providing a structure whereby said lens is supported all round its periphery, both above and below, by a cushioning structure.

To provide a lens mounting which may be cast integrally of rubber of suitable consistency to allow the bezel portion thereof to be distorted for insertion of said lens and sufficiently elastic to spring back to its normal circularity after the lens is inserted.

To provide a wristband preferably integral with said mounting structure, and provided with forwardly-disposed loopholes adapted to engage the middle fingers; said band and loops being preferably composed of relatively thin elastic rubber; together with other objects and advantages which may hereafter appear, be particularly pointed out in the claims and illustrated in the drawing at- 55 tached hereto and made part hereof, in which:-

1933, Serial No. 653,371

Figure 1 is a top plan view of my invention, shown as being attached to the hand.

Figure 2 is a section taken on the line 22 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a bottom plan.view of my device.

Similar reference indicia refer to similar parts throughout the several views. I

In carrying out my invention I provide the mounting structure (9) of relatively rigid rubber from which extend forwardly the finger-loops (10), and rearwardly the wristband (11). Said band and loops being preferably integral with said basal structure, but of more yieldable, or elastic material.

Said band comprises the members (12 and 13) adapted to be snapped together by hookless-fastener complemental elements as (14 and 15) not necessary to show in full detail as forming no part of the present invention.

The base (9) is of relatively stout rubber, not

easily distorted.

The extreme underneath portion is provided with the ventilating grooves (16), above which the neck (17) is disposed. Said neck is grooved internally at (18) to receive the lens (19) there being sufficient resilient structure below said lens to cushion it against shocks.

It will be noted that the stock of the neck that lies adjacent the groove (18) is reduced in thickness which enables the bezel element (20) of said structure to be more readily distorted from its circularity when inserting said lens.

When about to be worn the corresponding fingers of the hand are inserted into the loops (10) and the members (12) and (13) brought together under the wrist and snapped together.

In this position the device rides safely and comfortably on the hand of the wearer, the lens periphery being surrounded on three sides by a constricting, yieldable substance, it being understood that the lens edge is appreciably thicker than the width of the lens groove (18); and that the diameter of said groove is suitably less than that of the lens, so that when forced into said groove there is a tendency for said neck to tighten against the lens periphery, and for the bezel (20) to hug down close upon the contacting peripheral surface of said lens.

It will be noted that the wristband (11) is provided with ventilating openings as (21).

I am aware that prior to my invention mountings for hand signals have been made to mount reflecting signals. I therefore do not claim such a combination broadly; but

2. A device as specified in claim 1, characmrized by the provision of ventilating means adjacent the lower end of the neck.

3. A device as specified in claim 1, characterized by the finger and wrist engaging means comprising finger loops on one side of the base and a wrist strap on the base opposite the finger loops.


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U.S. Classification359/517, D10/111, 2/160
International ClassificationG08B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationG08B5/004
European ClassificationG08B5/00B