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Publication numberUS1969258 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1934
Filing dateJun 26, 1931
Priority dateJun 26, 1931
Publication numberUS 1969258 A, US 1969258A, US-A-1969258, US1969258 A, US1969258A
InventorsCross Benjamin Franklin
Original AssigneeCross Benjamin Franklin
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Holster holder
US 1969258 A
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Aug. 7, 1934. F, CROSS 1,969,258

HOLSTER HOLDER Filed June 26, 1931 INVENTOR B.Franklin Cross 42a ATTORNEY Patented Aug. 7, 1934 UNITED STATES HQLSTER HOLDER 7 Benjamin Franklin Cross, Kew Gardens, N. Y.

Application June 26, 1931, Serial No. 547,043,

3 Claims.

This invention relates to the supporting'of a holster with pistol or like weapon, and has for its purpose the mounting of the holster'in a readily accessible position for use in emergency.

I 5 It involves the mounting of such a holster so that it will be secure and held in a predetermined position, and at the same time will permit the owner or user to quickly dislodge the holster and pistol, and shift the same to his pocket, as, for example, when an authorized user of weapons, as a law ofiicer, needs to carry the weapon, or requires the weapon alternately accessible when driving an automobile. It also provides for the quick attachment in a predetermined definite position of holster with weapon under the desk of a bank employe, or other person'needing a weapon readily accessible at hand in a position to meet the contingencies of holdup or attack.

In most cases it aims to provide the quick attachment of a holster and pistol into a position accessible for the user, so that he may reach the pistol by a normal movement of his hand, giving the least possible warning to an attacking or threatening person,and so that he can release the pistol for defense in the quickest possible time. All of the particular requirements of great importance in the protection of lives and property are met by the facilities of attaching the holster most advantageously, and releasing the holster and pistol to be carried away from the spot by the owner with the simplest and most voluntary movements, and in the quickest possible time. The essence of this is the provision of a most efiicient attaching and supporting means for the holster for both simplicity and durability, and to meet the other requirements ofholster carrying, and proper preservation of the contained weapon.

For these purposes I permanently attach to the outer surface of the holster in a suitable position, a means adapted to engage and clip onto a fixed supporting member that in turn is adapted to be readily secured in any'predetermined position. As the use of the holster holder may vary, being very suitable for automobile use, and likewise for. desk or ofiice use in many ways, the, form of a rigid stanchion or bar will vary, and therefore the aim of this invention is to provide a universalholster holder that in one design is adapted for the rigid and proper attachment in any of the many places and positions where the invention will serve its various purposes.

A particular embodiment of my inventionis shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. I is a side elevation ofmy holster holder supporting a holster on an automobile gear shift lever.

Fig. 11 illustrates my bracket holding the hol ster on a'fixed support underneath a desk, sue as at a bank tellers window.

Fig. III is a side elevation of the bracket for V attachment to a fixed support.

Fig. IV is aside elevation of the plate to be permanently attached'to. the holster side.

Fig. V is a side elevation of the staple extend.- ing along the interior of the holster leather and with the prongs penetrating upward to secure the plate of Fig. IV, rigidly attached. 1

Fig. VI is a side elevation of the fixed arm or rod bracket. i i Fig. VII is an end view of the fixed 'arm,-r0d or support, with its lateral extending blade.

Fig. VIII is a side elevation of theholster side plate and the staple. (shown in Fig.;V inassembled position.

Fig. IX is a side elevation of the holster plate showing the leaf spring ends for engagement of the plate of the fixed bracket.

The holster .a. with pistol B are supported by the'plate C on the bracket D. The bracket D is rigidly clamped to a member suchas the gear shift lever E, or. to a stanchion F, or the like, supported in the desired accessible; or equally concealed and equallyaccessible position, as under a bank tellers window.- Wherever so supported provision for this invention is a rigid, temporary support for the weight of the pistol and holster in a fixed position, but providing. for the dislodgment of the holster by easy manual operation,or, if desired, the retraction of the pistol from the holster, still leaving the holster firmly supported on the bracket. This 9 affords the two desired facilities, namely, that an oflicer of the law, orcther authorized person can quickly pull a pistol-from its" temporary lodged fixed position, and also, if desired, they can detach the pistol and holster-from its tern porary fixed position, and thereafter insert the holster. for carrying in pocket, or otherwise as desired. It provides the means, for example'of supporting the holster and pistol on the change gear lever of an automobile, so that in emera gency a person driving the automobile can effect the motion of car operation, namely, gear shifting preparatory to stopping the car, without exciting the suspicion of an assailant, and in the same operation can pull the pistol, and

' of the weapon from the holster.

thereby gain seconds in readiness for repelling an assailant,which is not possible in case an extraordinary movement of his pistol arm is necessary in order to grip the weapon.

- To provide these advantages, the holster clip as shown in detail, accomplishes the results and in a further development of the invention as set forth in my pending United States patent application Serial No. 494,858 filed November '11,

The specific fornrof my construction herein shown of the clip, comprises the bracket 1 with a plate 2 integrally formed therewith, and suitable members 33 with bolts 4;& to secure the bracket rigidly to a support, such as E or F, or


The plate 5 for attachment to the outside of the holster leather is secured to'the holster by the staple .6, with, prongs 7'7 passing from the inside of the holster 1631711813 50 that the elongated edge I on the staple forms a smooth inner protuberance that will not mar the weapon, nor

will it interfere with the passage, that is the insertion orretraction of the pistol from the holster. This plate 5 is of suitable spring metal such as steel, havingthe ends 5 bent over and springleaf extremities 8--8 forming an aperture with the main portion 9 of the plate, so as to accommodate the blade 2 between the main por-' tion 9 and the spring leaf ends '88.

On the plate a tongue 9= is pressed out by suitable stamping to provide'for the engagement with tongue 2 on the blade 2, and preferably pimples 10-10 are pressed into the plate 9 in order to register with the depressions 2 --2 o the blade 2 of the bracket 1.

In order to accurately position the engagement of the blade 2 with the plate 5, recesses 2 2, or projections on the upper side, provide a limitation of the insertion of the blade into engagement with the holster plate, thereby assuring the accurate engagement and the positive positioning and support of the plate, and thereby the holster with respect to the bracket 1 and its support. r It will thus be seen that the plate attached to the holster consists of a simple stamping with the return bent ends forming two spring leaf clips for secure engagement with the blade extending from the fixed bracket. The staple inserted from the .inside of the holster'leather provides a smooth inner surface, so that there is no projection to catch the pistol or to mar the pistol in the normal insertion and retraction This plate and staple construction thereby form a simple and rigid unit with the holster side, lying flat against the holster so as not to interfere with the manipulation of the holster by inserting or retracting from a pocket when carried on the person. The construction also assures permanency of the engaging clip members on the plate, in order to provide durability in its exact form as made.

The blade adapted to engage the holster plate is of such form that it will quickly register between the spring leaf members of the holster plate, and in the design, as shown, the supporting plate when properly made will retain its form, that is it provides for durability, thereby always assuring its ready engagement with the plate, for the purposes of this holder.

As shown and described, the plate constitutes an integral part of a sheet metal stamping, of which the other parts are readily formed to provide members partly encircling a rod, such member forming the combined bracket and holster engaging blade is of simple construction, and when fastened in the desired position constitute a rigid bracket ready to serve the required purposes of the invention. While, as shown, the bracket has a blade and on this blade are suitable rounded projections to interengage with the holster plate, the additional projections on the plate readily provide the limit to which the blade is inserted in the holster plate, and thereby complete a positive positioning interengagement when mounting the holster on the bracket. While this is my preferred form, it is possible that the bracket may contain the leaf spring lips for blade engagement and the blade maybe formed on the holster plate, and 'various other modifications may be made to suit the particular requirements of service.

In particular, the construction provides for a firm supportto carry the weight of the holster andcontained Weapon against any *jarring, as in an automobile,-but theinterengaging parts are such as to permit the ready removal by slight effort on the part of a person gripping the holster. orhevolver, and in so doing can incidentally detach both without any operation or release by hand or finger manipulation of engaging members, that is solely by the added manual effort beyond the weight of the supported Weapon.

While variouschanges maybe made without departing from my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A, quick detachable holster support, comprising a plate with leaf spring clips, a holster, a staple applied from the'inside of the holster side and having prongs engaging said plate outside of the holster'to secure it to the holster, a bracket rigidly attachable to a fixed rod and having a projecting blade formed to frictionally engage the leaf spring clips on the holster plate whereby the holster can be detached by a single-handed tug overcoming the frictional engagement. i l

2. A readily detachable holster support comprising a bracket and means for securingthe same to a rigid support, a plate permanently attachable to the outer surface of a holster side,

a member on said bracket and a member on said plate readily engageable with and separable from each other including a blade and a leaf spring clip, positioning and temporary yieldable locking engaging means between said blade and bracket members respectively formed by'a projection on one and an inter-engaging recess on the other, and a positioning projection on one of said members to limit the extent of movement in the attachment.

3. A readily detachable holster support in cluding a fiat plate attachable to the holster side, a staple extending from the inside of the holster side to lock the plate in position, flat spring clips on the plate, and an engaging blade for said spring clips having an integrally formed bracket for rigid attachment to a rod, interengaging parts on the blade and plate for positioning and temporary locking support of the plate by the blade, projections o'nthe blade for limiting the extent of plate engagement and for definite positioning of the plate on the blade for registration of'the temporary locking parts.


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