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Publication numberUS1969331 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1934
Filing dateOct 5, 1932
Priority dateSep 7, 1932
Publication numberUS 1969331 A, US 1969331A, US-A-1969331, US1969331 A, US1969331A
InventorsMarvin Small
Original AssigneeFeminine Products Inc
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Deodorant stick
US 1969331 A
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Filed Oct. 5, 1932 INVENTOR /%?rV/'/7 522ml BY W 9 ATTORNEYS Patented Aug. 7, 1934 DEODOBANT s'rrcx Marvin Small, Mount Vernon, N. Y., assignor to Feminine Products, Inc., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application October 5, 1932, Serial No. 638,300

' In France September 7. 1932 1 Claim. (OI. zoe-sc This invention relates to a perspiration deodorant or preventative in the form of a semisolid stick and also relates to a metal receptacle 7 Deodorants or perspiration preventatives in the form of liquids, powders or salves. are difficult and inconvenient to apply and their applim cation is an untidy procedure likely to involve soiling the hands and clothing. Also they are likely to rub off on the clothing and damage the fabric.

Preparations of a fiuid or semi-fluid nature are ordinarily put up in sealed containers of considerable bulk which cannot be conveniently or safely carried by the user, and particularly cannot be conveniently and neatly applied from time to time during the course of an evening when such use would be most acceptable.

According to the present invention, the perspiration inhibiting composition in solid form but of a soft wax-like consistency is molded in the shape of an elongated pencil or stick and is housed in a container which acts as a means for holding the pencil during application of the preparation and also as a means-for completely closing the pencil when not in use. It can be carried in a ladies hand bag in the same way-that lip sticks and other toilet accessories are now carried.

When the pencil or stick is applied to the skin by lightly rubbing the exposed end of the pencil over the skin area requiring treatment the soft wax-like end of the stick wears away. In accordance with the present invention the user can advance the stick in the container by merely inserting the end of a finger in the open bottom of the container to engage and push '40 upwardly on a cup-shaped plunger in which over the exposed end of the deodorant and pushing down on that, thereby crowding the wax-like stick back to the desired position and without the need for touching it with the fingers.

In the accompanying drawing,

.tanium oxide 2%;


Fig. 1 is an elevation of a skin treating device "embodying theinvention: Fig. 2 is a sectional view on an enlarged scale of the device shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a bottom view of the device shown in Figs. 1 and 2 but on a larger scale; I Fig. 4 is an elevation of the means for securing the pencil within the container;

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the pencil of prespiration inhibiting composition.

In the drawing, the pencil or stick 6 is formed of a perspiration inhibiting composition of a solid wax like nature.

If the prespiration inhibiting action is to be obtained by deoderizing the perspiration, the 0 pencil may be composed of a wax, an oil, de-

vodorizing agents, such as salicylic acid, benzoic acid, cotarnine hydrochloride or menthol, or a combination of two or'more of these deodorants, benzyl alcohol and a perfume. A typical specific composition of this nature may have the following percentage composition by weight: wax 36%; spermaceti 41.9%; mineral oil 16.6%; salicylic acid 2%; benzoic acid 2%; cotarnine hydrochloride 0.1%; menthol 0.1%; benzyl al- 30 cohol 0.3% and perfume 1%.

If the perspiration inhibiting composition is to stop or prevent perspiration over the treated area, it may be composed of kaolin or some other hydrous silicate of aluminium, a wax, an oil and aluminium chloride. A typical specific composition of this nature may have the following percentage composition by weight; ti-

, parafline 26.5%; Detrolatum' 55.5% and aluminium chloride 16%.

The solid perspiration inhibiting composition, whether of the species compounded for deodor-' izing perspiration or of the species compounded for preventing perspiration, is molded into elongated cylindrical form as shown in Fig. 5. The 55 composition may be applied by rubbing the rounded end 7 of the pencil 6 over the skin area to be treated thus depositing a small amount of the composition on the skin. By-making up the composition in the form of, a small pencil or stick it may be conveniently carried in a ladies hand bag and so be available-for use at any time. A length of two to three inches and a. diameter of one-fourth to one-half an inch is Sticks or pencils as above described are in-' tentionally so compounded that they will soften when pressed against the under. arm of the user; in other words, the heat of the body will so soften the end of the stick that it will rub off on the skin. If, therefore the pencil or stick were not wrapped or enclosed in some way, it would soften between the fingers of the user and its use would not be convenient or satisfactory. My present invention is directed particularly to the problem just stated, and contemplates the use of a container of novel design.

In the illustrated embodiment, the container comprises a casing 8 formed of metal, preferably aluminium, in substantially cylindrical form but of polygonal cross section, as hereinafter described in detail. The ends of the casing 8 are open and the opening 9 in the upper endthereof is preferably reduced to fit snugly about the end 7 of the pencil '6 which protrudes through this opening. The'lower end of stick 6 fits snugly within and is carried by a cup-shaped piston 10 of aluminium. This piston is provided with annular beads 11 and 12 which slidingly engage the inner walls of easing 8. The external diameter of piston 10 as measured across the beads 11 and 12 is somewhat greater than the normal distance between opposite walls 13 and 14 of the polygonal casing 8 with the result that when the deodorant stick and its attached piston 10 is pushed through the open lower end of easing 8 the beads on the piston will press outwardly on the fiat sides of casing 8 springing them outwardly from the dotted line position'to the full line position of Fig. 3. Each flat face of container 8 thus acts as a spring and although piston 10 can be pushed up or down in casing 8 the fit is snug enough to prevent free,

movement. The user can conveniently advance piston 10 and the deodorant stick by inserting a finger in the open bottom end of casing 8. Also a finger can with convenience be held at that point when the deodorant is being applied, thus preventing the stick from being inadvertently forced back into the container. There are no sharpcorners of metal to cut the finger or tear the finger nail, and in making an applica-- tion of the deodorant there is no occasion to touch the compound directly with the fingers. When an application has been completed cover 16 can he slipped over the upper end of the stick and if need be can be used as a means for crowding the stick downward into the container. The

bead pressed outwardly from casing 8 will serve to limit the movement of cap 16 on the casing, the cap preferably being frictionally held in place.

The frictional resistance offered by the piston 10 to movement within the container 8 is so limited that the stick 6 can be pushed into the container 8 without breaking, swelling or other deformation of the stick. This arrangement is of particular advantage in the combination of the present invention. As explained above, it is highly desirable that the stick 6 be so compounded that it willsoften and so rub off easilly when pressed against the skin. This softening by heat during use necessarily. reduces the strength of the stick and in an ordinary type of applicator container, the stick'would be deformed, spread out or broken by the force necessary to crowd it back into the container. In the improved combination of the invention, the frictional resistance offered to the movement of the stick by theengagement between the piston 10 and the container 8 is of a sufficiently low degree so that the stick can be moved within the container by a force applied to the protruding end of the stick without breaking, deforming or enlarging the stick.

As above explained the skin treating device of the present invention may be carried conveniently in the pocket or hand bag of the user. The container acts as a handle by which the perspiration inhibiting composition stick may be conveniently held during application without soiling the handsand the casing also prevents contact between the composition or other objects when the device is not in use.

I claim: I

An applicator container for an elongated pencil of solid perspiration inhibiting material, comprising an elongated open ended container of polygonal cross section surrounding a pencil throughout at least a portion of its length, and means for retaining the pencil in the container comprising a cylindrical cup attached to the enclosed end of the pencil and frictionally gripped between resiliently distended sides of the polygonal container.


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