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Publication numberUS1969460 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1934
Filing dateSep 1, 1933
Priority dateSep 1, 1933
Publication numberUS 1969460 A, US 1969460A, US-A-1969460, US1969460 A, US1969460A
InventorsGlenn Frank F
Original AssigneeFrances W M Glenn
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Hot water supply system
US 1969460 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

7, 1934. F. F. GLENN HOT WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM Filed Sept. 1, 1933 l l l hill4 w r h n/ m h P Iv I H-H IH IIIIIIIIIIIIHUWH m v m g V a f b V A M I I I HI b 7 r a F G P u a 9 ll lfi l 1 h f l l lI H m m n m w f a Q a; v U /m /W E E-l Patented Aug. 7, 1934 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE HOT WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM Application September 1, 1933, Serial No. 687,879

2 Claims.

The present invention relates to hot water supply systems for house, apartments and buildings in general, and to provide a system in which the hot water will be uniform in all hot water lines 5 at all times, with a uniform fiow of hot water at any one of the hot water fixtures associated with said system.

Heretofore, in houses, apartments and buildings in which hot water systems have been installed, it is necessary to allow the water to flow from the hot water fixture for a length of time, depending of course upon the size of the hot water system, for the purpose of allowing the cold water pocketed in the system between the fixtures and the hot water boiler or tank to be exuded therefrom, the cold Water of necessity having to rise before the hot water will flow, resulting in an unnecessary waste of water and fuel burned to heat the water for the system.

The primary object of my invention for supplying hot water to the system, is the novel arrangement of pipes at the top and bottom of the system, a supply and return pipe connected to the system, these pipes being connected to the system at a point diagonal to each other.

Another object of my invention is the provision of novel means for supplying hot water to the various take off loops to which the hot water fixtures are connected, in houses, apartments and buildings in general, so that the supply of hot water will be instantaneous with the turning on of the valves that control the flow of hot water through the fixtures.

A still further object of my invention is the provision of novel means for supplying hot water to the system, including the novel arrangement of pipes to cause a complete circulation of hot water through the system at all times.

A still further object of my invention is the provision of novel means for supplying hot water to the system regardless of the number of dow flow pipe lines.

With the foregoing and other objects in view the invention consists in the novel arrangement 5 and combination of parts, as will be hereinafter more specifically described, claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawing.

Referring to the drawing:-

Figure 1 is a perspective diagrammatic view illustrating my novel hot water system as applied to a building, parts being shown fragmentarily.

Figure 2 is an enlarged detail view of a fixture take off loop.

Referring now to the drawing in detail, the

reference character 10 designates the hot water supply boiler or tank, heated in any suitable manner.

The hot water circulating system comprises an upper loop 11 and a lower loop 12, the upper loop 11 being arranged adjacent to the roof of the building in which the system is installed, the

loop 12 being positioned in the basement or cellar of said building, and above the boiler or tank. The loops 11 and 12 are connected by a plurality of drop pipes 13 that are arranged in any suitable manner, and as shown in the drawing these drop pipes are in transverse spaced relation with each other at both sides of the loops, so that the take off loops 14 such as shown in the enlarged detail view in Figure 2 of the drawing to which fixtures are connected may receive the hot water from the system.

The reference character 15 designates the supply pipe of the system, having one end 16 connecting the boiler or tank 10, the other end 1'7 being connected to the rear corner 18 of the upper loop 11 of the circulating system by a pipe 19, providing a means of supplying the hot water to the far end of the upper loop 11, with the result that 'the watermust pass through the loop in circulating through the system.

The system is provided with air valves 20 positioned at the highest point in the system and as shown in the drawing are positioned on the supply pipe 15 for the obvious purpose of relieving the system of air and thus further insuring the circulation of hot water through the system.

The return pipe of the system is indicated by the reference character 21 and it has one end 22 connected to the corner 23 of the lower loop 12 by the pipe 24, and it is to be noted that the lower loop connection of the return pipe is diagonal to the connection of the supply 1'7 to the upper loop 11 at 18. The other end of the return pipe is connected to the boiler or tank 10 as indicated by the numeral 25. By providing the diagonal arrangement of the supply pipe and the return pipe as connected to the system, I provide a novel means of a uniform supply of hot Water to all take off connections, outlet connections and valves. Water passing from pipe 19 to pipe 24 travels the same exact distance, no matter how far it flows through the upper loop 11, through any one of the transverse drop pipes 13 and then through the lower loop 12. By this novel arrangement of the flow of hot water, short circuiting of the water is absolutely eliminated, with the consequent result that all fixtures are supplied with an even flow of hot water of a uniform degree.

0n the lower loop a drain valve 26 is provided for the purpose of draining the system.

The fixture supply loop 14 shown in detail in Figure 2 of the drawing is of the well known type of take ofi loop and insures a supply of hot water to the fixtures associated therewith instantaneously with the opening of the valves controlling the passage of hot water through the fixtures.

From the foregoing construction and arrangement of pipes shownand described, hot water will at all times be in circulation through the system, thereby supplying hot water to all fixtures connected therewith instantaneously.

I am aware that numerous changes will in view of the teachings of my invention as herein illustrated, suggest themselves to those skilled in the art to which my invention appertains, and I reserve the right to any such changes as fall within the scope of the claims hereto appended.

What is claimed is:-

1. A hot water supply system comprising a hot water boiler or tank, an upper loop and a ,lower loop the planes of said loops being substantially parallel, a. supply pipe connecting the b'oiler or tank with the upper loop, a plurality of drop pipes connecting the upper and lower loops, a return pipe connecting the lower loop with the boiler or tank, the return pipe being connected to the lower loop at a point correspondingly opposite to the supply pipe connection 'to the upper loop, thereby providing a plurality of parallel circuits of substantially equal length .between said supply and return pipes.

2. A hot water supply system for buildings supply and return pipes.


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